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Pacific Sunwear of California, is an American retail clothing brand. The company sells lifestyle apparel, along with swimwear, footwear, and accessories designed for teens and young adults. PacSun provides unique benefits to employees, who can claim them in various ways with Pacsun employee discount.

In this guide, let us know about how to use the discount, its eligibility, guidelines, and many more. With our guide play one smart way and save more on your purchases.

What is Pacsun Employee Discount?

Whether you are a part-time or a full-time associate, the Pacsun employee discount is eligible for both to claim the discount. Not only this their family members can also claim them in-store, online, or in all outlets.

The following discounts are available to employees and their families at all physical locations and at any time with Pacsun employee discounts.

  • For regular products, 30% off.
  • Any PACSUN Kids stuff, and 20% off everything else.

Certainly, PacSun’s employee sales are exclusive to all working associates, where you’ll get 50% off on all merchandise 5 times a month.

Pacsun Employee Discount
Online, In-store & Outlets
Discount Rate
Eligible Products/Service
All Items

*Note: 20% for Kids, 30% on regular merchandise, and 50% on sales.

Eligibility To Use Employee Discount

All employees who work for the company full-time as well as part-time are eligible to use the Pacsun employee discount. No matter the employment status, even if the part-time employees who put in between 20 and 29 hours per week are qualified for the full range of benefits.

Not only employees but also their direct family members and spouses can claim it. At Pacific Sunwear Store LLC, PSEV employees, seasonal, and limited part-time workers can also avail of the discount. Consequently, there are some exclusions as vendors, agency temps and contractors are not allowed to use the discount at Pacsun.

What Items Are Eligible For Pacsun Employee Discount?

All the products and merchandise are eligible to claim a discount. Employees can buy any merchandise from the store and get 50% off on any of their purchases. You can only use it five times per month.

Regular-priced merchandise products have 30% off and kids’ brands have 20% off. Employees can shop the merchandise for themselves and on behalf of their family members as well with Pacsun employee discount.

In case of any help or queries always connect with customer service.

Can I Avail My Employee Discount In-store?

As a company policy associates get a 50% Pacsun employee discount in-store. They can buy any desired product at half price from the nearest stores and can claim it five times a month.

Apart from Pacsun, there are other brands also that offer employee discounts. Brands like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and Lululemon. So, if you are looking for similar stores check them out.

Rules To Claim Employee Discount At Pacsun

There are certain guidelines that you must follow and know before you claim your employee discount. Following is the list of rules that are included in the guideline for Pacsun employee discount.

  • The discount rate can be changed anytime a year as per the company’s reserve rights.
  • Seasonal promotions can be extended to the employees working in the company.
  • Pacsun can also remove or add some products on which you either can or cannot use the discount.
  • You must adhere to the rules mentioned in the policy as a responsible associate of the company

Where Can I Claim Pacsun Employee Discount?

Certainly, you can use the discount on the official website, in-store, and in outlets of Pacsun. You can visit the nearest store and request a discount if you are a current part-time or full-time employee in the company.

Following are some of the conditions for online and in-store purchases that you should know before you claim your employee discount.


  • Find the employee code before claiming your discount.
  • Use a valid email address for checkout after the purchase.
  • Before releasing the orders the employee’s email address should be validated by 3rd party agency.
  • The company has full rights to cancel your order if your email address is not valid.


  • Make sure to carry your employee discount card with your employee ID before using your Pacsun employee discount
  • All part-time & full-time employees have their own profiles set up to claim the discount
  • You must ensure that the discount rates are applied by the cashier on the products.
  • To avail of the employee discount make sure to accompany your family while shopping.

Note: The 50% discount that the employees get five times per month is only available for current employees. Family members cannot claim that discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much discount do associates get in stores?

Associates get a 50% Pacsun employee discount in-store. They can buy any desired product at half price from the nearest stores.

2. Can I return a product as an employee?

Yes, process your Pacsun return within 30 days from your purchase date and get a refund.

3. Is 50% discount available for friends & family?

No, only the employee can claim 50% discount on the purchase.

4. Can I use employee discount on all brand products?

Yes! employee discount is available on all brands at Pacsun.

To Conclude

Typical other benefits offered to employees include overtime payoff, medical & health insurance, and financial benefits. The fact that every employee of PacSun and its subsidiary receives a full range of perks makes the businesses even more extraordinary. They will be qualified for Pacsun employee discount as long as they are employed, regardless of whether they work in front- or back-office positions like inventory or accounting, full- or part-time.

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