Asics Military Discount | Explore Benefits on Full-Priced Products Online

The high-quality athleisure products make Asics a unique brand of clothing, footwear, & accessories. On top of that, they also offer Asics military discounts to service members of the country.

This benefits military personnel by appreciating their services. Go through this guide to learn how it works and who else can redeem the veteran discount at Asics.

Asics Military Discount Policy

Asics offer a 40% of Asics military discount on all your full-priced product purchases. Redeem the offer on to claim benefits on your efficient shopping.

Verify your military status with SheerID to claim your benefits online before making a purchase. Get one time use Asics discount code twice every 30 days and make a purchase of 5 products each time you checkout.

Asics military discount online

Asics Military Discount
Discount Rate
Where to Claim?
2 times in 30 days for 5 products
Contact Number
(855) 233-3120
Official Website

Who Qualifies for Military Discount at Asics?

All active-duty & veteran military officials qualify for the Asics military discount. Reservists, retirees, dependents, and spouses of military & veteran personnel can also take advantage of the benefits.

Spouses or dependents have the same limit of purchase as the service members. They have to verify their active ID with SheerID to make a separate account before using the benefits.

Terms & Conditions to Claim Asics Veteran Discount

The Asics program terms are the same for all the eligible members who are planning to use their 40% military discount. Following are the terms and conditions that the Asics policy states.

  • Verified military registrants who reside in the U.S. and Puerto Rico can only use the discount
  • Use the Asics discount code only once and it will be expired after the program ends
  • Offer valid for only full-priced products on
  • Order placed must only be solely used by the military personnel or their spouses & dependents
  • Asics reserves a right to end, change, or extend this program without prior notice

Note: Charges of shipping and tax will be calculated after your military discount is applied to your purchase.

How to Redeem Asics Military Discount Online?

SheerID Asics

Asics only offer military discount on its official website and not in any of its stores. Check the following points to know how you can register yourself to use the discount.

  • Visit to fill out the verification form
  • Upload documentation to verify your status in the military
  • You will receive a one-time use Asics discount code on-screen or via email after verification
  • Copy the whole code including the dashes
  • Paste the promo code during checkout when prompted

Note: Dependents or spouses cannot use the same account to redeem the offer as military personnel.

What type of Documents do I have to Upload?

During the verification of your active or veteran ID proof, SheerID will ask you to upload the documentation. You will need a government-issued military ID that must have:

  • Your first and last name
  • Branch of service
  • Current military status

Asics Military Discount Exceptions

Every service member can use the 40% discount on their purchases. But, there are some exceptions for which you cannot use the Asics military discount. They are as follows:

  • Mark-down products are not eligible for the discount
  • Discount does not apply to products that are purchased with gift cards & gift certificates
  • Prior purchases, shipping, & taxes
  • Do not use it for resale, cash value, store, online credit, or cash
  • Not on the products that are out of stock
  • Do not combine with other offers and discounts

You must know, in case of any violation, fraudulent activity, resale, bulk orders, or abuse of this program, your account might be immediately suspended.

What is Asics First Responder Discount?

Asics provides a first responder discount to support their efforts. You can purchase qualified products that are full-priced with a 40% of discount. Eligible first responders are police, EMTs, and firefighter.

Get yourself verified with the SheerID to redeem the benefit. The steps for verification are the same for both Asics first responder discount and the military discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use my discount at Asics stores?

No, the discount is only eligible for online purchases.

2. Are returns accepted for purchases made with Asics military discount?

Yes, you can return military discounted purchases to Asics using a standard return policy.

3. Does it take time to get Asics discount code after verification?

No, you will instantly get the military discount code via email or on-screen.

4. Can I use the promo code multiple times?

No, you can only use the code 1 time and apply for it twice every 30 days.

Other Stores that Offer Military Discounts

To appreciate the national guard of the U.S. there are other stores along with Asics that offer military discounts. Whereas, the policy might be different and they might offer discounts both in-store and online. To check the eligibility & qualifications of the discount visit the following.


Products purchased at Asics should be full-priced to use your Asics military discount online. All eligible military personnel can take advantage of this policy. Make your shopping experience unique with Asics’ unique collection of clothing and accessories.

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