CVS Employee Discount | Can I Save Big on my Purchases?

CVS Health owns CVS Pharmacy,  which is the large enterprise that owns the pharmacy benefits manager (CVS Caremark), the health insurance provider (Aetna), and other health brands. The employee working at CVS must know about the eligibility to avail of various discounts and benefits. In this article, we will understand CVS employee discount, eligibility, and benefits and will take care of your healthy well-being.

CVS Employee Discount Policy

If you work at CVS, you’ll get a CVS employee discount card that you can use at any CVS pharmacy store. You’ll get up to 30% off CVS products and 20% off everything else. You’ll also get 20% off when you shop online at and earn points on every purchase.

CVS Employee Discount
Online & In-store
Discount Rate
Eligible Products/Service
All Items

*Note: 20% off on other products and 30% off on CVS products.

Benefits of CVS Employee Discount 

If you’re planning to apply for a job at CVS, you may be curious about the types of benefits that you could be eligible for. Let’s take a look at the health, lifestyle, financial, and career benefits CVS employees can receive:

  • Health and Medical Benefits: Working at CVS and if you are eligible then there are various health and medical benefits that CVS offers to their employee. You can have coverage for general medical, mental health, physical health, preventive care, and savings on prescription drug costs. CVS’s health plans also include vision, dental, and prescription drugs. 
  • Parental Leave: This benefit is available for both mother and father so they can time off to spend with their children after they are born or adopted. But to avail this benefit you must work for at least 30 hours weekly and you will also need to work at CVS for one year before having access to this benefit.
  • Flexibility: With some flexibility for employee to balance their work life CVS Health offer a positive workplace culture. If you are looking for time change or schedule changes get help from your manager.
  • Paid Time off: Depending upon your working hours and job position you can get a PTO. 3 paid days off if someone in your immediate family passes away. Getting selected for July duty, CVS will make sure to completely support you without getting out of pocket. You can also get paid vacations, holidays, and breaks for lunch.
  • Financial and Retirement Plans: To make your retirement life more comfortable CVS offers 401(K), 401(K) matching, an Employee stock purchase plan, and even an employee performance plan.

Can I Avail My CVS Employee Discount Online?

No, an employee discount are only applicable to CVS stores. CVS’s official website states that the associate discounts are not available on the online portal you can only avail of them at stores. Enroll your employee ID online and try to claim the discount while you checkout. Contact customer care services for any queries or if you are unable to proceed or you can also visit your nearest CVS store.

Eligibility For CVS Employee Discount

To be eligible for an employee discount, you need to work for at least 30 hours weekly. The company should employ you for at least 90 days. To access the 401(k) or Roth IRA retirement plan, you will have to work for a minimum of 1 year. Both full-time and part-time employees can be eligible for the CVS employee discount if they are working with the company for 1 year.

Eligible Items For CVS Employee Discount

As a CVS employee, all items are eligible for discount. If you are working at CVS Pharmacy you will get a 20% in-store discount on all items and 10% on other brands. You can save more money as a CVS employee.

Additional Discounts For CVS Employee

CVS provides multiple additional discounts besides CVS employee discount. Here is a list of discounts offered to employees at the store:

  • Free travel vouchers
  • Tickets for theme parks with some percentage off
  • Trips to Universal Studios and Legoland

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Can I Get Discounts On Other Brands At CVS?

Yes, you can get 10% discount on other brands at CVS.

2- Do CVS Offer More Discounts To Employee?

Yes, CVS offers 30% discount on occasions to its employee.

3- Can Employees Return Their Purchases At CVS?

Yes, you can return the purchase at CVS store but only in case of an issue with the product and the item should qualify for a return.

4- Do Part-time Employee Get CVS employee discount?

Yes, the part-time employee get benefits but that is less extensive than the full-time benefits. Though the part-time employees still have access to many of the same resources as the full-time ones.

Does Anyone Else Offer Employee Discount?

Not only CVS but there are other international brands that also offer employee discounts. Here is our guide on some other popular stores and their employee discount policy.

  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • Costco


CVS employee discount is one of the best discount offer given to its employee to maintain their well-being and financial status even after retirement. Take advantage of the best offer and get the best deals on all CVS products or on other brands at the CVS store. It’s the largest pharmaceutical company in the nation which provides the best for all full-time and part-time employees.

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