Guitar Center Employee Discount | Exclusive Benefits To Rock Your Savings

Guitar Center is an American musical instrument retailer chain. It is the largest company of its kind in the United States. If you are planning to join Guitar Center or are a current employee, then you should be aware of the Guitar Center employee discount.

In this guide, we will help you to know about all the benefits, eligibility, restrictions, and many more. We will guide you through the complete process. and the terms and conditions of the program.

Guitar Center Employee Discount Policy

The employee discount at Guitar Center allows employees to purchase select instruments and gear at a discounted price of about 10% above Guitar Center’s cost. This discount is valid for part-time and full-time employees.

Additionally, the manufacturers also provide discounts to the employees who are working at Guitar Center. Make sure you have your employee ID when you claim your discount either online or in-store.

Guitar Employee Discount
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Types of Guitar Center Employee Discount

There are two types of discounts that Guitar Center provides its current employees. All part-time and full-time employees are eligible to use the discount. Following are the two types of discounts the associates can claim while shopping:

  1. Store merchandise which gives 10% off on all types of instruments the company
  2. Discount offered by a group of manufacturers on selected instruments and brands under Guitar Center employee discount.

Who is Eligible for Employee Discount?

Guitar Center employee discount is eligible for all employees working in the company. It can be claimed by the employees for themselves as well as on behalf of their family members.

Family members cannot claim the discount and the associates also cannot make a purchase in place of them. Make sure you have your employee identity to avail of the discount.

Restrictions For Guitar Center Employee Discount

There are some restrictions that employees have to follow while claiming an employee discount. These restrictions are as follows:

  • To make a purchase with your employee discount, the store’s district manager will need to approve it. The store manager or district manager will then place the order for you.
  • Employees cannot use their Guitar Center employee discount to simply shop in stores or online.
  • Some brands and items specifically, clearance items are not eligible for the employee discount. Additionally, employee discounts cannot be extended to friends or family.

Additional Benefits for Employees

The employee discount is one of the many benefits that the company provides its associates. Other than Guitar Center employee discount, the employee portal shows all benefits and is the most helpful for the workers. To know which other perks Guitar Center presents, go through the following points.

  • GAIN program discount is a program in which Guitar Center partners with manufacturers and provides various discounts
  • Parenting Time off to all the employees of the company
  • Casual dressing and paid time off when sick
  • Dental, vision, life as well and health insurance for all associates
  • Certainly, flexible working hours for both part & full-time employees

What is Gain Program Discount?

Guitar Center also partners with a group of manufacturers to offer discounts to employees through its GAIN Program. GAIN Progam discounts on select merchandise are often below cost exceeding the employee discount. You’ll need to work directly with the manufacturer to complete your purchase, and your supervisor will be able to provide additional details.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you get a discount at Guitar Center?

Guitar Center has an annual sales that endure regularly and provide caps of up to half on guitars, amps, frills, and multiple products.

2. Can I get discount on gear and instruments?

Yes! you can get an employee discount on gear and instruments.

3. Do manufacturers provide discounts on all items?

No! manufacturers provide employee discounts on selected products only.

4. Does Guitar Center give discounts on low-cost products?

Yes! Guitar Center indeed gives discounts on some of the brand's products at a low cost.

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To Conclude

Now since you know all about employee discounts, how it works, and where is it eligible. You can take advantage of the benefits of the Guitar Center employee discount and start shopping. Save money for yourself and buy efficiently. Always carry your employee ID to avail the discounts. In case of any queries or help contact your store manager or customer care service. Necessarily follow the restrictions and conditions of the company.

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