New Mexico Business Entity Search – Naming Guide For Your LLC/Corporation in NM

When a business owner decides to form an LLC in New Mexico, the initial step is to see up a name for it. When you perform a business entity search in the state the most demanding thing is to check the name availability. But, we have mentioned the steps and rules that you can follow while doing a New Mexico business entity search. Go through this article to know in detail about how you choose a unique name for your business.

Why Do New Mexico Business Entity Search?

To avoid using the same as or similar to the existing names for your LLC/Corporation in the state you must perform a New Mexico business entity search. It will help you choose a non-existing name from the ones which are already been registered with the state.

Any business entity in the New Mexico has to compulsorily register their existence with the state to operate officially and carry out legal businesses in the state. You can reserve the business name in the state with SOS until you are not sure about it. The methods and process of conducting a search will help you check the name availability in the state.

New Mexico LLC Naming Guide

You have to meet the naming guidelines while you conduct a New Mexico LLC search to check the name availability. The guide includes

  • Use an appropriate ending of your name like Limited Liability Company
  • Strictly ignore using restricted words
  • Take the approval of the SOS while using specific words at the end of your business name
  • Do not present your company as a legal firm

New Mexico Corporation Naming Guide

When you perform a New Mexico corporation search, make sure all the points mentioned below are met. They are the requirements of the state for a new corporation that is formed.

  • Make sure the name of your business ends with corporation, incorporation, or corp
  • Do not present your business as illegal
  • Avoid using restricted words at the end of your business name
  • You must choose a unique name for your corporation in NM

New Mexico Business Entity Search Methods

One of the most erotic jobs is to check whether your desired name is existing or not. You can do the same by using the simple methods that we have listed down. You can choose one of the four methods to name your LLC/Corporation in the state of New Mexico.

1. Entity Name: As soon as you enter the desired name of your business in the box, it will show you whether the name is available for your business or not. The state will have all the running entities’ information registered with it.

2. DBA Name: DBA means “doing business as”. Any business in the state can opt for an alternate name and run the business under it. You can conduct your search if you know the DBA of a business.

3. Business ID: EVery legal business which operates in the state has an ID that the state provides at the time of formation. You can search by the business ID of a company or corporation.

4. Reservation Number: Once the business is registered in the state, the New Mexico SOS provides the registration or reservation number to that business. You can search by that as well.


Process For New Mexico Business Entity Search

When you know that the name you picked successfully meets all the requirements of naming guidelines, know the process about how you can perform a New Mexico business entity search.

1. Name List: Make a list of names to search if they are available or not. Make sure you have extra names in the list so you can check the name availability of more than one name.

2. Perform NM Business Entity Search: After listing out the names, do a New Mexico business entity search on the official website of NM SOS.

3. Results: When you search for the results, it will show you if any entity on that specific name exists or not in the state.

4. Reserve the name: If you are unsure about the name that you have picked for your LLC/corporation then you can reserve your LLC name for 120 days. You only have to pay $25 to reserve your business name.

5. Register your LLC/Corporation: Once you finalize the name for your business in the state, register it with the New Mexico SOS. It will secure your business and no one will be able to claim it.

Other Considerations While Choosing Entity Name

As long as you are forming an LLC and it is not yet started to operate in the state you will have to take advantage of securing it. Once the New Mexico business entity search is completed you will have to take other points into consideration to secure your business.


1. Trademark Search: Claiming a trademark on your business name will help you secure the name that no one else will be able to take it. You can search for the availability of a trademark on the official site of USPTO and select New Mexico to check.

2. Claim a Domain Name: Start a website on the same as your business and claim the URL. Try to get the same or similar name for your domain. It will secure the name online from other users.

3. Social Media Search: Visit all social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to check the name availability. Many businesses which can are not legally formed but do social marketing. So it is necessary you check the availability online as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which words are restricted to use for LLC/Corporation?

Words like FBI, Treasury, and Department are restricted by the government.

2. How to file a reservation form to reserve a business name in NM?

You can only mail the form of reservation of name in New Mexico and file it with $20 filing fees.

3. For how many days does my business name be reserved in NM?

For 120 das the SOS will reserve the name of your LLC/Corporation. An additional fee is expected if you want to extend the time limit of name reservation.

4. What to after business entity search in New Mexico?

After you do a business entity search, make sure to register your business, claim a trademark, get a domain name, and search the name availability on social media platforms.

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