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If you are a student daydreaming about traveling to novelty locations but are restricted by the constraints of hefty fares, you need to hear about the United Airlines Student Discount. Travelling across the globe tends to cost a fortune but using special discounts and valuable offers here and there can go a long way to green-light your journey while saving a fraction of your money.

Travelers from different social strata prefer United Airlines as a means of aviation. It has the best policy when it comes to any kind of discount. To learn more about such discounts, read further.

Is United Airlines Student Discount the Real Deal?

Well, not exactly. United Airlines does not have a special provision for United Airlines student discount. Hold on, there is a catch. Young people belonging to the age group of 18 to 23 can get up to 5% off on flight tickets, on the condition that they have a MileagePlus account and use the United app to book flights.

So, students whose age fits this criteria can benefit from this offer after all. Unfortunately, younger students have no option but to play the waiting game to become eligible. Note that at present the above-mentioned offer is valid till 31st December, 2023.

Student Discount – Access it right away

Know About United Airlines App

So, if you are a student aged 18-24, you might want to redeem this exciting offer while it lasts. The entire process has various steps that you need to adhere to. Using the United app is compulsory and you cannot use any other route to avail of this offer.

Also, the United MileagePlus loyalty program gives you mileage for flights which you can redeem later. is a must for this.

Follow the below steps for smooth completion of the process.

  1. Download the United app.
  2. Log in using your MileagePlus account or create one if you don’t have an existing one.
  3. Provide your age along with ID proof for verification of the same.
  4. Select the “Discount Travel” option on your screen.
  5. Book a flight by giving the appropriate departure, destination, and date.
  6. Your United Airlines student discount is then added to your bill amount.

United Airlines Student Discount Exclusions

If you happen to be above 24 years old or under 18 years old, unfortunately, you won’t receive any discounts as part of this offer. Additionally, if you decide to book a flight in either the business or first-class sections, even if you fall within the age requirements, there won’t be any discounts for you.

The same condition applies to premium economy tickets. Furthermore, if you’re making a large order or have a special agreement with us, these won’t qualify for the United Airlines student discount either. If you find yourself falling into any of these categories, unfortunately, this time you won’t be able to avail of the discount offered in this scheme.

United Airlines Student Discount Refunds

Student life is very uncertain and full of turbulence. You might have to cancel your flight tickets if the situation demands and rightfully get a refund. United Airlines offers refunds but you have to check with them first. They might charge extra for refunds and returns but it depends on your purchase.

So, next time you pull the plug on your flights, be sure to reach them at 1-800-421-4655 to get your refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get mileage credit on discounted flights?

Yes, you will be given mileage credit based on the discounted fare.

2. Can I add the discount on previously purchased tickets?

No, you can not add the discount on tickets booked previously even if you fit the eligibility criteria of the program.

3. Can I combine my United Airlines student discount with my MileagePlus reward?

That's a no. Discounts are not allowed to be combined with rewards or other kinds of discount fares.

4. Is there a last date for this offer?

Yes, the offer is valid till 31st December 2023. Depending on the company this date might get varied.

Exceptional Discounts on Flights

You better hurry and book your flights before December ends if you want to get the benefit of this discount. United Airlines Student Discount is a discount for all young adults (18-24) who aspire to travel across the Pacific to broaden their scope of opportunities.

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