Applebee’s Military Discount | Enjoy Delicious Meals With Military & Veterans Day Promotions

Applebee’s has been America’s favorite neighborhood grill for many years now. Many food enthusiasts aren’t aware of Applebee’s military discount since they don’t have anything mentioned on the website.

If you have or are serving in the U.S. military and wondering whether your local Applebee’s offers military discounts, this guide is just for you.

Applebee’s Military Discount Policy

There is no official Applebee’s military discount policy listed on the website. However, participating Applebee’s restaurants do offer 10% off to active-duty military and veterans. You may call your nearby Applebee’s to confirm.

Applebee's military discount

Do I Also Get the Discount Online?

No, Applebee’ does not directly offer military discounts for online purchases. Applebee’s restaurants are run by franchise owners and all locations give 10% off to active military and veterans.

How to Get a Military Discount At Applebee’s Grill?

Though all Applebee’s restaurants give military discounts, it is advisable to check in with the manager. They’ll ask for a military ID to verify your status and upon approval, you’ll get 10% off on your entire order. It is that simple.

Applebee’s Veterans Day Discount

Since 2008, Applebee’s has always offered free meals to military members on Veterans Day. And 2023 is going to be no different. Last year, they offered a free meal from an exclusive menu of 7 delicious main course meals and a $5 bounce-back card to redeem on their next dine-in.

The menu items, discounts, and other Veterans Day promotions may vary between locations based on franchise owners’ choices.

Who is Eligible for Veterans Day Promotion?

According to their website, all Neighborhood heroes associated with the U.S. army are eligible for Veterans Day promotions. This includes Active Duty Military, Veterans, Reserves, and National Guards in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Applebee’s give military discounts?

Yes, though they don’t officially have a policy, participating Applebee’s restaurants give 10% military discounts.

2. Do Applebee’s offer Veterans discounts?

Veterans also get 10% discounts on their orders. They also offer free meals to all military members on Veterans Day.

3. Are Reserves and National Guards eligible for a military discount?

Yes, Just bring your valid ID to your nearest Applebee’s store. But be sure to ask the manager in advance.

4. Do all Applebee’s restaurants offer military & Veterans day discounts?

Usually yes. But since Applebee’s restaurants are now franchises owned, the owner will have the final decision.

Alternatives to Applebee’s Military Discount

If you are a foodie, in search of other options for military discounts, then we definitely suggest checking out the military discount at the following food places.

To Conclude

With valid Military proof, you can enjoy your favorite meals and get a 10% off on Applebee’s dine-in. Besides the daily Applebee’s military discount, the restaurant chain is also popular for its Veterans Day promotions. Feel free to contact your nearest Applebee’s for details on military discounts.

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