Texas LLC Operating Agreement | Why Is It Crucial & What Does It Consist?

While forming an LLC you will need an operating agreement to delineate the policies, features, and procedures of your company. To state a company in the state of Texas, your company have to set forth the rules and regulation for owners and employees of the firm. As to do so, you will need a Texas LLC operating agreement. To know the details about the same, go through this post.

What is Texas LLC Operating Agreement?

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A company’s agreement or a Texas LLC operating agreement is set forth to establish the ownership and policies. It is a governing document that is not technically necessary for your company or required by law. The major reason that you need an operating agreement is to set clear rules which help you avoid conflicts & future litigations. It lays out a surety that the owner’s personal assets are in protected than a business liability. All aspects from the date of LLC formation to accounts to the type of company are included in the document.

Why do I Need An Operating Agreement?

To lay out a basic management structure of a company Texas LLC operating agreement is necessary. Although an agreement is not needed in the state to maintain the liability of its members, it is recorded you have one. It will set forth the rules and regulations which will avoid future conflicts between members of the company. The legal paperwork states that every member of an LLC agrees to the terms, roles, rights, and responsibilities.

Is LLC Operating Agreement Mandatory?

Indeed a TX LLC operating agreement is crucial to file in the business records but not mandatory. As long as it concerns, you should have an LLC operating agreement to hire employees, open a bank account, and record business activities. A business should unquestionably keep a record of the document. Apart from it, there are other reasons as well that will justify why an LLC agreement is mandatory.

  • It determines the ownership of your company
  • Helps in protecting personal assets from business liability
  • Clarifies regular plans, responsibilities, and meetings among the members
  • Necessarily helps in avoiding future conflicts & litigations
  • Certainly serves the company member’s roles and positions
  • Upholds the company’s credibility in front of lawsuits
  • Strictly acts as proof for your LLC in the state
  • Allows your business to earn a legitimate place in the eyes of Texas SOS

What does TX LLC Operating Agreement Consist?

While forming an LLC in Texas, you should also start drafting your Texas LLC operating agreement. Although it is not necessary to maintain the liability of the members, an agreement must consist following details.

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1. Formation: You must include the formation details of your company. The name of the company after doing a TX business entity search, the date location, members, and details about the registered agent.

2. Management Structure: Include if your company is single member-managed (all the decisions taken by the owner) or is it manager member-managed (decisions taken by managers appointed).

3. Distribution: Ensure to include the details of profits & losses and how exactly they will be distributed among the members. If the investments are equally done then the distributions will also be equally made.

4. Positions: Mention the roles and responsibilities of each member according to their position. Also, mention the changes in the position of each member if one of the authorities leaves or retires from the firm.

5. Meetings: Texas SOS claims that it is not necessary to hold meetings on regular basis. But, we recommend you do so. It will initiate sharing of new thoughts & ideas between each member of the company.

6. Succession Planning: Certainly, mention the plans of your LLC. State an example about who will handle if there are changes in responsibilities.

7. Tax Structure: There are different tax structures available in the Texas SOS. A business entity does not pay the tax for the firm they are working for. Whereas they have to pay it individually.

8. Dissolution: If you wish to no longer continue your business, you can dissolve your LLC and the members including Texas registered agent have to agree. They cannot claim or take any legal action in the future about the same.

Will my TX Operating Agreement be Public?

Unlike the certificate of formation, a Texas LLC operating agreement is a totally internal document. You do not have to file it with the TX secretary of state. The main purpose of keeping it in your business records is to avoid future conflicts. As every member has to compulsorily sign the document, the agreement acts as proof.

Who Can Ask for my Operating Agreement?

Although it is not necessary to file the document with Texas SOS, other firms or agencies might request it. Make sure you have all the copies of a TX operating agreement from the first one to the current. Any lawsuit, bank, court officials, investors, or any leading company might ask for it.

Why to Professionally Draft LLC Agreement?

As long as you are clear with what you can include in your Texas LLC operating agreement you are ready to draft it. Certainly, an agreement preserves the status and limited liability of an LLC. Any professional can draft it in such cases. Before you draft it or get it done by a professional, keep the following points in mind.


  • It should undoubtedly share a message of clear rules & regulations
  • Most importantly include the formation date, members & location of your LLC in Texas
  • Consult a professional if more than one member is investors
  • Make sure you clearly mention the expectations that the business expects from its members

How much will Texas LLC Operating Agreement Cost?

Texas LLC operating agreement can be drafted on your own. In such case, it will be free of cost and you will find the template for the same online. Whereas if you consult a professional and ask them to draft you an agreement, they will charge the service.

Can I Revise an LLC Operating Agreement?

Yes, you can indeed revise or amend your Texas operating agreement. Make sure you form an operating agreement before filing the certificate of formation with the state. You have to include every small change from Texas registered agent, to appointing a new employee, registered office address, or changes in the positions of members. Make sure to keep every copy of an operating agreement in your business records.

What If I don’t have a TX Agreement?

An operating agreement is not necessarily a must to have for doing business in Texas. Whereas we recommend you to have one before forming an LLC. The operating agreement helps avoid future litigation while maintaining and preserving the company’s status. If you don’t have an agreement conflicts will take place and your business will have no proof of the responsibilities assigned. The employees will leave at their own ease and credibility will be compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does an operating agreement in Texas cost?

An operating agreement will cost you nothing if you draft it on your own. But, a lawyer will charge his service if you get it drafted with him.

2. Is is necessary to get a lawyer's approval while creating an operating agreement?

Yes, while creating a Texas operating agreement it is necessary to seek lawyer's opinion.

3. Do I have to file my operating agreement with the state?

An operating agreement is strictly an internal document and not a public affair. You do not have to file it with the government.

4. Why to form an operating agreement for an LLC in Texas?

You will be able to protect limited liability in Texas while forming an operating agreement of an LLC in the state.

Also, Know That

Texas LLC should easily be able to maintain a good standing status on the Texas SOS website. A Texas LLC operating agreement should be a part of business records and while changing it make sure to preserve the copy of one before. Hence, we recommend you get a written agreement with a professional to avoid future risks and protect your personal assets.

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