GameStop Employee Discount For Your Ultimate Guide To Save Big

GameStop Corp is an electronics retail company that specializes in the gaming industry services. Apart from just offering robust consoles that are designed for a dynamic game-playing experience, GameStop takes the special privilege of providing exceptional GameStop employee discount enhancing the value of being employed at GameStop. In this article, we will discuss the eligibility, exemptions, benefits, and many more things at GameStop.

GameStop Employee Discount Policy

At retail stores employees receive a 10% discount on games and a 25% discount on clothing and accessories, with the specific percentage of the discount varying depending on the employee’s position. The GameStop employee discount is exclusive to store staff and can be used for both purchasing and renting games. Also, it’s important to note that you cannot combine your employee discount with any other special offers.

GameStop Employee Discount
Online & In-store
Discount Rate
Eligible Products/Service
Selected Items

Eligibility For GameStop Employee Discount

All GameStop employees are eligible for discounts which include:

  • Store Managers
  • Sales associate
  • Full-time store employees 
  • Part-time store employees

GameStop employee discount can make a discounted purchase on Gaming consoles and video games, and they can rent games for free for 48 hours, and after that, they can renew them again. Remember Discount does not apply to new gaming merchandise and if a store has limited stock of a particular item. 

How To Avail Your GameStop Employee Discount?

In most cases, above all you need to purchase items through the store to get an employee discount but, if you want to buy merchandise online on their official website using your Employee discount then, you need to call helpdesk services and they will create a personal account for you using your employee information, and then you can make your purchase at a discounted price.

For GameStop affiliate discounts at various companies, you can refer to Gamestop. and retrieve company code and website address, and by using your employee ID, you can avail of other discounts.

What Items Are Eligible For Employee Discount?

As one of the leading gaming merchandise retailers, GameStop provides its employees with a diverse range of discounts. The following is a comprehensive list of items eligible for the GameStop employee discount:

  • Gaming Merchandise
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Auto
  • Entertainment
  • Computers
  • Apartment in Dallas Fortworth Metropolitan area
  • Wireless
  • Fitness & Workout

Apart from GameStop, there are other international brands that also offers employee discount. Here are our guides on some other popular stores and their employee discount policy: Target, Amazon, Best Buy.

Are Any Items Exempted From Employee Discount?

Yes, while GameStop discount apply to all product categories, there are certain exceptions where the discount cannot be applied. The following products and offers are not eligible for the GameStop employee discount:

  • Newly released items
  • Specifically, the discount does not apply to recently launched gaming merchandise.
  • The discount is not valid for brand-new gaming consoles.
  • Regular employees do not receive free games as part of this discount.

Note: Only GameStop store managers have the privilege of renting video games and downloading games at no cost.

What Are The Employee Benefits At GameStop?

The employee benefits and perks scheme is introduced in the company to ensure that all employees are happy and healthy. These benefits encourage employees to stay loyal to the policy of the company. So let’s see all the perks GameStop employee discount that are highlighted below:

Paid Time Off:

  • Vacation Paid Time Off – Up to 18 days per year of vacation is available
  • Paid Holidays for Christmas, Easter, New Year, and 4th of July holidays
  • Sick Days: Six sick days/year

Health Wellness:

  • Maternity Leave: Two weeks before birth maternity leave and additionally four weeks after birth maternity leave
  • Three weeks of paid Paternity Leave

Financial Benefits:

  • Matching program that matches 75% of employees’ contributions
  • GameStop 401(K) Plan- Matches 100% for the first 3% plus 50% for the next 2%

Employee perks:

  • 15% discount on all products
  • 25% discount on all apparel
  • Employee Assistance Program: ‘GamerFund’ plan to help employees in cases of difficulty or loss
  • Mobile Phone Discount: 50% off on ATT
  • Game Checkout: Employees can borrow any game and take it home for up to three days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- How long do I have to work to qualify for GameStop employee discount?

1 week. You need to be employed by GameStop for at least 1-week before you become eligible for their employee discount.

2- Do both part-time and full-time employees qualify?

Yes. Both full and part-time workers can score the discount. But full-time workers (especially managers) get quite a few “free stuff” perks than lowly part-timers. More on this later.

3- Are my family members or spouse eligible?

Yes. With many companies, only the employee can get the employee discount. But with GameStop, they’ll also give the discount to “immediate” household family members. This includes spouses and children as long as they live under the same roof.

4- Who is eligible to get free games at GameStop?

Managers of the store get free stuff from downloading and renting video games to other things.


Above all as an employee in the retail gaming store, you have the opportunity to utilize the GameStop employee discount. Prior to applying your discounts, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the process and any restrictions in place. These benefits and perks not only enhance your role within the store but also enable you to access diverse discounts, making it convenient to shop for both yourself and your friends and family.

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