Argos Return Policy Guide To Return Everything Small and Big

When you shop at Argos, they want you to feel confident about your purchases. That’s why they’ve put a lot of thought into their Argos return policy. Whether you bought something online or in-store, if it doesn’t meet your expectations, or if you change your mind, Argos has made it super easy to return items hassle-free.

The best part about Argos’ policy is its simplicity. They’ve outlined the rules clearly, so you know exactly what to do if you need to return something. This clarity takes away the stress and confusion that can sometimes come with returning items.

Argos Returns Policy: How Does it Work?

Argos lets you return almost everything you buy within 30 days, but there are some things, like personalized items, that you can’t return according to Argos return policy. The stuff you want to return should look new and be in its original box. Don’t forget to bring back everything, including any freebies you got.

If there are tags on the item and you’re not sure if you want to keep it, don’t take them off. Don’t forget to show your proof of purchase like a receipt, email, or order number when you return things. Now that you get how Argo’s return policy works, let’s talk about how to return stuff.

Argos Return Policy
Return Window
30 Days
Return Method
1. Argo's Store/Argos Sainsbury's Store
2. Online
3. Live Support Chat
Contact Number
Official Website

How Do I Return My Item?

Here, are every method in detail with the whole information. It’s important to note, as an aside, that there is no need to return an item to the store you bought it from.

Return by Post

You can only return small items delivered to your home or clothes you bought from Tu Clothing (whether in the store or online) through the website. If you bought something from the store or collected it from Sainsbury’s collection point, the Argos return policy doesn’t allow returns by mail. You need to take those items back to the store.

All the info you need for sending items back by mail will be in the delivery note. If you’re stuck, you can contact their customer service on their website or call 0345-640-2020. For big items delivered to your home, you can’t return them by mail. Let me show you how to return those.

Start a Return Via Their Live Chat

This special offer is exclusively for getting things delivered right to your doorstep, whether it’s something small like groceries or bigger items like furniture. All you need to do is reach out to them using their live chat feature, and their support team will assist you further in sorting out the details and getting everything processed smoothly.

Return to Argos Store/ at Sainsbury’s

If you’ve bought something from Argos, whether from their local store or a section inside a Sainsbury’s supermarket, you can take it back if you need to return it. But there’s a catch – if you bought a huge item and it was delivered to your house, they might not accept it as a return. But, anything else you bought from Argos or even Sainsbury’s.

Like clothes or small items, they brought to your house, you can return to any Argos store. It’s a pretty cool deal, making it easier for you to return stuff you’re not happy with, no matter where you bought it from!

What to Watch Out for Before Returning?

Just like with any return policy, there are some important things to remember. Firstly, certain items can’t be returned under Argos return policy, like food or jewelry that might affect hygiene. These will be marked as non-returnable in the Argos catalog or online.

Interestingly, Argos doesn’t allow returns on gaming consoles under their 30-day refund policy. They also won’t accept video games if the plastic wrapping is removed. Argos advises customers to be sure about these items before buying them.

We’ve already talked about the main points to be careful of. Remember, keeping an eye on that 30-day return window is super important. It’s also smart to hold onto as many receipts as you can, just in case you lose the original one. Take a picture, make a copy, stick it on your wall—do whatever it takes to keep proof of purchase safe.

Argos Return Policy During the Christmas

So, you got a not-so-great Christmas present from Argos. What should you do? Well, lucky for you, Argos has a cool deal for shoppers who can’t decide or aren’t happy with their gifts. The Argos return policy states that things you buy after October 11, 2024, can be returned until January 25, 2025. That means you have a whole three months to bring back anything you don’t like.

One thing to remember about this rule change (besides how useful it is) is that technically, the 30-day limit still stands. So, if you unwrap something on December 25 and quickly put it aside for a refund, you only have a month to return it before it’s too late.

What to do if the Product is Faulty or Damaged?

If you’re having trouble, you can go online and look at the company’s support page for their products. There, you might find solutions to fix the issue you’re facing. Alternatively, you can give their team a call at 0345 640 2020, and they’ll help you out over the phone.

Argos Return Policy Without a Receipt

We mentioned that there are different ways to show you bought something, like a receipt from the register or online, a confirmation email, or your order number. But if you can’t find any of those, you can go to the store nearby with your bank statement or the email you used to buy it. They’ll assist you in returning the item by locating your purchase in their records.

Argos Exchange Policy

When you buy something from Argos and later decide you want something similar instead, they let you make a swap. However, it’s important to know that this only works if Argos has the item you want in their store or warehouse. If they don’t have it available for exchange, they’ll give you back the money you spent in the same way you paid for it initially.

The timeframe for making exchanges and the rules you need to follow are the same as the rules for returning items at Argos. This means you’ll have to exchange or return the item within a certain period and meet specific conditions set by Argos.

Argos Exchange Policy
Exchange Period
30 Days
Exchange Method
1. Argo's Store/Argos Sainsbury's Store
2. Online
3. Live Support Chat

Argos Refund Policy

After you’ve handed back the items to Argos, they’ll begin the process of giving you your money back using the same method you used to pay. If you made a return in-store and used cash or a gift card for payment, you’ll receive your refund immediately.

However, if your payment was made with a card, it might take as long as 7 days for the refunded amount to appear in your bank account. For refunds processed through PayPal, the waiting time can be even more extended, possibly taking up to 30 days before the money reflects in your PayPal account.

Argos Refund Policy
Refund Period
7 days (30 days For PayPal Orders)
Refund Method
Original Mode of Payment

Frequently Asked Question

1. How soon will I get my refund for online returns?

It might take around two weeks for your return to reach their place and get sorted. Then, after that, it could take about seven days for the money to show up back in your bank account.

2. How do I return an Argos item picked up from a Sainsbury's collection point?

You can take it back to an Argos store, an Argos store inside Sainsbury's, or drop it off at a Sainsbury's collection spot.

3. Can I return jewelry at Argos?

No, you cannot return pierced jewelry as well as food items unless they're faulty.

4. Can I return at Argos without receipt?

Sure! If they find your purchase, you can show your card, bank statement, or the email you used when buying. You'll definitely get your money back then.

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Now Return with Ease

Argos return policy is like a friend who’s got your back. They understand that sometimes items just don’t click with you, and that’s okay. Argos is here to make things right. Their straightforward rules and easy steps show how much they value their customers. It’s all about making your shopping experience worry-free. So, the next time you shop at Argos, remember, that they’ve got a return policy that’s designed with your satisfaction in mind.

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