Puma Military Discount | Requirements, Exclusive Rates And Availment

Firstly, Puma appreciates your contribution to the security of our nation. It is only natural that people who put their lives on the line for the sake of everyone get special treatment. Also, Puma Military Discount aims to help people in the military maintain their robust bodies with the right shoes and socks.

Puma is considered to be an elite brand in the market of shoes. As a result, the quality of its shoes is not something seen in other brands. If you are an active or veteran military personnel, you can get access to Puma’s products at a lower price. More information is given below.

Puma Military Discount – Appreciating Our Heroes

Puma states that active and veteran military members get 10% off on their respective orders. You can use this discount on your entire purchase from Puma. Apart from this, You can access the Puma military discount using a promo code. 

To begin with, you need to verify your military status with Puma to receive this promo code. You may use this code for both in-store and online purchases.

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Who can Avail the Puma Military Discount?

All in all, active troops, retiree officials, and war veterans can apply for the military discount. In some cases, immediate family members and dependents of military personnel are allowed to avail of this offer. This includes all the subdivisions of the US military, such as   

  • United States Armed Forces 
  • Army officer 
  • Marine Corps officer 
  • Navy officer 
  • Air Force officer 
  • Space Force officer 
  • Coast Guard officer

How do I Register my Military Discount?

Visit the official PUMA website or reach out to their customer care at 080-3535 3535 to begin your verification process. Follow their instructions. Along with this, it usually requires submitting a valid photo ID and proof of your military status (military ID, DD214 form, or veteran’s ID).

Verify your Military Status

You might be asked to finish your verification process with third-party sites like SheerID ID.me. Additionally, we recommend you get your current or veteran ID proof verified before claiming your Puma military discount. Lastly, follow the steps given below to register your military discount with ID.me.

  1. Visit ID.me
  2. Sign up with your current or veteran military proof.
  3. Likewise, verify your active status with a photo ID
  4. After verification, Puma will provide you with a distinct code for in-store and online discounts.

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How do I Redeem my Discount Code?

Puma allows you to use this discount code on both online and In-store purchases. Moreover, If your immediate family members want to use this code, they will need to bring valid photo ID proof for in-store purchases.

Puma Military Discount In-store

Similarly, follow the steps given below to get your military discount at a physical store.

  • Go to a nearby Puma Store.
  • Bring your digital discount or a printed copy.
  • Show your unique code during your checkout.
  • Your discount will be added to your order.

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Puma Military Discount Online

The process of getting your discount code in online orders is relatively easy. Hold on to your unique discount code, after giving your military background on ID.me.

During the checkout process, enter your code in the “PROMO CODE” section to access your military discount.

Puma Military Return Policy

Sometimes we feel unhappy with our goods or regret buying a certain pair of shoes. Puma provides a 45-day window, from the selling date, to return your products for free.

Indeed, the commodity must be in its original condition to qualify for returns.

As a part of this policy, you can return your product within 45 days with ease. Keep in mind, your price after the discount will dictate your refund and not the original price.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can my family use my military discount?

Yes, Your intimate family members which include your spouse, children, and dependents can use your military discount with ease.

2. Does Puma offer a discount to Teachers?

Yes, the 10% Puma service discount applies to teachers along with military personnel

3. Is there a Puma military discount for HealthCare workers?

Yes, in fact, Puma offers a whopping 20% discount on orders to all HealthCare workers.

4. What is Puma Return Policy?

Puma allows you to return your products within 45-days of purchase on the condition that the items are still in their original condition.

Puma Admires your Bravery 

Therefore, Puma has made discounts applicable to current and ex-military personnel. Puma military discount go a long way to respect and honor our brave fighters. So, make your shopping delightful by learning about the military discounts at other retail stores like Target and Apple.

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