Macy’s Employee Discount | How to Make the Most out of your Shopping

Macy’s offers a terrific selection of exclusive benefits and cost-saving options to all its employees under employee discount. So if you are planning to take a job at Macy then you should know all the benefits, discounts, and advantages you will get as a Macy employee. In this guide, we will discover all the eligible items, advantages, and exemptions on Macy’s employee discount.

What is Macy’s Employee Discount?

It can help you save up to 20% on all items like furniture, clothes, accessories, and even cosmetics. Additionally to this, you will save up to 10% on all electronic items with Macy’s employee discount. The sale price of the items includes taxes as well. You can also check for colleague discount policy as it differs at some Macy’s stores.

Macy's Employee Discount
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All Items

Macy’s Employee Discount! Is It Worth It?

Macy’s offers various advantages to its employees. So let’s see the list of advantages and perks at Macy’s for employees.

  • Health and Wellness: includes HSA and FSA account options like disability, dental, mental, vision, and life insurance plans.
  • Financial Advantages: Pre-tax commuter perks, 401(k) and Roth IRA accounts.
  • Paid Holidays and sick leaves
  • Flexible working hours
  • Profit Sharing

In addition to other offers and discounts, there is a significant discount at Bluemercury, Bloomingdale’s, and Macy’s. At Macy’s Discount Mall, you can get incredible saving offers on top brands in various categories like travel, gadgets, fitness, and even entertainment.

When Can I Be Eligible For An Employee Discount At Macy’s?

Once the company hires you with an active employee account, you are eligible for Macy’s employee discount. For an employee account you either need to sign in for a new Macy’s prepaid debit card or credit card. You can also register your existing credit card as a Macy’s employee account.

After completing all the details on the form for credit account and colleague discount, you will get your credit or prepaid card within working 7-10 days. If in case you don’t receive your card within 10 days you can contact the customer support service to resolve your queries.

How Can I Avail Employee Discount?

Use your Macy’s credit or prepaid card at the time of checkout for your shopping. You can connect with your store manager for any queries or issues you are facing to set up your employee account at Macy’s. It can take up to 72 hours on a working day for the colleague discount to reflect on your account after you purchase anything. 

Can I Use Employee Discount Online?

Yes, Macy’s associates can use their discount to avail 20% off on any eligible Macy’s items.  They can shop at the online store, local stores, and even at Macy’s backstage stores with their Macy’s employee discount.

Do Bluemercury Items Come With An Employee Discount?

Yes, you can get an employee discount on Bluemercury products with your Macy’s credit or prepaid card at a store or even online at If you purchase any item on standalone Bluemercury locations or Bluemercury then these discounts are not applicable.

Exempted Items From Macy’s Employee Discount

Some of the brands and services are exempted from the employee discount. You can call Macy’s credit customer service and choose transfer to employee accounts for details related to exclusions. Some of the exempted lists are mentioned below: 

  • Gift wrap
  • Customization for dresses
  • Exam eye and warranties
  • Delivery fee
  • Expensive Handbags
  • Louis Vuitton brand merchandise
  • Apple warranty
  • Furniture and carpet-related services

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is it must to Sign Up for the Star Rewards Program?

No, it's not necessary to immediately sign up for the Star Rewards program with Macy’s credit or prepaid card.

2- Can I share my thanks for sharing discount with other Macy’s employee?

No, Macy’s employees are not eligible for sharing Thanks for sharing and New account discount.

3- Can I get a car auto loan with Macy’s discount?

Yes, you can shop for Macy’s employee discounts on roadside assistance, tire discounts, car service, car insurance, and even accessories.

4- Do Macy’s employees get discounts on other affiliated brands?

Yes, Macy’s employee can also receive a discount at affiliated brands by saving them for 15-25% on various products.

Looking For Other Stores With Employee Discounts?

Macy’s is not the only store to provide employee discounts. There are other stores as well and our guides are looking at the most popular stores across the US and helping you with their employee discount policy if they have one. Here are some of our other guides:

  • Target
  • Nordstrom
  • Gap


Macy’s discounts show the company’s dedication to their employee well-being and job satisfaction. With these exclusive discounts, Macy’s enables its employees to access their favorite products without any financial issues. Moreover, you can use your Macy’s employee discount after opening your associate account, which requires signing up for a credit/pre-paid card. Macy’s allows their employees to use the discount for online & in-store purchases from Macy’s and Blooming dales. 

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