U-Haul Military Discount | Supporting Service Members With Special Assistance [2023]

Are you military personnel looking for a way to effectively use services at U-Haul? Our guide here will help you through the U-haul military discount. Does Uhaul give military discounts, and if not what should you do? Here is what you need to know.

What is U Haul Military Discount?

As of now, there is nothing mentioned about U Haul military discount on its official website. U-Haul provides other benefits to military members by supporting them.

They have different ways to help the families of service members as well. But, if you are looking for a discount then there is none. You have to book the movers as per their official pricing policy.

U haul military discount truck

U Haul Veteran Benefits for Military Personnel

To honor the services of military personnel, U-haul provides them with various benefits. They give high priority to the military troops in the employment process. The movers & packers truck company partnered with the ArmyPaYs program. This provides jobs to all the personnel all over the country.

Who is Eligible for Benefits at U Haul?

There is no military discount at U-Haul. But they provide support to eligible military members and their families. The eligible service members include the army, navy, airforce, marines, and coast guard. All their authorized and immediate family members can also take advantage of these benefits.

Does U Haul Hire Military Officials?

Yes, U Haul offers various job opportunities to military members all over the US. The company ranks #13 in the top 100 military-friendly employer lists.

With the help of the Commemorative SuperGraphics campaign, U Haul presented the idea of do-it-yourself. By appreciating the military and veteran members, the company started this campaign on Veteran’s day.

Stores that Offer Military Discounts

U-haul does not offer military discounts. But, if you are looking for other stores that offer discounts then check their policies before claiming it.


Now you know that U Haul military discount is not applicable to their services. Although you can take advantage of the Veteran’s benefits provided by the company. Book your moving services with the truck company along with checking out their special supporting programs for eligible military troops.

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