Lowe’s Return Policy | A Detailed Overview To Check Return Eligibility & Exceptions

Does your Lowe’s product not fulfill its purpose? Perhaps your sewing machine is not working right or of a different caliber. Then, make use of Lowe’s return policy to get the product you deserve. 

Lowe’s as a hardware retailer has its arms in different kinds of products that serve diverse functions. As a result, its return policy is devised to help consumers securely return or exchange their products. Read further to see if your items are eligible for returns.

What is Lowe’s Return Policy?  

As per Lowe’s return policy regulations, products that are new and relatively unused can be returned for a refund or exchanged within 90 days with a valid receipt. Moreover, this return can be executed in-store or online.

Get in touch with helpers at Lowe’s at 1-800-445-6937 to return your product with relative ease.

Lowe's Return Policy
Return Window
90 Days
Return Method
Online & In-store
Contact Info.
Official Website

How Can I Return My Lowe’s Product?

To begin with, Lowe’s offers a consumer-friendly return policy. Further, it has prescribed alternative methods to return your product. 

  • In-store return
  • Online return

So, Lowes return policy has some firm conditions that should not be violated for a successful return.

Lowe’s Return Policy In-store

Lowe’s advises to check your product for defects before purchase. You cannot return an item from a specific store, at a different Lowe’s store. Receipt is necessary for error-free returns. Take note of the following steps.

  1. Bring your product to a nearby Lowe’s store.
  2. Head to the customer service desk.
  3. Show proof of purchase(receipt) and a valid picture ID.

Lowe's return policy

Online Returns Are The Way Forward

Lowe’s return policy offers online services for the return of products bought from Lowe’s.com. You can return as many items as you want unless they defy the basic terms of the return policy. Follow these steps to avoid any hindrances.

  1. Log in to your Lowe’s account.
  2. Get your return barcode from Order Details.
  3. Box up the product in question along with manuals.
  4. Put the return slip inside the box and affix a shipping label outside.
  5. Ship it off!

In addition, Lowe’s offers free return parcels for eligible products. Note that if you there are multiple return barcodes, stick them appropriately on their corresponding boxes. You can schedule a pick-up or drop the parcel off at a carrier. 

Low’s Return Policy Without Receipts

Firstly, return applications without a legitimate receipt could work with In-store credit. But this might vary depending on the assessment of the product. Thus, a valid picture ID proof (state driver’s license, state ID card, or military ID) is necessary for such transactions.

Secondly, all hope is not lost as receipts can be retrieved using phone numbers, original credit card information, or MyLowe’s Card.

Lowe’s Return Policy Exceptions

Although most of the items are applicable for a return, some are not. Knowing about such items will help you take precautions in decision-making.

48-Hour Return Policy Products

Major appliances purchased at Lowe’s are subject to a short 48-hour window for getting a full refund as per Lowe’s return policy guidelines. So, a few products that are a part of this exception are : 

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Dryers
  • Ranges 
  • Dishwashers
  • Wall ovens]
  • Dryer pedestals

Lowe’s 30-Day Return Policy Criteria

If your purchased goods fall under this category, you might not have plenty of time to decide whether you want to return your product. Therefore, check if your product is one of these by the list below.

  • Air conditioner 
  • Highway trailers 
  • Television set
  • Paint
  • Outdoor power equipment such as mowers, snow throwers, log splitters, etc.
  • Water heaters

Undisputable Return Exceptions

You should learn about items that are non-returnable even if you come to return the same day. They include collectibles, digital downloads, personalized items, and opened airbags. Also, if airbags are unopened, you can exchange them for a different one.

Lowe's Kobalt Outdoor Power Equipment Design - Priority Designs

Non-Refundable Lowe’s Items

Certain items are non-refundable, according to Lowe’s return policy and there is no loophole to return them. So, No refund is available for items such as farm labor and shipping charges to gift and third-party cards. This includes items issued for safety.

Lowe’s Holiday Return Policy

Many times we find ourselves unsatisfied with our holiday shopping. Lowe’s recognizes this problem and its return policy seeks to help us overcome it.

