Indiana Business Entity Search | Guide To Choose The Perfect Name For LLC & Corporation

The foremost part of all businesses before filing their name with the state is to search for the availability of the desired name. Indiana business entity search is a comprehensive solution to check the availability of the name. To know about the up-to-date information about the entities in the state, you have to visit the Indiana SOS website. Let’s talk about how the process works and likewise, you can select a name.

What is Indiana Business Entity Search?

Indiana business entity search is a search string that will help you check the availability of names. It provides information about all the businesses registered in the state. Certainly, the site stores the data about all the types of businesses in the state of Indiana. Indiana secretary of state has strictly announced that all the business must file their existence on the list. To do so all the entities sign several forms and pay a desired amount of fee compulsorily to SOS.

The business entity search is taken out on the official site of the secretary of state. The division maintains records of all the entities in the state. Hence, they can pull out the records anytime they want if any legal issues take place.

Indiana business entity search SOS

Indiana LLC Naming Guide

Although, you have a list of your desired name ready you have to go through the following guidelines. Despite the availability of the name, you have to add some phrases.

  • The name should compulsorily contain Limited Liability Company or its abbreviations
  • Your desired name should strictly be out of all legal activities
  • Not even a single word of your name should refer itself as a government entity
  • Avoid using University, Attorney or Agency at the back of your name

Indiana Corporation Naming Guide

While you set up a corporate business in the state, it is necessary to form the name first. In doing so you have to necessarily follow the Indiana corporation naming guide. The guide includes all the naming rules which are indeed important to follow.

  • The business name should have Limited Liability Corporation at the end
  • Instead of the phrase, a name can also add corp, corporation or incorporation with its name
  • The business cannot represent itself as a part of any government agency
  • The name has to compulsorily avoid involving in illegal activities

Indiana Business Entity Search Method

The Indiana SOS website guides you to INBiz. It is a proven one-stop source for Indiana business entity search. There are several ways to search for the availability of names. Let us inform you about the methods through which you can check the availability of your desired name.

1. Search by business name: You can enter the name in the search bar to check the availability. It is the most common method that people prefer to use.

2. Check by business ID: Every business registered with the state owns a business ID. By entering the business ID you can know about the availability of the entity name.

3. Search by filling number: The secretary of state provide a filing number to every business. That filling number is given to every existing entity in the state. You can search by entering a filling number in the search bar.

4. Check through registered agent name: Every formal business has a registered agent by law. They are the ones who represent the business. You can check the availability through the registered agent name.

5. Search through Incorporating or Governing person name: The person who owns the business gets listed by the state. You can check the availability of the name through it.

Indiana business entity search

Advanced Methods to do Indiana Business Entity Search

Besides the simple methods which businesses follow, there are some advanced ways as well. Those advanced methods for Indiana business entity search are given below.

  • Search by Type: You can search the name by selecting the type of business.
  • Search by Status: You will be able to search by the current status of your businesses.
  • Name Type Search: You can check the availability of a name by selecting the type of name a business has. 

Indiana business entity advance search

Indiana Business Entity Search Process

Furthermore, to name and register your LLC/corporation in Indiana go through the following process. It will help you choose your business name.

1. List out your desired names: Make a list of names you wish to set up for your business. The purpose of the list is to have backup names.

2. Conduct Indian Name Search: Before naming your business, you have to perform an Indiana name search. The INBiz website will help you carry out the search.

3. Check the Results: Go through the results and avoid using existing names.

4. Reserve your LLC/corporation name: Although the name you desire is available, you have to reserve it. You have to compulsorily pay a $20 filing fee. The name will be reserved for 120 days. As soon as the time limit finishes, the name has to get renewed.

5. Register your business with SOS: As soon as you get your desired name, you have to register the business. Every business has to enlist itself with SOS.

Consider Other Things While Doing Indiana Business Entity Search

While you perform the business entity search there are other considerations as well. In context to the name search, list down the following points.


1. Choose a Domain name: Make your business visibility active online. Instead of enlisting new names for a domain, use your business name. The URL will help to set up a secure business name that no one will be able to acquire in future.

2. Get a Trademark: The trademark is a legal authorization on the name. Check the availability of the trademark on your reserved name.

3. Social Media Presence: The modern era lures social media presence. Check the availability of the desired name on social media. It will help you claim the name on social platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I look for Indiana business information?

You can easily visit the INBiz website to check out the information about the businesses in Indiana.

2. What is a certificate of good standing?

The certificate of good standing is a document that shows your business is in good standing in the state.

3. How to file an assumed LLC/Corporation name?

You to visit the INBiz website and file Assumed Name while logging in to your account.

4. Where can I register the sole proprietorship?

You can register a sole proprietorship with the county recorder of your state.

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