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Are you keen on enjoying the thrilling experience of a Universal Studios ride but can’t seem to afford it? You might want to know about the Universal Studios Student Discount. You can save for your tuition fees without compromising on your vacation plans. Often times students can’t catch a break. The purpose of this scheme is to facilitate scholars to have a fulfilling holiday with minimum expenses.

Universal Studios is a massive entertainment company. Its Hollywood theme park attracts a lot of people every year.  Learn more to grab your student discount.

Universal Studios Student Discount Policy

If you’re a student attending specific colleges or universities, Universal Studios offers some pretty neat discounts. All you’ve got to do is show that you’re a student, and that’ll open up access to some exclusive offers just for you. Once they confirm your student status, you’ll snag a sweet $35 discount on the California Neighbor Pass and a cool $15 off on a day pass. It’s a great way for students to have an awesome time at Universal Studios without breaking the bank! To check if your university is a part of the Universal Studios student discount, click here.

Universal Studios Student Discount
Discount Rate on California Neighbor Pass
Discount Rate on Day Pass
Universal Studios

The 10 Best Rides at Universal Studios Hollywood

FYI California Neighbor Pass lets you visit for 175 days over a period of nine months from your first visit.

How Do I Redeem My Student Discount?

How to Use the Soundcore 25% Off Student Discount

To get started, your first step is to either visit the official Universal Studios Hollywood website or give their customer service a call at 818-622-1550 in order to begin the process of confirming your identity. Make sure to follow the instructions they provide to find and take advantage of the most beneficial deals they have available. If you prefer another option, you can also use a third-party website like Student Beans to confirm that you qualify. Simply follow the provided guidelines there to secure your discount.

  • Make your way to Student Beans.
  • Create your account or log in to an existing account.
  • Provide your concerned college ID and documents.
  • Wait for them to verify your details.
  • Enjoy special offers on expensive rides.

Discounts at Universal Studios typically kick in when your total purchase reaches or exceeds $99. However, it’s important to note that these rules can change from time to time. To make sure you’re aware of the latest offers and deals, it’s a good idea to reach out to Universal Studios directly. They’ll be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on what discounts and promotions are currently available.

Universal Studios Student Discount Exclusions

If the college or school you attend isn’t mentioned as part of this special offer, there’s no need to feel left out! You can still benefit from a student discount. In case you don’t see your college’s name on the list provided, you have another option available. You can visit the ticket office at your school or college and inquire about the student or faculty discount they offer. This way, even if your institution isn’t initially included in the offer, you can still take advantage of discounts available to students and faculty members.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Universal Studios offer student discounts?

Yes, the studio offers ticket prices at reduced rates to students and faculty members from selected colleges.

2. What is the Universal Studios Student Discount on day passes?

For day passes, the studio offers a $15 cut off from regular ticket prices exclusively for students.

3. Does Universal Studios offer discount for groups?

Yes, the studio provides special savings to groups coming for a reunion or a celebration.

4. Does Universal Studios charge for student verification process?

No, you can verify your status and register for free through Student Beans.

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Relishing Rides At Reduced Rates

Students are the ultimate experts when it comes to having a blast! With their jam-packed schedules, it’s crucial for them to unwind and have some fun. Thanks to the Universal Studios Student Discount, they can now experience thrilling rides and awesome events without burning a hole in their pockets. Use this handy guide to snag the greatest deals for yourself or your kiddos. Who knows? It could be a game-changer in their lives, bringing in loads of excitement and unforgettable moments!

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