North Carolina Business Entity Search | 5 Steps To Name Your LLC in NC

The right name for a business is crucial. The first step towards forming your LLC in North Carolina is to conduct a North Carolina business entity search. The SOS website has detailed information and we will guide you on how to access that and choose your business name. The NC name search will enable you to move your process faster and there are some other considerations as well.

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Why do a North Carolina Business Entity Search?

To come up with the best possible name for your business, a North Carolina business entity search is necessary. The name should be such that it matches your vision and the product or services you sell. It should also be easy to remember for your target audience. Avoid using any existing names or similar to existing names. A business name that is dissolved can only be used with the permission of the secretary of state.

North Carolina LLC Naming Guide

Make the process effortless while doing a North Carolina LLC search. Refer to the following points when building a name for an LLC.

  • Add Abbreviations like LLC, L.L.C or the phrase Limited Liability Company at the end of the entity name.
  • The business entity should not be a part of any illegal activities
  • The desired name should not refer to itself as a government agency
  • The name of the business should be unique

North Carolina Corporation Naming Guide

While carrying out the North Carolina corporation search, the following points should be taken into consideration.

  • The name chosen should have corp., corporation or incorporated at the end
  • the business should not represent itself as a government entity
  • No illegal activities should be a part of the name
  • Avoid using existing names for the organisation

Methods to do North Carolina Business Entity Search?

To check the availability of the desired name, visit the North Carolina SOS website. The Secretary of state site allows conducting a North Carolina name search. You can carry out an LLC name search by considering the following steps.

North carolina Business entity search

1. Search by name: Use the online search tool to get relevant information. The site will help you know about business entities in North Carolina. The name availability of your desired name will be shown precisely.

2. Search by registered agent: It costs around $50 to $300 to appoint a registered agent. Register agents are a reliable source. Some of the agents file for different businesses at once. You can get the accurate number of a business by searching with the name of the registered agent.

3. Searching by company official: The search comes in handy when you want to find corporations’ board of directors or LLC members. You can check the availability of the chosen name through searching by company officials.

North Carolina Business Entity Search Process

1. List the names: List out the possible name for the business you are starting. Select a unique identity for your LLC in North Carolina.

2. Do a North Carolina business entity search: Perform a name search process online on the official website of North Carolina SOS.

3. Check results: The business entity search will clarify the results of the availability of your desired name. You can avoid the use of the existing name.

4. Reservation of name: Reserve the name for 120 days by filing $30 to the North Caroline secretary of state. If you are not sure to register your business you can reserve the name for the day’s mention.

5. Register the name: Register the business name with the North Carolina secretary of state to secure it. Registering the name will help you gain legal authority over the name.

Other Considerations Before Choosing a Business Name

North Carolina business entity search allows a new LLC to gain authority in the state. The name search will create a whole new identity for your business. There are other valid points for business entity search which the owner should keep in mind.

1. Trademark search: The desired name might have an advance registration of a trademark. Conduct an online trademark search for your desired name. Trademark plays a vital role if you want to expand your business.


2. Domain name: For safety purposes, an owner should get a domain name. The domain name can be searched through the preferred domain registry. It helps in getting the authority of the business. Try to get your desired name as a domain name.

3. Social media: In this modern era, social media plays a major role and your business should have its presence on social platforms. Check the availability of names on social media platforms. Many businesses have identical names to the one you have. To avoid such cases start checking the entity’s names from reliable sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to appoint a registered agent in North Carolina?

To appoint a registered agent in North Carolina costs around $50 to $300.

2. What are the methods to search availability of names in North Carolina?

There are three types to search to check the name availability online. Search by name, registered agent or by a company official.

3. How much does it cost to reserve a name in North Carolina?

To reserve a name in Noth Carolina, cost $30.

4. How to search for business entity in North Carolina?

Business entity search can done by searching for company type

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