New Jersey Registered Agent Guide To Appoint For LLC/Corporation

New Jersey provides access to large entrepreneurs to big places like Boston, Philadelphia, and New York. It is a great place to do business and start an LLC/corporation. Once you start your business in the state, by law you’ll need a New Jersey registered agent. The reason for appointing a registered agent and all the pros & cons are mentioned in this post. Let’s discuss the same in detail.

What is a New Jersey Registered Agent?

A registered agent is someone who handles all the legal documents and official notices. A New Jersey registered agent is lawfully needed for every formal business. You can appoint them with the cost of between $50 to $300/year. They are responsible to represent the business in the state. An agent is the one who notifies the owner about all the legal notices.

They see through all the lawsuit services and corporation notices of the business. Undoubtedly they receive all the business-related government notices and solve LLC/corporations’ legal issues. To know more about why they prove to be an important asset of a business. Check out the reasons given below.

Why is it Mandatory to have NJ Registered Agent?

To legally apply your documents of formation, you need a New Jersey registered agent. Once you appoint a registered agent, you will have to record it with the New Jersey secretary of state.

As long as your business has a registered agent, you’ll have a reliable source that will help you expand your business. Following are the reasons why a registered agent is mandatory for LLC/corporation.

  • Represent the business legally
  • They maintain the credit and reputation of your business
  • Receives all lawsuit service of process
  • Certainly becomes a communication thread between LLC members and the state
  • Unquestionable work to avoid future litigations
  • Remarkably responds to all legal notices on time

Can I be my own Registered Agent?

Yes! you can surely be a New Jersey registered agent for your formal business. You have to be above the age of 18 years and have a street address of New Jersey. Your business will probably have benefits & save some bucks.

But, there are certainly many drawbacks to being your own registered agent. The following points contain the risks of you being your own New Jersey registered agent.

Risks of appointing yourself as a registered agent

  • If you are not available during business hours, your business can face legal issues
  • You won’t be able to conduct business outside the state
  • Once you do not respond to the government notices, your LLC/corporation will face lawsuit problems
  • You should be able to represent the firm when and where it is necessary for the state
  • You might face the embarrassment of getting legal notices on your personal address

Note: You can definitely change your registered agent if you are not satisfied enough with their services. You only have to fill up a form and submit it to New Jersey SOS.

What Can I Expect From A Registered Agent?

New Jersey registered agent is a business identity that represents the business in the state. They are the official point of contact on behalf of the business. While appointing an agent, make sure they fulfill the following expectations.

  • Represent your business with New Jersey SOS
  • Register the firm with the secretary of state
  • Maintain New Jersey DBA in case of business expansion
  • Proves to be a reliable source for your organization
  • Necessarily have a responsible nature to maintain your business reputation
  • Go through all legal notices and official notes
  • A flexible to be available during all business hours
  • Always keep the company in good standing

Who Can be my New Jersey Registered Agent?

The business that you will set up in the state will compulsorily need a registered agent. To do so you have to appoint a trustworthy candidate. You can appoint yourself as well to be a New Jersey registered agent of your firm. But, it surely contains many risks as we mentioned above. Apart from that, you can select your friend or family member or even a third-party candidate for the position.

Measures to Appoint an NJ Registered Agent

New jersey registered agent rules

Indeed, there is a certain legal requirement that a state needs in terms of appointing a registered agent. No matter who you appoint to be a New Jersey registered agent unless they meet the following rules.

  • They must have a street residential address in terms of getting hired
  • They must be available during all business hours
  • An unquestionable quick response to legal and official notices
  • The candidate must be above the age of 18 years

How to Appoint a Registered Agent in New Jersey?

While appointing a New Jersey registered agent, make sure you enroll the details of their existence to the New Jersey SOS. For doing so you have to feel a “certificate of formation”. The formation document is necessary for every LLC/corporation.

Once you register your business with the New Jersey SOS, your entity will be legally a part of the state. The New Jersey certificate of formation will be completely filled with the information of the appointed registered agent. You can appoint them by filling out the form online or via mail.

NJ registered agent

1. Online: When you visit the website of New Jersey SOS, in a dropdown box you will find a section called New Jersey domestic LLC. You have to fill the box with your business name.

2. Via Mail: You can access the certificate of formation from the website, download it, and then fill in the complete information. You can mail it to a designated place.

Do I Need a Consent of a Registered Agent?

Yes! you certainly need the consent of a candidate that you are appointing. A consent form is a necessity to fill out to file it in a record for future reference. Candidates can fill out the form online or download it with their signature by accepting the position.

How to Get a Free Registered Agent For NJ LLC/Corporation?

There’s always another option when you start something new. In the same way, you have another option of appointing a free New Jersey registered agent. Different LLC services provide formal business different services with the surety of a free registered agent. They look after all official and legal paperwork of the business along with a certificate of formation. The services cost a bit but the help they provide to your business is cost-effective. If you are looking forward to filing an LLC in New Jersey then refer to its easy guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can be a registered agent in New Jersey?

Any employee, owner of a business or third party can be a registered agent in New Jersey.

2. Is P.O box of a registered agent in New Jersey sufficient?

A physical address of your registered agent in New Jersey is required. P.O. box is not sufficient.

3. What is beneficial, an LLC or a sole proprietorship?

To protect your assets as a small business owner, an LLC proves to be beneficial.

4. How can I change different articles of an LLC in New Jersey?

To change different articles like a registered agent or a business name, you have to fill out the Business Amendment Filling form.

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