Adidas Employee Discount: A Guide To Explore All Your Rewards

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to save money. If you’re working for Adidas, you can benefit from the Adidas employee discount program that can help you save on your purchases. This blog will explore how you can make the most out of this program and earn rewards for yourself while working.

This program can help you get the product you need at a discounted price. Let’s dive in and see how you can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

What Adidas Employee Discounts Can You Enjoy?

You can enjoy Adidas employee discount offers of up to 50% off on the entire purchase. Which is a pretty sweet deal. This discount can be used both online and It’s a great perk for working at Adidas, As an employee of Adidas, you can also get 15 guest passes which you can share with your family and friends. You can avail of this at the Adidas employee store only.

Adidas Employee Discount
Online & In-store
Discount Rate
Eligible Products/Service
All items

Are There Any Restrictions on Using Discounts?

Yes, there are some restrictions on using the discount. For example, the deal may not be applied to particular limited editions or exclusive Adidas products. Also, it may not be combined with other discounts or promotions. Please refer to your local Adidas employee discount policy for more details.

Also, take a look at Ikea, Best Buy, and Home Depot. Our guide will help you to know about their restrictions and more details about them.

Are All items Eligible For The Adidas Employee Discount?

Well, the answer is no. Also, only certain items are eligible for the discount. Here’s the list of items on which you can get an employee discount:-

  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Sporting goods
  • Few Collection Items

Where and How can you claim your discount?

There are a few different ways to claim your Adidas employee discount, depending on your company’s specific policies. Some companies provide a code or voucher that can be used online or in-store. You can walk to any of your nearest Adidas stores and have your employee ID card with you to save money in-store. Also, it’s always best to check with your HR department or Adidas representative to confirm the process for claiming your discount.

What Are Other Adidas Employee Benefits?

Benefits of Adidas employee discounts may vary based on job position, location, and local employment laws. Adidas gives multiple discounts to their eligible employees such as:-

  1. Healthcare and Insurance: Comprehensive health insurance plans covering medical, dental, and vision care for employees and their families.
  2. Retirement Plans: 401(k) or similar retirement savings plans with employer matching contributions.
  3. Paid Time Off: Vacation days, holidays, and sick leave.
  4. Employee Discounts: Discounts on Adidas products and possibly other affiliated brands.
  5. Wellness Programs: Gym memberships, wellness incentives, or programs promoting healthy lifestyles.
  6. Flexible Work Arrangements: Options for flexible schedules, remote work, or alternative work arrangements.
  7. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP): Counseling services, mental health support, and resources for personal and professional issues.
  8. Career Development: Training programs, educational assistance, and opportunities for career growth within the company.
  9. Parental Leave: Paid time off for new parents, which may include maternity, paternity, and adoption leave.
  10. Community Involvement: Volunteer opportunities, donation matching programs, or initiatives supporting community engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for the Adidas employee discount?

Eligibility for the discount varies by country and region but typically includes all full-time and part-time employees of Adidas and its subsidiaries.

2. Are employees eligible to make returns?

If an employee who works at Adidas or a customer wants to return their item, they can do that without any hassle.

3. What are the items excluded from the employee discount?

Discounts may not apply to limited edition or collaboration products, gift cards, or items that are already on sale.

4. Where you can utilize your Adidas guest pass?

Depending on the specific terms and conditions of your guest pass, you may be able to use it at any participating Adidas store or on the Adidas website. Before attempting to redeem your guest pass, make sure to verify the expiration date and any usage restrictions. Enjoy your shopping experience with the Adidas employee discount!


Adidas Employee Discount is an incredible benefit for those working at the company. Not only does it provide employees with the opportunity to purchase high-quality, stylish, and functional products at a discounted price, but it also helps to promote a sense of unity and pride within the company and employees can represent the Adidas brand both on and off the clock. Overall, the employee discount is a fantastic perk that helps to make working for the company that much more rewarding.

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