Alabama Business Entity Search | Quick Guide To Choose A Business Names

If you looking to form a business in Alabama, then you must start by choosing the right name for your LLC or Corporation. To search for a legal and valid business name in Alabama, you must do the Alabama business entity search. We will guide you through the process and different methods to help you choose the best name for your business.

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Why does Alabama Business Entity Search?

Alabama business entity search is necessary to check the name availability in the state. To check if your desired name is available or not, visit the Alabama SOS site. Every entity in the state of Alabama has to register its existence with SOS. The official site provides all relevant data for the new business entities. Gather as many names as you are sure of. A chosen name should be unique to create a separate identity for the business.

Alabama LLC Naming Guide

Your business should meet a set of rules before you go for the Alabama LLC search. Failing to do so may trouble your process ahead.

  • The name chosen should not register itself as any government agency in the state
  • The desirable name of the business owner should be an existing one
  • It should contain abbreviations like LLC, L.L.C. or the phrase Limited Liability Company
  • No illegal activity should be followed by the business

Alabama Corporation Naming Guide

Be distinctive while doing an Alabama corporation search. Following are the guidelines for LLC name search

  • The name of the company should include Limited Liability Company or its abbreviations LLC, or L.L.C.
  • No illegal things should be produced by the company
  • The organisation should not refer to itself as any government institution or agency
  • The desired name should be unique

Alabama Business Entity Search Methods

Check the availability of your desired name. Exclude the identifier “LLC” when you check the name. Follow the below-given points on the SOS page to start.

Alabama business entity search

1. Search by entity name: You can search your desired business name by entering the entity name. The results will show all the existing names of entities in the state.

2. Search by entity ID: You need to know the entity ID number for the Alabama business entity search. The business you are searching for must have an ID number. Just enter the number in the box and hit search.

3. Searching by registered agent: The availability of names can be checked by searching for incorporators, officers or registered agents.  You can browse the records by entering the agent’s name or officers’ type.

In addition to the types of search mentioned for Alabama business name search, there are other options as well.

Alabama business name search options

How to do Alabama Business Entity Search?

1. Make a name list: List out all the desired names for the LLC you wish to start in Alabama.

2. Do an Alabama business entity search: Go to the official site of Alabama SOS to perform a business entity search.

3. Check results: While you check the results, avoid using the existing names for your business.

4. Check the results: You can check that availability by entering your reservation ID as well. Check the results and avoid taking the existing names.

5. Reservation of name: You can reserve the name picked for a year by paying $25 processing fees. A foreign entity has to pay $28 processing fees online.

Other Considerations For Your LLC Name

Alabama business entity search helps in maintaining the unique identity of the business. Follow the other considerations mentioned below


1. Trademark search: Make sure that the name you have picked does not have a trademark. The trademark will help you build your business worldwide. Gaining a trademark for your business name helps you get full authority. You can conduct a trademark search online from a preferred site. Alabama name search will help prevent future litigation.

2. Domain name:  Check the availability of your desired domain name. Having a URL that matches your business name helps your potential clients. It gets easy for the customers to differentiate your business. Get the URL for safety purposes as well. An URL for your domain will help gain legal authority.

3. Social media: Ensure that the desired name is available on social media platforms as well. Social media helps your business grow in this modern era. Search your business name on each site to make sure that the name is not taken.

To gain success for your new LLC, naming it is the first step. Follow all the rules and guidance provided in this post to choose the name wisely. Secure your Albama business name by registering it on the Alabama SOS site. Make it easy for your target market to identify you by doing an Alabama business entity search.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How much does it cost to reserve a name in Alabama?

It costs about $25 for a domestic business to reserve the name.

2. How does it cost to reserve a name for foreign business in Alabama?

It costs around $28 to reserve a name for foreign entities.

3. How to conduct a business name search in Alabama?

By any one of three methods like search by entity name, entity ID, or registered agent you can perform a business name search in Alabama.

4. How is a domain name important for your business?

A domain name can help secure your business name by taking a URL that no one can acquire in future.

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