Florida Articles of Organization Instructions For LLC

The Articles of Organization is the official formation document for a limited liability company. To form an LLC in Florida, you must understand all the terms in this document. This guide will explain how to complete your Florida Articles of Organization and form your LLC.

What are the Florida Articles of Organization?

This form is the official LLC document that you need to submit to the Florida department of state to form your LLC. Approval of your Florida articles of organization means your LLC will be a legal entity in the state. The details mentioned in this document will help the state prevent others from using your business credentials and contacting you regarding any legal necessities to keep your business in good standing.


What Information is Needed in the Articles of Organization?

It is essential to fill the Florida articles of organization that represent the legal existence of your business. Certainly, you can complete the information with the help of 6 articles. You have to necessarily state the name of the business, location of the office, details of the appointed registered agent, details of people who will represent the company, effective date of an LLC, and other provisions. Know the details of all 6 articles which are as follows

Article 1: LLC Name

You must mention the name of an LLC from which your business is represented in the state. Certainly, you have to pick a unique name that is valid and non-existing. To check the availability you have to carry out a name search, which can help you choose a legal name in the state. Make sure to know the naming guidelines as well when you name your LLC. Avoid using terms that are restricted by state SOS. If you need help, give our Florida business entity search guide a look.

Article 2: Address

You must know where your LLC is located. A section of address must include the correct location of your LLC. You will have to provide the principal office address along with the mailing address. The legal and official notices will be communicated through mail or even online. For such cases, it is important to provide a valid and proper address.

Florida articles of organization

Article 3: Registered Agent

To look after all the legal documents and official notices, you must have a registered agent. Take a look at our guide to understand more about appointing a registered agent in Florida. Certainly, you have to add all the details of your registered agent and their office address. They will surely receive all legal documents or corporate notices at their mailing address. State the name as well as take his/her signature on the form.

Florida registered agent details

Article 4: Representatives

Assure you have all the details of the investors and representatives of the business. There is the possibility that there might be more than one owner who will run the LLC. In such cases, it is strictly asked to mention the details of all the authorized managers.

Florida LLC managers

Article 5: Effective Date 

Clearly mention the date on which the formation of LLC in Florida took place. There might be one of many possibilities that the LLC is already been formed and the articles of the organization are submitted afterwards. Certainly, in such cases, you can mention the clear date which cannot be 5 days before or 90 days after the filing date.

Article 6: Other Provisions

After you successfully fill up the above sections, you can move further with the filing process. But, if there are other provisions as well which are not yet mentioned then you can fill this section. Once all the sections are clearly filled, assure to take members’ signatures on the form.

Floriad LLC effective date & provision

How To File My Florida Article of Organization?

Once you have filled the form successfully you will have to file it with Florida SOS to successfully register your Florida LLC. The articles of the organization will officially help you form an LLC in Florida. It will unquestionably secure your place as a business entity among all existing entities in the state. You can file the legal document by section 605.0203(1)(b), online or mail it to the designated location.

Online Filing: You have to undoubtedly accept the terms and conditions of online filings. Once you visit the site make sure you fill in all the details and then you will be able to submit the form online.

By Mail: Visit the official website to download the pdf form and then fill it up. Strictly check all the sections are filled thoroughly and then mail it to the SOS mailing address. You can even submit the Florida articles of organization in person in the office.

Mailing FL AO

Mailing Address
New Filing Section, Division of Corporations
P.O. Box 6327
Tallahassee, FL 32314

In-Person Submitting Address
New Filing Section, Division of Corporations
Clifton Building
2661 Executive Center Circle
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Can I Make Changes In the Florida Articles of Organization?

Any business can make changes in their articles of organization by filing articles of amendment to articles of organization. You can necessarily update the information like mailing or principal address, name of your LLC, along with all the other provisions. You will be able to claim the new document as soon as the processing time ends. The filing fee for the form is $25 and a $55 fee if you wish to enclose a copy of the certificate.

How Much Does FL Articles of Organization Cost?

Once you file the Florida articles of organization, make sure you pay the filing fees. The fees are different for different filing methods. But you have to pay an extra amount if you wish to get a copy of the form. You’ll have to pay a $125 filing fee for the articles of organization. Certainly, an extra amount of $30 is asked by the SOS if you request a copy of the certificate. If you wish to get a certificate of status an additional fee of $5 is requested.

What is the Approval Time For The Articles of Organization?

Mostly the processing time varies in every case according to the demand of the business. It necessarily takes 2 weeks to process the document and accept the legal existence of an LLC in Florida. Turnaround time of Florida articles of organization for all LLC/corporations is the same in the state. During the process, if there is an issue then the state will contact you via email or send a legal note to your registered address.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to file articles of organization?

Yes, you have to necessarily file articles of organization with the state to procure a legal presence.

2. How much does it cost to get a certificate of status while filing articles of organization in Fl?

To get a status certificate while filing articles of organization you will have to pay a $5 fee.

3. What does AMBR represent in the article IV in articles of organization?

AMBR means Authorized members of an LLC who represent the company in the state.

4. Can I update and file FL articles of organization online?

Yes, you certainly can do both, update and file the articles of the organization online.

What After My Florida Filing Process?

As long as you have the approval of Florida SOS for the business that you run in the state, there is no way any other entity will point to your existence. Certainly, the Florida articles of organization act as proof of your LLC’s existence in the state. After successfully filing the certificate, there are other considerations as well like drafting an Florida operating agreement to avoid member disputes. Open a business bank account that helps maintain the corporate veil between personal assets and business liabilities. You can start social media account on either the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin. Along with this you certainly can start a website and get a domain name.

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