 Holiday items are to be returned on or before the day of the holiday. For instance, during Christmas, you can return your purchases by the final date of 31 December. Items sold after the day of the holiday are considered final sales.

Lowe’s Return Policy Card Benefits

You heard it right, Lowe’s offers a 365-day return period for any items purchased with a Lowe-backed credit card. This incentive encapsulates the following cards.

  •  Lowe’s Commercial Account (LCA)
  •  Lowe’s Business Advantage (LBA)
  •  Lowe’s Business Advantage (LBA)
  •  Lowe’s Advantage Card (LAC)
  •  Lowe’s Business Rewards (LBR)

This advantage is not only for cards. It also comprises trees, shrubs, and perennial plants. However, other dictates of the return policy remain the same.

Lowe's Credit Cards & Lease to Own Program: Which One Is Right For You?

You might want to read about Lowe’s Military and Employee Discount. Because it can significantly help active and retiree members of the military as well as its store members.

Lowe’s Special Order Configured Products Policy

Such products returned or canceled after 72 hours from purchase are levied with a 20% restocking fee. This fee will incur taxes in selected states. This restocking fee applies to installed sales only if provided in your installation contract or the right to cancel.

Get Help For Defective Items

Lowe’s return policy has a special hotline, 1-888-77-56937, which you can call to ask for general assistance to administer your product or to book a factory-certified service appointment.

If the warranty kicks in for the repair, it will charge no cost to the complainant. On the other hand, if the warranty fails to cover the repair, the consumer might have to pay from his pocket.

Lowe’s Rentals – Test it Out

If you are a bit gun-shy about buying new tools that can help you rebuild your home then you can try renting it from Lowe’s. The number of days exceeding the agreed-upon date requires full-day rental fees each. Lastly, there is no warranty provided for such items.

Lowe’s Exchange Policy

To exchange Lowe’s products, you can refer to the terms of its return policy. Within 90 days you must bring your product to the store and if it is eligible it will be exchanged for a similar item. The store will only be able to help you if the desired item is in stock. 

It is important to note that sale items at Lowe’s may contain cosmetic or previous damage. So, the store might not take your product up for exchange. Look to Lowe’s return policy exceptions which also apply to exchanges.

Lowe's Exchange Policy
Exchange Window
Exchange Method
Online & In-Store

Lowe’s Refund Policy

The refunds are issued in the original mode of payment at the time of purchase. It may take 10-15 business days to appear in your account. Additionally, shipping costs are not a part of the refunds for any of the items. It may take longer depending on your bank’s processing time.

For purchases made with merchandise cards, gift cards, or in-store credit, the refund will be given as In-store credit. Check-driven purchases will be refunded with In-store credit if within 3 days of purchase. If it exceeds this time limit it may be refunded as cash.

Lowe's Refund Policy
Refund Period
Up to 10-15 Business Days
Refund Method
Original Mode of Payment

Check Your Refund Status   

In order to do this, you need to call them at  1-800-445-6937 for updates. If the refund was done through mail, you may log in to your Lowe’s account and check your status there.

For store purchases, make sure to provide your mobile number to the staff. Also, refunds require a valid picture ID for proof.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can you return lost Gift Cards?

Yes, but the original receipt is required. Following this, a new card with the remaining balance will be reissued.

2. Can I return lithium batteries through email?

No, due to its flammable nature, Lowe's prohibits the return of such products through the mail. Instead you can use Instore return.

3. How long do I have to replace my plant?

For plants, Lowe’s offers a 90-day window to replace your product or get a refund for the same. This does not include annual or clearance plants. It will smoothen the process if you bring along the original container.

4. Can I get a cash refund for orders bought with Lowe’s pay?

No, you will not get cash for purchases made with Lowe’s pay. The credit will be simply transferred back to the financing institution, which will take care of the refund process.

Overall Takeaway 

Lowe’s return policy has one goal. That is to reduce the troubles faced by you while implementing changes around your home. So, its slightly long return policy helps respond to your various queries professionally. Most of the products have a return window of 90 days.

We hope this article was useful to you. You might want to take a look at the return policies of other major establishments like Ikea returns or Shein returns.

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