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Verizon, a leading telecommunications company, recognizes the importance of its employees and offers a comprehensive program to its workforce like employee discounts. In this guide, we will look at the Verizon employee discounts, detailing how they work, who is eligible to get them, how to access them, and many more.

Verizon Employee Discount Policy

Verizon offers discounts to their employees as a token of appreciation for their loyalty and hard work. The Verizon employee discount ranges from up to 25% off on voice and data plans. Hence, the discounts you get for mobile plans or accessories may vary for different companies based on their discount agreement with Verizon.

To know the discount details, you need to register for a Verizon employee account to get discounts for Verizon employees. The employee discount ranges from lowering prices on wireless plans, internet services, and mobile devices. They not only offer employee discounts to their employees but also to government employees and military personnel.

Types of Verizon Employee Discount

Organizations compete for the most talented by providing a variety of discounts and benefits. Employee discounts are reductions in the original price of the company’s goods or services offered to its employees. Employee discount programs have grown increasingly popular in several businesses. The company offers many discounts for Verizon employees. Here, are some of them:

Discounts on Verizon Wireless Plans

Some of the Verizon employees are family heads and come from communities with friends and loved ones. thus, the discounts are for both employees and their families. they get an offer of an unlimited pack for $30 per line per month with 4 lines for their friends and family. Verizon employee discount can be applied to this plan to save big on regular prices.

But one has to be a either full-time or part-time employee at Verizon. However, the company also extends its discount warmth to government employees and military personnel, qualifying them for special discounts from the organization.

Discounts on Accessories and Upgrades

​Verizon employees also enjoy a up to 25% discount on Verizon phones, accessories, and other products. This discount is available for part-time and full-time employees and can be used at any Verizon store or authorized retailer. The same discount offer is very advantageous to those individuals looking into upgrading their devices or getting new accessories to enhance communication experiences.

Device Upgrade Eligibility: Verizon typically provides guidelines for employee eligibility for device upgrades. This helps employees make informed decisions about when to replace their devices.

Verizon Fios and Home Internet Discounts

Verizon’s discounts extend to home internet services as well. Employees looking for reliable and high-speed internet connectivity can benefit from reduced rates on Verizon Fios and other home internet packages.

Who is Eligible for Employee Discount at Verizon?

​Verizon employee discount program is designed to cater to a wide range of employees:

  • Full-Time Employees: Full-time employees are typically automatically eligible for these discounts as part of their benefits package.
  • Part-Time Employees: Part-time employees may also be eligible, though the extent of the discounts could vary.
  • Government and Military Employees: Due to their public service roles, government employees and military personnel are often entitled to special discounts as well.

How To Register For Employee Discount?

If you are new to Verizon create your account at Verizon Wireless and find out the benefits you can get through the company discount plan at Verizon. To create your account Sign up here.

Always use your work email address to create an account at Verizon. Don’t use your personal Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Once your account is created, follow the following steps:

  • You’ll get a confirmation email from [email protected] at your work email address saying “Discount by Verizon Wireless”.
  • Click the Confirm My Discount link on the email. This link will expire after 72 hours, in which case you’ll have to start the process again.
  • If you have more than 1 account under your name, you’ll have a prompt to select an account for the discount. In this case, select the account you want.

Visit the Verizon wireless discount page and follow the above steps to register your account.

How Can I Verify For Verizon Employee Discount?

The verification process is done to ensure that the employee discounts are being extended to the intended recipients. Employees must provide proof of their employment for the Verizon employee discount, such as a company ID, pay stub, or other relevant documents. This verification process helps maintain the integrity of the discount program.

Additional Benefits and Perks

The company often includes additional perks beyond wireless plans and devices. These might involve partnerships with other companies, offering entertainment, travel, or retail services discounts. Combining these discounts with ongoing promotions can lead to even greater savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What proof do I have to show for employee discount?

Verizon gives you two ways to validate your employment status. You can either use your work email address or a current pay stub.

2. Can I share my Verizon employee discount with family members?

In most cases, employee discounts are intended for the employee's personal use only and cannot be shared with family members.

3. Can I use employee discount after retirement?

Whether you can use or get discount after retirement depends on your company's agreement with Verizon. So you should ask your colleagues or contact Verizon to find out.

4. How to know if I'm eligible for Verizon discount?

Register at Verizon using your email address to find out if your company has a discount agreement with Verizon.

Alternative Stores With Employee Discounts

If you are looking to shift from Verizon, there are other brands as well, they will also have their own employee discount policy. However, it would be better if you know their policy before shopping there. Here are some related or alternative stores that you might want to know about.

  • At&t
  • Apple
  • T-mobile


The Verizon discount will help you save money on many purchases. They have also not mentioned any limit to how much you can save on discounts annually. If you have any queries regarding Verizon employee discount eligibility, required documents, and how to verify, go through our guide again or reach us through the comment section.

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