Whole Foods Employee Discount: Enjoy Special Perks of Being an Employee

Whole Foods Market is a well-known health food grocery store that offers a variety of natural and organic products. The company commits to offering high-quality products to its customers. And it also rewards its employees with a generous employee discount. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Whole Foods employee discount and how they work.

How Much is Whole Foods Employee Discount?

Whole Foods employee offers its employees a range of discounts depending on various factors such as location, job position, and length of employment. Whole Foods employee discount is 20% and those who have done 6 months of employment, are eligible to use the 30% discount. They receive discounts on most products sold in Whole Foods stores, with some restrictions on items.

Whole Foods Employee Discount
Online & In-store
Discount Rate
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All items

How To Claim Whole Foods Employee Discount?

It’s essential to keep your employee discount card safe and secure, as it represents a valuable benefit of your employment at Whole Foods. So, To claim the employee discount, follow these general steps for in-store and online:

In-store: If you want to claim your employee discount in-store you have to follow these steps:

  • Verify your employment status.
  • Obtain your employee discount card from HR or management.
  • Present your card at checkout.
  • Be aware of any item restrictions.
  • You can pay for your purchase once the discount has been applied.

Online: If you are shopping from their website and you want to claim your employee discount you have to do these:

  • Visit the official website of Whole Foods. 
  • Make sure to either link or enroll your employee ID number. 
  • Once enrolled it will automatically be applied to the purchase.

How Frequently Does Discount Increase?

You can use your Whole Foods employee discount only after the company hires you as an employee. Initially, you get a 20% discount on your purchase at Whole Foods. If you work in-store for six months then get 30% off all food items. It is also available on other brand items that Whole Foods sells.

Restricted Items in Employee Discounts

There are generally some restrictions on what items can be purchased with the Whole Foods employee discount. While policies can vary, the following are common restrictions or guidelines associated with the employee discount at Whole Foods:

  • Alcohol: Employee discounts often do not apply to alcoholic beverages. Also, the discount excludes alcohol purchases at numerous locations.
  • Prepared Foods: Some prepared foods, like hot bar items or meals from the deli, may not be eligible for the discount.
  • Gift Cards: Employee discounts typically cannot be used to purchase gift cards, including Whole Foods gift cards.
  • Promotions and Specials: The discount may not apply to items already on sale, special promotions, or discounted products.
  • Non-Food Items: Discounts are usually intended for food and grocery items. Non-food items like housewares, beauty products, and health supplements may or may not be eligible for the discount, depending on store policies.
  • Bulk Items: In some cases, the discount may not apply to items purchased from the bulk section.

What Are The Benefits of Employee Discounts?

This employee discount program comes with several benefits. Here, are the benefits that you might want to check out if you are an employee or planning to join Whole Foods:

  1. Physical and Mental Health
  2. Dental & vision coverage
  3. Paid maternal/paternal leave for certain days
  4. Competitively high pay with financial insurance

You can also Go to Workday.com/Wholefoods (Whole Foods employee login portal) and get employee-exclusive discounts on prepared foods. Also, take a look at our other guides like Best Buy, Walgreens, and Safeway to know what benefits they give in their employee discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can They Share Their Employee Discounts With Others?

No, Whole Foods employees are not allowed to share their employee discounts with others. If they do so, they will be fired.

Can Whole Foods Employees Use Their Employee Discounts Online?

Yes, You can use your employee discount online.

Who is Eligible For The Whole Foods Employee Discount?

Eligibility for the employee discount is for active team members and their immediate family members such as a spouse or domestic partner and dependent children living in the same household.

How Often Can Whole Foods Employees Use Their Employee Discount?

The frequency of how many times Whole Foods employees can use their employee discount depends on the store's policies and may also vary based on the employee's status.


The Whole Foods employee discount is a great benefit that the company offers to its employees. Also, allows them to save money on their grocery purchases. Individuals committed to living a healthy lifestyle can particularly benefit from this. The employee discount is just one of the many reasons why this market is a great place to work.

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