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Don’t you wish to buy the same premium quality clothes you sell? Old Navy Employee Discount allows you to achieve profits as a part of your job benefits. Working mindlessly is out of trend. Only those who realize the benefits of their job can achieve success. Old Navy neither compromises in the condition of its apparel nor in the benefits of its workers who fuel its entire operation. It provides special treatment to its associates.

Gap Inc. owns Old Navy. As a result, Gap has maintained a similar discount policy for all of its subsidiaries. Further, we discuss the implications of this benefit in detail. Use this guide to exploit your status.

Is Old Navy Employee Discount Available?

Yes Indeed, the Old Navy Employee Discount is by far the most generous benefit one could get. It gives a whopping 50% off normal-priced merchandise at Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic. Furthermore, you can receive 30% off on purchases done from their outlet stores.

Even markdown items are eligible for a 10% discount. Also, this discount is solely for Old Navy and other Gap Inc. brand employees.

Old Navy Employee Discount
Online & In-store
Discount Rate
Outlets & Markdown Discount
30% & 10% respectively
Eligible Products/Service
All items

Am I Really Eligible for the Employee Discount?

Without a doubt, all Old Navy Employees who work at any designation can bear the fruits of this scheme. As long as you are a part of the team, you are suitable for the discount on every purchase you make. Lastly, there are no restrictions.

Moreover, this can change how you shop for the better. Do not hold back on buying your favorite items as they are available at half the usual rates with the Old Navy Employee Discount.

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Old Navy Employee Discount – Key To Success

Firstly, you will get an employee discount card after your job application gets a green signal. Think of it as a pass to your discounts. Once this card is produced, only the offer will show itself on your order. It is highly important for this reason.

It proves your claim as an employee of the store. Moreover, it makes shopping easy and you can ask for discounts at any Old Navy store within the country.

Employee Discount Card – How Does It Work?

Here comes the drawn-out process. Not really, it is quite simple to get and use your unique discount card. First of all, you need to create an account on the Old Navy Employees Portal. Subsequently, apply for your discount card and wait for the e-mail.

You may contact your store manager to complete the process or in the face of any difficulties. For online transactions, link your card with the account and the discount will automatically appear at checkout.

In-store Discounts – Complete Overview 

Simply visit your nearby Old Navy store for a simple shopping routine. Grab your favorite items and take them to the checkout counter. Provide your Old Navy employee discount card to get the benefit. Reach out to Old Navy Helpline at 1-800-653-6289 to clear any residual doubts about the process.

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Is Family Fair Game For Discounts?

Although the profit margin is quite high on Old Navy Employee Discount, they have not forgotten about the families of their associates. Their close ones can benefit from this offer with ease.

Plan a bonanza shopping with your loved ones and get 50% off on regular-priced products from Old Navy, Banana Republic, and other Gap properties.

Old Navy Benefits on Top of Benefits

Social Life is just as vital as materialistic life. To promote this value, Old Navy offers a bunch of beneficial programs to help employees get past the hurdles of life in a swift manner. Let’s look at these incentives.

  • Mental Health Program – Mental distress can prove detrimental to the employee and productivity. Therefore, Old Navy initiates guidance programs on stress reduction, family planning, addiction, anxiety management, etc.
  • Savings + Retirement Plan – The future is looking bright. Save 4% from your salary to invest for a reliable future. Full-time workers as well as those working rotational shifts can apply for this.
  • Paid Leaves – Only full-time employees get up to a week’s holiday per year. However, part-timers can call in sick for paid time off.
  • Stock Plan – Employees can smartly invest a certain fraction of their monthly salary to buy Old Navy stocks which can result in huge profits down the line.
  • Tuition – Old Navy helps employees pursue educational goals by giving a certain amount of reimbursement for their tuition fees.
  • Healthcare Plan – Full-time employees get aid in crucial insurance such as medical, dental, and vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Old Navy offer discounts on sale items?

Yes, for products whose prices are already lowered are eligible for a 10% discount to the employees.

2. Can employees return their goods?

Yes, employees can return their products within 30 days only if it's in the original condition.

3. Cn families benefit from the employee discount?

Absolutely, Old Navy is kind enough to let its workers' families benefit from the offer.

4. How can I get my discount?

To avail of the discount you need to have an employee discount card.

Classy Discounts Bright Up Your Shopping

To conclude, Old Navy Employee Discount gives 50% off regular store merchandise to the members of its corporate family. Outlet stores and markdown items get 30% and 10% off respectively. This makes the employees continue their journey with Old Navy as they feel content. You can be one of the lucky ones by joining the Old Navy Team to start saving on branded jeans, jackets, and trousers.

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