Foot Locker Employee Discount To Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Foot Locker is a popular athletic footwear and apparel retailer in the United States. They offer a wide range of sports and casual footwear, clothing, and accessories from various brands. Foot Locker has numerous locations across the United States, both in shopping malls and standalone stores. This guide will discuss the Foot Locker employee discount with its various benefits, eligibility, restrictions, and more.

What is Foot Locker Employee Discount?

Being an employee at Foot Locker opens up an entirely new world of perks and rewards. Use the employee discount to enjoy a stunning rebate of up to 30% on any product. Employees can occasionally redeem 50% off the discount. The discount is not available on all items. New releases are an exclusion for which employees cannot avail of their Foot Locker employee discount.

Otherwise, on holidays and other events, employees can surely avail or claim their discounts. You can claim it online or in-store. Contact customer care to avail of the discount online.

Foot Locker Employee Discount
Online & In-store
Discount Rate
Upto 30%
Eligible Products/Service
All Items

What Perks Does Foot Locker Offer?

The employee benefits and perks scheme is introduced in the company to ensure that all employees are happy. These benefits encourage employees to stay loyal to the policy of the company. Here is what you can get being an employee at Foot Locker:

Medical Coverage

  • Health Insurance: Under this scheme, employees are eligible for health check-ups and treatments. 
  • Dental and Vision Insurance: As an employee, you can avail 100% coverage for dental and vision care. 
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA): These are the tax-free health care spending.
  • Disability Insurance: Short-term and long-term disabilities are covered under this scheme. 
  • 401k Plan: This is a retirement plan in which employers contribute to the betterment of employees’ future. 

Vacation And Time Off

  • Paid Time Off: Apart from your professional life, you have a personal life too. So, the company allows paid time off. 
  • Paid Holidays: As an employee of Foot Locker you can get paid for the holidays. 

Additional Perks: 

  • Flexible Working Hours: The jobs can be tiring sometimes, so frequent breaks are added to the working schedule. 
  • Casual Atmosphere: The environment of the workplace matters, at each store of Foot Locker you will always find a friendly and casual environment. 
  • Tuition Reimbursement: This benefit covers the full costs of a college degree or other job-related certificates. 
  • Mobile Service Discount: All employees are eligible to receive 10% off on mobile phone services through service providers like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. 
  • Performance Bonus: After doing a lot of hard work, you receive a fair and competitive bonus. 
  • Employee Discount: All the employees are eligible to receive a 30 – 50% discount on all the products including sales and clearance stocks at Foot Locker retail store. 

How To Avail Foot Locker Employee Discount Online?

It’s important to note that the exact steps to avail of the Foot Locker employee discount are not available. If you have any questions or concerns, it’s best to check with your manager or HR representative for more information.

To get the employee discount online, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Log In: Go to the Foot Locker employee portal and log in using your employee ID and password. Check the Footlocker employee discount link.
  • Go To Employee Discount Page: Once you are logged in, go to the employee discount page. This page should provide you with instructions on how to access the employee discount online.
  • Enter Your Discount Code: If you have a discount code, enter it during the checkout process to receive your discount.
  • Verify Your Eligibility: Foot Locker may require you to verify your eligibility for the employee discount by providing your employee ID or other information.
  • Complete Your Purchase: Once you have verified your eligibility and applied the discount code, complete your purchase as you normally would.

You can also contact customer care in case of any help or queries to avail your discount online.

Where Can I Use My Foot Locker Employee Discount?

You can avail your employee discounts on various things. Here is a list of the following things:

  • Up to 25% off on car rentals from AVIS
  • Certainly, 8% off on hotels by booking from
  • 25% off on your travels with Hertz
  • Rent a car with Budget and get 25% off an employee discount
  • You can also get discounts by booking hotels from various brands, for tickets to various concerts & shows, and on your theme park experiences

Eligible Items At The Foot Locker

As an employee, you can claim your discount at any Foot Locker store across the country. From shoes to clothes and accessories of all types are eligible for the Foot Locker employee discount. Only new releases in the store are not eligible for a 30% employee discount. Grab the offer and increase your work efficiency.

Exclusions on Foot Locker Employee Discount

Employees do not have to follow any exclusions while using Foot Locker discounts. They only have to avoid claiming it on new releases. Moreover, they can use their 30%  discounts on all categories. Associates can buy the products except for the new releases for themselves or on behalf of their family or friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Does Foot Locker offer an internship?

Yes! College students and recent graduates who are interested in the retail industry can get an internship at Foot Locker. The company provides hands-on training and development opportunities for students.

2- Can I get a part-time job at Foot Locker?

Yes! Foot Locker has provided flexible work opportunities in the past in the form of full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs.

3- Can I get a discount on clearance items?

Yes! At Foot Locker, you can avail of your 30% employee discount on sale & clearance merchandise.

4- Do Foot Locker employees get 50% off?

There is always a 30% discount available to employees with a 50% available on special occasions in Foot Locker employee discount. (a few times per year).

Alternate Stores That Offer Employee Discounts

Apart from Foot Locker, other similar stores offer employee discounts as well. We offer their guide as well, check them out and learn more:

  • Nike
  • Lululemon
  • Macy’s


Use the employee discount to grab up to 30% savings on your purchase. If you are working at the company then take advantage of this exclusive Foot Locker employee discount. Also, get amazing deals and discounts on rental cars and hotel rooms. The benefits will surely help you gain the best health care plans. Save while shopping for your favorites in-store or online.

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