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Samsung Electronics knows that its employees’ well-being is a critical part of its overall success. The company also knows that, for its employees to be effective at work, balance matters. As such, its concern about its employees is shown through competitive compensation packages including various generous Samsung employee discount and career growth programs.

How Does Samsung Employee Discount Work?

As an employee, you can enjoy the exclusive Samsung employee discount program, which can give you up to 30% off the regular price. Discounts are certain on the latest smartphones, TVs, tablets, and accessories. In addition, employees also enjoy priority service support, the highest trade-in savings, free deliveries, and zero down payments.

The employee discount is applicable both online and in-store, providing convenient purchase options. This discount applies to all items across various categories, allowing employees to enjoy reduced prices on various Samsung products.

Samsung Employee Discount
Online & In-store
Discount Rate
Upto 30%
Eligible Products/Service
All Items

What Items Are Eligible For Samsung Employee Discount?

Once you are a Samsung employee, their employee offer program helps you save up to 30 % on limited products. You also get to enjoy a 0% down payment and financing. You can choose from mobiles, TVs, refrigerators, home appliances, wearables, and entertainment Items. They also offers Memorial Day offers exclusively for their employees as a Samsung employee discount.

How to Claim the Samsung Employee Discount?

The employee discount is accessible to all Samsung employees, regardless of their employment status (part- or full-time). However, the number of perks and their maximums would vary depending on their positions.

You must have your Samsung ID card to claim the discount. Follow these easy steps.

  • To access your Samsung account, log in using your company email address.
  • You will see a variety of things that qualify for employee discounts.

In case of any queries/ issues contact Samsung Support service.

What Discounts Are Available A For Samsung Employee?

The employee discount varies depending on the employee’s location and job title. However, some of the most common Samsung employee discount include:

  • Free shipping: Samsung employees can get free shipping on all orders placed directly from their website. This discount is especially valuable for large or heavy items like appliances or TVs.
  • 0% Financing: Samsung employees can qualify for 0% finance on selected items, which can help them save money on their monthly payments. This discount makes purchasing a new Samsung product possible without breaking the bank.
  • Trade-in discounts: When purchasing a new Samsung product, Samsung employees can get a trade-in credit for their old devices. This discount can help employees save money on new purchases and reduce e-waste. You can find more information about this program on the official website.

Benefits of Samsung Employee Discount

Aside from the employee discount, the brand offers various other benefits for better health, lifestyle, and career growth of employees. This essentially helps with the company’s overall success. The other benefits of Samsung employee discount are as follows:

  1. 401(k) Plan: This Samsung benefit supports employees’ financial wellness by saving money for their retirement plan. Samsung employees can save a portion of their salary, and the company will match contributions up to a certain amount. This benefit is only available for US-based employees.  
  2. Paid Time Off: Samsung offers generous paid time off (PTO) to its regular and full-time employees. The company has a policy of offering 20 PTO days per year, which increases with tenure. These days are given on top of company holidays. Employees can also encash their days if they do not use them.
  3. Student Loan Support: Samsung helps ease employees’ student loan debt through annual contributions. The company provides its employees with assistance in paying for their student or Parent PLUS loans through SoFi, a Samsung financial partner. Through this partnership, the company launched Samsung Money, a program that offers a cash management account, a physical debit card, and other exclusive benefits.
  4. Health Savings Account: Samsung provides savings funds for its employees’ healthcare expenses with an impressive tax advantage and investment options. Even better, employees can keep this awesome benefit even if they leave Samsung.
  5. Paid Child Caregiver Leave: Samsung provides parents with paid leave to spend with their newborn or any child needing close attention or care. The policy offers up to twelve weeks of fully paid parental leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How do I claim my corporate discount at Samsung?

You can show your official Samsung ID card to get the corporate discount.

2- Is there a life insurance benefit for Samsung employee?

Yes, Samsung offers an excellent life insurance program for its employees. The policy pays up to three years’ worth of salary to beneficiaries. It is one of the best insurance coverage policies for company employees.

3- Does Samsung provide intern benefits?

Yes, Samsung provides a wide range of benefits to its interns, which is aimed toward better work-life and career growth opportunities.

4- Is there any other exclusion from the Samsung employee discount?

Samsung provides unique and special offers to its employees on products like cell phones, smart TVs, and other tech devices. In addition, employees are eligible to receive special discounts with Samsung’s partners.

Does Any Other Store Offers Employee Discount?

To help you with this, we have created guides on some popular stores where you want to shop and hope to take benefit of the Samsung employee discount. Here are some stores, you should know about:

  • Apple
  • Best Buy
  • Dell


The Samsung employee discount highlights Samsung’s commitment to employee satisfaction. The newest Samsung products can be purchased for less, thanks to these discounts. Thus, if you are planning to join Samsung, you can definitely do so without any regrets. I advise enrolling in the Samsung Employee Purchase program if you work for Samsung so you can begin saving right away.

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