GameStop Return Policy: A Gamer’s Ultimate Guide to Easy Returns

Welcome to the world of hassle-free returns at GameStop! Navigating return policies can be like entering a maze, but fear not, as we’ve got your back with a modern breakdown of GameStop return policy. In this digital era, convenience is key, and understanding how to effortlessly return your gaming gear is crucial. Let’s dive into the specifics, making your return process a breeze.

What is GameStop Return Policy?

Most of the stuff you buy at GameStop, except used software, can be returned within 15 days if you don’t like it or it’s defective. If you’re not happy with the used software, you can return it too. But if it’s used items other than software, you have to bring it back within 7 days for a full refund or to swap it for something else. The GameStop return policy time period starts when you buy the product at the store or when it was sent to you for online buys.

You get to pick if you want your money back or want to swap it for something else. Remember, to return things at GameStop, you need the receipt from the store or the order number from

Gamestop Return Policy
Return Window
15 Days
Return Method
In-store & By Mail
Extended Holiday Returns
No return allowed. Only Exchange
Contact Number
Official Website

Return Process in GameStop

Next, let’s talk about how to use the GameStop return policy. You have two options to return your item to GameStop: online or in person at the store.

In-store Return

If you’ve got something you bought from GameStop, like a game or a console, you can head over to your closest GameStop store. Don’t forget to bring along all the extra things that came with your purchase, like cables, manuals, or any other stuff that was in the box.

Even if you got your item from GameStop’s website, you don’t have to send it back by mail. Instead, you can take it to any GameStop store near you. Just show them the list that came in the package when it was delivered to you. This way, you can return or exchange your item hassle-free right there in the store.

Online Return

The second option is to send them by mail. But, this choice is only for stuff you bought online.

  • First, log in to your account. Then, head to the GameStop returns page and begin your return by giving the order number.
  • If your items are eligible, GameStop will give you a label to ship them back.
  • Just pack the stuff safely, put the return label on the package, and use a shipping service to send it back. That’s how you can return stuff to GameStop – either by mail or online.

Can Stuff Be Bought on Sale be Returned?

GameStop return policy has certain limitations when it comes to accepting returns for items that were purchased during sales or as part of special promotions. Occasionally, these items may not be eligible for a refund, meaning you might not get your money back if you try to return them. Your most reliable option is to get in touch with their customer support team.

They’ll be able to provide you with detailed information and guidance regarding the specific policies and procedures for returning these items.

If the Item Sent is Defective, Then What to Do?

To solve any problem with your purchase, all you have to do is dial their customer service number at 1-800-883-8895. When you reach out to them, explain the issue you’re facing with the item you bought. Remember, it’s important to start the return process within 15 days from the day you made the purchase.

Doing this within the specified time frame ensures that you’ll receive a full refund or have the option to exchange the product for something else that meets your needs.

Can You Return Pre-owned Software?

If you buy any secondhand games at GameStop, you’ve got a week [7 days] to return them. This rule also counts for things like their memberships, such as the Power-up Rewards Pro memberships. So, if you’ve joined that, you’ve still got the same seven days to decide if it’s for you or not.

GameStop Return Policy on Used Games

If you’ve bought a game that’s been used from GameStop and now you want to bring it back, GameStop has a policy for returning things that have been used before. This policy says that if you want to get all your money back, you need to return anything you’ve owned before within seven days from the day you bought it.

GameStop Return Policy for New Games

If you purchase any brand-new items or the latest video games from GameStop, you have a time of 15 days from when you received the receipt. During this time, you can return the items and receive a complete refund of the money you paid.

Alternatively, you can exchange the items for something else you might prefer. This policy is a way for GameStop to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases and have the flexibility to change their minds within a reasonable timeframe. Also, check out when does GameStop restock guide to know when they restock their new items and games.

GameStop Returns Without Receipt

GameStop return policy doesn’t really talk about returning stuff without a receipt, but here’s the deal. If you bought something online, you can return it without a receipt if you show them your order number. If you got it from a store using your debit or credit card and you don’t have the receipt, just take it back within 15 days. The store people might still take it back if they can find your purchase in their system.

GameStop Holiday Return Policy

During the Christmas holiday season, GameStop extends its return policy. This means you can bring back items purchased after October 31st up until January 15th or within 15 days, whichever gives you a longer period to return them.

Non-returnable Items

GameStop doesn’t allow returns or exchanges for certain items. These include:

  • Products bought during sales or with special discounts.
  • Also, if you have electronic items without their original unopened packaging and they’re not defective, you can’t return or exchange them.
  • Additionally, purchases over $500 made on can’t be returned at GameStop stores.
  • Furthermore, items like digital content, gift cards, point of sale activation (POSA), trading cards, and products containing trading cards (such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon cards) can’t be returned at GameStop.

GameStop Exchange Policy

GameStop’s return and exchange policies work together. Everything we talked about, like rules and exceptions, applies to both returning and exchanging stuff at GameStop. After GameStop approves your return, you can swap the item for something else or get your money back. If you’re eyeing a similar item at GameStop, trading it in is a good call.

Remember, swapping gaming consoles is only allowed for the same model within 15 days, as per GameStop’s Exchange Policy.

Gamestop Exchange Policy
Exchange Period
30 Days
Exchange Method
1. In-store
2. By Mail

GameStop Refund Policy

GameStop’s return policy says that when you return games, you’ll only get a refund based on the game’s condition. You might get some money back if the product isn’t in perfect shape, so it’s smart to choose wisely before buying. It’s also a good idea to return anything damaged or not working as soon as you can. If they accept your return, they’ll give your money back within 7 business days using the same way you paid.

Gamestop Refund Policy
Refund Period
With 4-7 Business Days
Refund Method
Original Mode of Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I Need the Original Packaging to Return Electronics?

Yes, you’ll need the original packaging. Gamestop may deny a refund or exchange if you don’t return electronics with the original packaging.

2. Can Gamestop refund warranty?

Yes, they will if you are within the 7 days.

3. Can I make a no receipt return?

No, they accept returns only if you have your original receipt with you.

4. Can I Return My Opened Product?

NO, you are not eligible for a return once you open your product, your only option is to exchange it with an identical product.

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Unlocking Convenience and Satisfaction

As we wrap up, GameStop return policy isn’t just about returning items; it’s about ensuring your gaming experience remains top-notch. With this modernized understanding, returning products to GameStop becomes as simple as hitting ‘save’ on your favorite game.

Remember, being in the loop with their policy empowers you to shop smarter and game happier. Cheers to hassle-free returns and uninterrupted gaming adventures!

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