Illinois Articles of Organization | Cost & Process To File For An LLC/Corporation

Filing articles of organization is a must for any LLCs in the state of Illinois. This document allows businesses to operate in the state legally. Our guide here will help you through the process and the cost of filing the Illinois articles of organization with the secretary of state. This will help you map out the requirement and do the needful at a faster pace.

What is the Illinois Articles of Organization?

Illinois secretary of state

After you have a name for your LLC through the Illinois name search, you could move on to fill the Illinois articles of organization. It is simply a legal document that the state of Illinois asks every LLC to file and submit. There are particularly 4 articles in this document that you need to fill the information for and upon approval, you can start operating your LLC. To fill this document, you can also hire a registered agent, here is a guide on the benefits and needs of an Illinois registered agent.

Why File an Articles of Organisation with SOS?

To run a legal business in the state of Illinois, you will need to file Illinois articles of organization. This document basically proves your existence in the state and has the basic information of your LLC. This information is all available to the public. Only after the registration, you will be able to claim the benefits avail to LLCs. You can also use this document to open a bank account, hire employees and also get tax benefits.

What Information is Needed in the Articles of Organisation?

The Illinois articles of organization require the following details about your LLC. You may fill it yourself or hire a professional to help you with filling it and forming your LLC.

Illinois articles of organization

1. Corporate Name

While you fill out the Illinois articles of organization, the first thing would be to fill out your LLC name clearly. It is necessary that your name is unique and does not match with any other existing business. You can know how to perform the Illinois business name search, this would ensure that your application is not rejected due to this. business name search on the official website.

2. Registered Agent

When you form an LLC/corporation, you must appoint a registered agent who will represent your business in the state. The name, address, and all the details about the candidate must be appropriately filled out. You also have to mention the address of the registered office. Ensure the address is in Illinois only. If you are looking for one, here is how you can hire an Illinois registered agent.

3. Stock

There will be one section named ‘common stock’ where you have to mention the number of shares of stock authorized by your business. The secretary of state must be informed about the number of shares you will claim from the issue of stocks.

4. Purpose

The LLC/corporations with a specific purpose cannot be filed online. The purpose of all the business must be lawful and should act under the Illinois Business Corporation Act. While filing the articles of organization online, you cannot change this section of the form.

5. Incorporator

All businesses must have an owner who is above the age of 18. Make sure the owner is a resident of the state and should be able to attend any legal business during working hours.

How to File My Illinois Articles of Organisation?

To start your LLC in Illinois, it is important to file the articles of organization. You can file the document online or through the mail. It is also recommended to pay the fees through a credit card. Here is how you can use these two methods.

1. Online: File the form online by visiting the official website of the Illinois secretary of state. Accept the terms and conditions to proceed and then submit it by filling the fee of $250.

2. By Mail: You can visit the website and download the form hardcopy. Mail it via preferable carrier to the office itself. The filing fee is $150 for a hard copy form.

Filing by mail - articles of organization

Mailing Address
Department of Business Services
Limited Liability Division
501 S. Second St., Rm. 351
Springfield, IL 62746

Can I Revise My Illinois Articles of Organization?

Yes, you can definitely amend your articles of organization. Over a period of time, you will have to update the information about the changes in your business. The change in office address, your registered agent, employee’s service, etc. You have to fill up the Articles of Amendment with the Illinois secretary of state. The filing fee is $50 and it is recommended that you use your credit card.

How Much Does Illinois Articles of Organization Cost?

Articles of organization will cost you $150 while filing the form online. An additional fee of $100 will be included as an expedited fee if you fill the form online and then submit it to the Illinois SOS. This amount is solely for filing the articles of organization and an additional cost will be charged to file other forms.

What is the Approval Time For Articles of Organization?

The approval time for articles of organization is about 10 days. If you are looking to get earlier than that, there is an expedite fee that can be paid to process it faster. In such cases, the turnaround time will be 24 hours from which holidays and weekends are excluded.

What After My Illinois Filing Process?

Certainly, the work does not end here. Once you have successfully filled the Illinois articles of organization there are other considerations as well which you must refer to secure your LLC/Corporation in Illinois.

Business licenses

Get an Operating Agreement: After forming an LLC, you must get an operating agreement that acts as proof of the roles and responsibilities assigned to members. It helps in maintaining business reputations and avoiding future litigations. If you are looking for one, then our guide can help you draft the Illinois operating agreement.

Get an EIN: An EIN number helps in securing the social presence of an LLC/Corporation in the state. You will need an EIN to hire new employees and even when you open a business bank account.

Open a Bank Account: Maintain the corporate veil between your business liabilities and personal assets. Open a separate business bank account and avoid future risks.

License and Permits: On the basis of your business, we will recommend you get a license and appropriate permit. The official entities will need proof of your business and an approval form of SOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I issue a series of amendment certificates?

yes, you can issue the series of amendments which will cost you $300.

2. How long does it take to process IL certificate of amendment?

It takes 24 hours to process the Illinois amendment certificate.

3. What is the most preferable method to file Illinois articles of organization?

The online method is most preferable to file the form as there is no need to wait for a week to get your articles of organization.

4. From where can I download the IL articles of organization?

You can download the articles of the organization from the official site of IL SOS.

Also, Know That

You will necessarily need Illinois articles of organization to run an LLC in the state. If needed you can even seek professional help before filing the form. Make sure you meet all the requirements of the state before filing the articles of organization. You can check out our guide on how to start an LLC in Illinois for a better overall understanding.

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