Chipotle Military Discount | Special Prices, Reward Program & More

Chipotle has been people’s favorite Mexican food store for many years now. But the topic of Chipotle military discount still remains quite unclear. So if are looking to save on your favorite Tacos, Burrito Bowl, or Salad, this guide is just for you.

Is Chipotle Military Discount a Thing?

Chick fil a military discount

The thing is, there is no official Chipotle military discount policy yet. However, people on the internet have mixed reviews about Military/Veteran discounts at different Chipotle locations. Some have claimed to get almost half the prices while others have been denied the discount. And here’s why!

With a little digging, it all seems to come down to the usual approach of different Chipotles. Upon request, some cashiers/managers may offer the Chipotle Police Comp (law enforcement discount) to military members as well.

So.. How Do I Get My Discount?

When eating at Chipotle, your 50% military discount relies upon the cashier/manager’s discretion. And in that case, it is definitely worth just trying your luck. Just make sure that you have your Military ID and ask for a discount.

Also, Coast Guards should officially qualify for the discount since it is a military branch with law enforcement authority. So if you could just try explaining this to Chipotle and show valid proof, you may get 50% off.

How to Save More At Chipotle?

While Chipotle doesn’t offer a Military or Veterans Day discount, there is still a way to save some bucks on your favorite tacos, burrito bowls, salads, and more. Regular customers can benefit a lot from Chipotle’s Reward Program. Here are the benefits you’ll get.

Chipotle reward points

  • One free order of instant guacamole after signing up.
  • You’ll get an exclusive coupon or discount on your birthday.
  • You’ll earn 10 points for every $1 you spend in the restaurant, mobile app, or online. You may use points for free food, badges, and other merchandise.
  • Chipotle will give you early access to every new Chipotle menu item and merchandise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get reward points for online orders also?

Yes, Chipotle provides reward points for every dollar spent in the restaurant, mobile app, and website.

2. Will Chipotle have a Veterans Day Discount in 2023?

Previously, Chipotle has offered free meals and BOGO deals on Veterans Day but according to their spokesperson Sally Evans, there won’t be a Chipotle Veterans Day discount in 2023.

3. Does Chipotle offer Police discounts?

Yes, Chipotle has a law enforcement discount that gives Police officers a 50% discount on the entire order.

4. Are Coast Guards eligible for Chipotle discounts?

Considering the fact that Coast Guards have law enforcement authority, you should be able to get 50% off. But best of luck explaining this to the cashier.

Alternatives to Chipotle Military Discount

Restaurants and food businesses don’t usually offer discounts to military members. But if your local Chipotle denies the discount, we recommend checking for Military discounts at the following restaurants.


The availability of Chipotle military discounts varies from location to location. You may or may not get 50% off based on the cashier/manager’s choice. It is always good to try out luck. For further queries, we recommend contacting customer care.

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