AutoZone Return Policy | Guide To Check Return Eligibility For Free

Customizing a car is a tedious chore. You might order an unlikely item that only furthers your annoyance. Use AutoZone return policy to circumvent this issue. AutoZone is a huge name when it comes to buying automobile spare parts and accessories. It always has what you are looking for and does right by your vehicle. However, the need to return such parts can arise due to many reasons.

So, it is important to learn about the instructions and precautions of the return process. Through this guide, you can increase the chances of getting a refund as well as a correct replacement. Let’s jump in.

What is AutoZone Return Policy?

To begin with, AutoZone return policy closes the opportunity to return your item(s) after 90 days of the purchase date. Take care not to use or install the item as that makes it ineligible for returns. Additionally, it should retain its original condition.

You also need the original packaging to return it with. Drain all the fluids that might have been there. Providing the purchase receipt is essential. If the item shows defects later on, you can return it within its warranty period. All gift card sales are non-returnable and final.

AutoZone Return Policy
Return Window
90 Days
Return Method
In-Store & Through Shipping
Contact Info.
Official Website

How Can I Return Products at AutoZone?

AutoZone permits you to return all in-store purchases at any of its store establishments. Along with the receipt, you need to have the details of your credit card for a smooth completion of the refund process. Not to mention original packaging as well as drainage of fluids is necessary.

AutoZone Return Policy

Online Returns Trivia

On the other hand, there is a little more legroom for the return of online products as per AutoZone return policy. You are a liberty to return online goods to either Fulfillment Center or at a nearby store. For returns due to personal reasons, follow the basic steps.

  1. Sign-in to your account at
  2. Fill in the returns form available in Section B of your shipping invoice.
  3. Give the reason for your return accurately.
  4. You are likely to receive a return label at the end.
  5. Reorganize your package with the item.
  6. Insert a copy of the form inside the package.
  7. Attach the label outside for shipping purposes.

Moreover, you need to check if the carrier is up to the task while complying with its requirements. Also, it is preferable to choose a carrier with tracking options to ensure the safe transfer of the shipment.

AutoZone Return Policy In-store

You may bring the online goods to a local store for returns. Once you install or use your product, it is no longer possible to make a return. The store executive will ask you for a valid government ID to register your return in their database. So, bring that as well.

Besides, follow the mandatory guidelines and return your product within 90 days of the order date. Keep your original packaging and receipt intact. Be sure to dispose of any liquids or parts that might prove to be hazardous. You can achieve this end by contacting any recycling agency.

Does AutoZone Refund Shipping Charges?

Unless the product was defective on arrival or subject to shipping errors, AutoZone return policy does not compensate for shipping expenses. If this is the case then you need to call in its customer care and they will issue a suitable return label for the same.

Is it Possible to Return Customized items?

Absolutely not. any order that was altered as per the buyer’s needs is irrevocable and non-refundable. This holds true for items like floor mats that come with logos, custom embroidery, and added trim. Besides, batteries can be returned within their warranty period.

This period lasts till the car is sold. If returned after the period, one can still gain measly store credit. Other than this, AutoZone keeps updating its list of exceptions. You should ask a store manager or visit their website to keep a record of such anomalies.

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What Happens If I Return a Personal Item?

Keep in mind that any product you choose to return now belongs to the company. As a result, they are not responsible for returning products sent by you. You can, however, request their customer care and see if you can find common ground. Therefore, carefully check your parcel before scheduling a pick-up.

AutoZone Return Policy Without Receipt

Receipts are vital in conducting returns at AutoZone. That is not to say that you should give up the hope of returning your item if you lose that piece of paper. Luckily for you, AutoZone Customer Service can track your order information by asking a few questions. You can always give them a call. Follow their instructions to return your product with proper verification in lieu of a receipt.

AutoZone Exchange Policy 

AutoZone applies the same terms and conditions from its return policy to its exchange policy. Certain products are non-replaceable due to their nature. It is best to check if a product falls into this exception before you pay for it. You may get a superior version by paying the difference amount.

If your product meets the aforementioned conditions, take it to a nearby store and ask for an appropriate replacement. The associates will do the needful based on their stock availability. You can also pay for additional shipping charges and do the switcheroo.

AutoZone Exchange Policy
Exchange Window
Within 90 Days
Exchange Method
In-store & Online

AutoZone Refund Policy

The refund is quite easy to retrieve. It relies on your receipt or order confirmation for its approval. AutoZone return policy issues the refund directly into your main bank account. You can bring your credit card to accelerate the process. Note that if you are unable to verify the order details, merchandise credit is still given.

Refund takes 5-7 business days to reflect in your account. In case of any mistake on their part, put the shipping details, of the carrier you opt for, in the return package to get a refund for the same. Lastly, gift cards are non-refundable.

AutoZone Refund Policy
Refund Period
Within 7-10 Business Days
Refund Method
Original Mode of Payment

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I return Core parts at AutoZone?

The return procedure of core part is the same as that of ordinary returns. Avoid returning hazardous fluids.

2. Can I cancel orders placed at AutoZone?

Yes, but only if h product is not shipped yet. Order that is shipped directly from vendor locations cannot be canceled.

3. What good is the merchandise store credit?

The merchandise credit is used in he form of a card. It can be used to purchase goods at any of AutoZone stores.

4. What is AutoZone Rewards Program?

This is a special program. its members can receive credit on every purchase they make above $20. This credit can get you free products.

Give Your Returns a Strong Character

To conclude, AutoZone return policy only takes returns up to 90 days from the date of purchase. You have to keep everything in place including the original packaging to satisfy the investigation made by their team. Check if your product is devoid of any harmful chemicals beforehand. Maintain regular contact with their customer care team to stay ahead of upcoming difficulties. It is advised that you select an economical means of shipping service in case you want a refund for it.

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