Vans Employee Discount | VIP Rewards and More in Brief

Companies distance their workers by not giving them certain privileges, but Vans Employee Discount works to bring their employees closer. Vans produces top-of-the-line shoes, clothing, and groovy skateboard apparel. It has grafted a policy that provides long-term benefits to its employees. This creates a bond of trust and mutual appreciation between the two.

Moreover, you can add to your savings by using its discount offers. Begin your journey at Vans on a happy note. Follow this guide’s instructions to learn about the best deals available and how to access them. Let’s jump straight to the point.

What can Vans Employee Discount give?

To begin with, Vans repays the work of its team members with considerable discounts. It offers 50% off on regular goods. This is way more than what other companies provide. Furthermore, it gives 30% off on sale items which is nothing to scoff at. Vans Employee Discount is eligible for both online and In-store orders.

Once you get your employee identification, you are good to go. Close family members can get the discount if you back them up.

Vans Employee Discount
Online & In-store
Regular Discount Rate
Sales Items Discount Rate
Eligible Products/Service
All Merchandise

Does Vans Employee Discount Expire?

Rest easy, as this offer is not set for a limited number of purchases. Certainly, you can use it on any day of your choice. In addition, all the products pass for this offer so there is no fixed boundary for shopping. Also, this discount is available to every employee regardless of the job position.

However, the day you sever ties with Vans, all the privileges will go away. So, from the starting point of your job till you hold out, use the discounts carefully.

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How do I Claim the Employee Discounts?

Typically, you need a valid Employee Identification Number to be able to get any type of benefits. The company gives you a unique employee identification card after the joining process. If you still have not received your credentials, take it up with your store manager.

Vans Employee Discount Online

If you prefer online shopping then conveniently get the benefit of this offer by ordering from your couch. Follow the steps to do this.

  1. Shop from the Vans website or the Vans Family (comes with loyalty benefits) app.
  2. Add favorite items to your cart.
  3. Give your employee identification proof as you checkout.
  4. Discount will be added to your order amount.
  5. Confirm your order.

Note: Vans family is a loyalty program. As a result, you will get points for every purchase which can further turn into discounts. Members will also get access to exclusive designs and VIP treatment.

In-Store Shopping Made More Fun

Similarly, you can use your discount while shopping at a Vans retail store. Again, make sure to carry your employee ID proof to confirm your status. Provide your proof as you proceed to checkout. The discount will appear on the total bill amount.

Invite close friends and relatives to shop with you, so even they can get some benefit out of your discounts.

vans employee discount

Employee Discount Exclusions – There are none!

That’s right. there are no exceptions to Vans Employee Discount. Every product is suitable for this offer. It’s not too late to relive your teen years and resume your skateboarding life. Sale items alone break this rule by having a discount of 30%.

If you still face issues, go straight to your store supervisor and he will clue you in. You can also reach out to their customer support for help at (855) 909-8267.

VF Retail Partner Discount 

Due to Vans being a subsidiary of VF, your Vans employee discount are expanded to all the brands and stores that come under the scope of VF. Not only do you get discounts on its brands like The North Face, Timberland, etc. but also many retail promotions make themselves available.

This means cost-effective cell phone plans, affordable rates on vacation trips, and much more. If you are a Vans employee, contact your manager to learn more and immediately get the profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much employee discount does Vans offer?

Vans gives 50% off on all of its items as a reward to its employees.

2. What is the discount for Vans Sales items?

For products put up for sale, you can get a discount of 30% as an employee.

3. How much discount does an employee of the month get?

The star of the month employee gets a 70-74% discount valid for a single use.

4. Do Vans employees get other benefits?

Yes, Vans employees also get healthcare and financial benefits along with the 401(k) retirement plan. Visit their benefits page to learn more.

Unprecedented Discounts

To conclude, Vans has a big heart as it offers its products at half the regular price to every employee working under its brand. Sales items get 30% discounts on their already low rates. Vans employee discount promotes a healthy work culture. Now, you can send that job application without any second thoughts.

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