When Does Walmart Restock | Full Guide For In-store & Online Restock

Walmart is a common household name today. Whether you are going for your weekly shopping or buying groceries for dinner tonight, Walmart sells almost everything you could ever need. Since it is the choice store of many, you may want to know when does Walmart restock so you can be on the lookout for new goods.

This all-purpose store saves you from making multiple trips to different stores. In this guide, we will help you to understand the details of the timing, conditions, restock alert, and many more.

When Does Walmart Restock?

Now that you know Walmart restocks, you probably want to know when does Walmart restock. Walmart’s goal is to always have the products its shoppers want and need. As a result, it prioritizes restocking essential items.

  • Essential items: Walmart restocks essentials like groceries and household supplies just about every day. This restocking typically occurs during the night shift, which is between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. This is when there is less foot traffic in the stores, which makes restocking at Walmart easier.
  • Non-essential items: For items like electronics, toys, apparel, and home goods, there doesn’t tend to be a set restocking schedule. Instead, Walmart restocks these items as needed, which can occur during the night shift or during regular working hours.

As you can see, it’s easier to predict when Walmart will restock groceries than it is to predict when it will restock products like electronics and toys.

Walmart Stock Alert Notification

On the Walmart website, some out-of-stock products will include a “Get In-Stock Alert” button next to them. Clicking this button can give you a notification when this item comes back in stock. You just need to provide your email address so that Walmart can send you a message when the product is available again.

There are other ways to see whether an item you want to purchase is available at Walmart.

  • Check the website: You can check the Walmart website to see whether the product is available online or at your local store. However, keep in mind that no website is perfect and sometimes items listed as “in stock” may be out of stock.
  • Call the store: Another option is to call your local Walmart store and have a representative confirm that the item you want is available there.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to find out when does Walmart restock. You can also see Walmart return policy guide to make a successful return to your store in case of any issue.

Restocking Online Items at Walmart

There is no set pattern for restocking products online as patterns follow in-store. Instead, Walmart constantly restocks its items that are high in priority and demand.

If the online product is out of stock, then their official website will notify you before you place your order. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t give an estimate to restock items. So, as soon as you see the product/item you want to buy, purchase it right away before it goes out of stock later. You may also like our guide on when does Target restock.

How Long Does It Take Walmart to Restock?

Depending on the type of item that’s being restocked Walmart focuses on restocking the essentials first, so it often replenishes its supply of groceries and household items overnight.

As for other items, restocking at Walmart may take up to two days. While this isn’t as quick as overnight restocking, it’s still impressive to understand when does Walmart restock. Although each product is different when it comes to restocking time, the average time it takes Walmart to restock a product in-store is 2 days. Also, explore our guide on when does Best Buy restock.

If you are not sure whether what you need is available, it is advisable to check the Walmart website before ordering. You can also call your nearest Walmart store and request a customer care representative to confirm the item’s availability.

Bottom Line

Walmart restocks its inventory at different times depending on the product category. Groceries and perishable items are restocked daily, while general merchandise is typically restocked overnight on weekdays. If you’re looking to find out when does Walmart restock then hopefully, this guide resolves all your queries.

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