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Do you wish to enhance your savings while you work a 9 to 5 job? Bloomingdale’s Employee Discount has the benefits you so eagerly want. Every brand’s reputation stands on the shoulders of its employees. Bloomingdale’s recognizes this fact and it offers complimentary discounts to people who work there. This is beneficial as you can find designer clothes and fashionable apparel at its stores.

The purpose of this guide is to inform you about the specifics of its discount policy without leaving out anything. Check for yourself if the benefits correspond with your pay. Let’s dive right in.

What is Bloomingdale’s Employee Discount?

To start with, Bloomingdale’s employee discount gives you exactly 20% off the regular price of the product. Moreover, depending on the season this amount goes as high as 60%. So, the timing of your shopping plays a huge role. This offer works in online as well as In-store orders.

Despite this, Bloomingdale’s holds special events in August that give the employees deals that have 20-60% discounts. Change your wardrobe every season.

Bloomingdale's Employee Discount
Online & In-store
Discount Rate
Employee Oriented Sales
Up to 60%
Eligible Products/Service
All Items

Steps To Claim The Bloomingdale’s Employee Discount

Macy’s Inc. is the sole owner of Bloomingdale’s. This context is important as you need a Macy’s card to apply for discounts at any Bloomingdale’s store, its website, or outlets. Firstly, you need to create an employee account to confirm your active status. Visit My IN-SITE to make one now.

Provide your details and apply for Macy’s credit card. Give this card during checkout to receive your benefit. However, different stores might have a slightly different way to do this. So, take the advice of your store manager to avoid difficulties.

Bloomingdales Employee Discount

Can Family Get In On The Program?

Certainly, colleagues can shop on behalf of their families and friends using Bloomingdale’s Employee Discount. During sales events intended for employees, their closed ones can visit the store and shop for their favorite items.

Note that the employee account is necessary to avail of the benefit. The discount generally lies between 20-60% depending on the nature of the product.

Bloomingdale’s Discount Mall – A Win Win

Macy’s organizes discount mall portals just for its store associates. Even Bloomingdale’s staff can access this benefit with their account. Its availability status varies with time. You can contact their customer support at 1-800-777-0000 for the latest news.

This program is special because it gives a chance to save extra on a large number of products and services along with Bloomingdale’s Employee Discount. Additionally, Macy’s negotiates better deals with top brands in fitness, telecommunications, and entertainment sectors as a reward for their employees.

Before you continue, take a look at Macy’s Student and Military Discount to gain further benefit from the company you work for.

Bloomingdale’s Colleague Benefits

Don’t just settle for Bloomingdale’s employee discount as it offers many more rewarding programs for your comfort. Let’s break down these benefits into their proper details.

401(k) Retirement Plan: The company matches up to 6% of your contributions in this account. Invest every month to get rewarding returns.

Health & Welfare: As soon as you complete 90 days of work, there are many medical, dental, and life insurance plans waiting for you. Similarly, you can create a flexible spending account for healthcare-related expenses.

Paid Time Off: The number of days you get every year as PTO is undetermined. You can contact your manager or boss to know the exact number before you start working. This is especially useful as it provides colleagues time to ease their lives with recreational activities.

Tuition Coverage: Bloomingdale’s wants to complement the efforts their employees are making to get further education. This stems from its employee development policy. You can ask any associate or manager to apply yourself for the program.

Keep in mind that this benefit depends on many factors like the nature of your education and financial status.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Bloomingdale's employee discount offer?

It offers 20-60% discount to its employees depending on seasonal change.

2. Who is eligible for this benefit?

Friends and family can access this benefit but only through the aid of the concerned employee.

3. Are there any extra benefits to grab?

Certainly, there are other health and savings related programs that you might want to check out.

4. Do the discounts expire at some point?

No, the discounts can be used as many times as the recipient wishes.

Unconditional Rewards

To conclude, Bloomingdale’s offers 20-60% discount to its trustworthy group of employees. This can vary depending on the current season. Further, employees can also use holiday coupons and codes with Bloomingdale’s Employee Discounts. For a new employee, there are many helpful benefits that make you work for a bright future.  Benefits increase as you high up in rank.

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