Honda Military Discount | Appreciation Offers for Military And Veterans

Honda is one of the largest automobile producers in the world, and the largest motorcycle manufacturer. The manufacturer is known for its internal combustion engines with over 14 million produced each year. Despite being a Japanese company, They have many discounts like Honda military discount exclusively for members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

With the military discount, you can shop for a new motorcycle, automobile, or power equipment. This guide has all the details about the veterans discount and military discount; including eligible members, restrictions, and much more.

Honda Military Discount Policy

In appreciation of the military, Honda offers a $500 discount to qualifying individuals to put toward a 2022 or newer Honda model when financed through Honda Financial Services. Honda salutes all branches of the U.S. Military. Therefore, the Honda military discount is available for all the Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines, National Guard, and Coast Guard. Furthermore, the discount is available to spouses of the military.

This discount is also good for leases, in case you’re someone who looks forward to driving the latest and greatest every few years. Furthermore, the offer can be combined with other special promotions currently running through Honda. So once you apply for a new car loan or lease, Honda will deposit $500 toward the down payment.

Eligibility for Honda Military Discount

The Honda Military Appreciation Offer casts a wide net. The following people are eligible for this discount:

  • U.S. Military Active Duty: Includes Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Coast Guard and Active Reserve, and their spouses
  • U.S. Military Ready Reserve, Retirees, and their spouses
  • U.S. Military Veterans and their spouses within one year of separation from active service

All you need is your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) as proof of military status. Spouses should provide Military ID and their partner’s LES to avail of Honda military discount.

Are There Any Restrictions at Honda for Veterans?

Yes, the official policy states that veterans and their spouses can only avail of Honda military discount within the first year of their separation from the service. In case of any queries contact the Honda help center.

Documents Required for Honda Military Discount

You can prove your military status and credit approval from Honda in two ways:

  1. If you are on active duty you can provide Honda with a Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) as proof of military status.
  2. Spouses can provide a military ID or spouse LES for verification.
  3. Veterans who present a DD Form 214 need to remain mindful that Honda will only honor the military discount if they are less than a year removed from service.

Note: The offer is only valid as long as your credit is approved for a new car loan or lease. Standard procedures apply. The only condition is that you must finance or lease the vehicle through Honda Financial Services.

What Other Stores Offer Military Discounts?

When it comes to getting bigger deals and offers, Honda is not the only place offering a military discount. All military personnel can take advantage of the special pricing at different stores as well. We have listed out some of the full guides below for which you can check the whole military discount policy.

To Conclude

Now you know how you can take advantage of a Honda military discount if you are a military personnel. Just make sure to keep your military ID handy and all the documents required for quick approval and hassle-free discounts for a better experience. However, don’t forget to check your eligibility and restrictions.

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