When Does Aldi Restock? All Updates of 2023 Shipment Schedule

Aldi is a very popular discount grocery store in the United States. It gives great prices on many different products. Some folks want to know, when does Aldi restock new stuff on the shelves? Because going to a store and discovering that what you wanted to buy isn’t available is disappointing.

To prevent this you need to understand when shopping at Aldi, when they restock its store. We’ve collected details about when they refill different seasonal items and commonly used products.

When Does Aldi Restock?

Aldi gets new fresh fruits and vegetables every day and restocks other items on Wednesdays after they arrive. Usually, the products arrive at night. Sometimes, the items might not be on the shelves but could be available in the store’s storage. Remember to ask the store workers when does Aldi restock to check before waiting for restocking.

How Often Does Aldi Restock “Aldi Finds”?

Aldi has a popular item called Aldi Finds which is a unique product that is available for a short time only. They stay in the store for around two weeks before being changed for new items. These changes usually happen on Wednesdays. If you’re interested in these special items, going to the store on Wednesdays is a good idea!

You might want to go earlier in the day if you want to grab the best deals before they’re replaced. Wednesday is also when Aldi has sales, like the Weekly Fresh Meat Special. It’s a good tip to arrive early to have more choices.

How Often Do They Restock Their Website?

You can’t buy things straight from the Aldi website, but they show a new list every week with all the best deals and items. This list gets updated every week, just like you’d think. You can also check out many of the things they sell in the store on their website.

Does The Website Offer In-Stock Notifications?

No, the website won’t tell you when something is available. But, you can join the Aldi email list to get messages about new stuff, deals, and other things.

We suggest visiting the store once you know what they have available. This will make it easier for you to return items if needed. Also, make sure to check Aldi return policy guide for information on when they restock and how returns work.

When Does Aldi Distribute Produce on Shelves?

Fresh produce arrives and is restocked in Aldi stores throughout the day, even before the store opens. If you want to know when Aldi restocks fresh organic and regular produce, Aldi usually receives new shipments of fresh produce daily, mainly at night.

Despite offering fresh and good-quality produce, Aldi keeps prices affordable. Also, check out another similar guide on when does Walgreens restock, schedule, and when it distributes produce on shelves.


Aldi is a great place to buy cheap groceries. They have really good prices on lots of different things like fruits, meats, and more. But, not all stores get new stuff at the same time. If you want something specific, it’s better to ask your local store if they have it. What’s Aldi’s restocking rule? When does Aldi restock? Do they restock every day? Also, you should go and check our other guide on when does Walmart restock, their time, and see the awesome prices they have!

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