When Does Lululemon Restock? Store & Online Restock Full Details

Are you an athletic freak or perhaps new to the world of fitness? There is no better place than Lululemon to buy your clothing gear. Therefore, you must be aware of exactly when does Lululemon restock its merchandise. As a result, you can access limited merchandise before it vanishes from the inventory.

Read further to know about the convenient time to shop, the availability of brand-new products and kickstart your athletic journey without any bumps.

When Does Lululemon Restock Its Stores?

Typically, Lululemon restocks its store branches thrice a week. These days include Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. However, on any week Tuesdays receive the largest number of stock. Since you know when does Lululemon restock, plan your shopping on Tuesdays so that your tracksuit is available in the best condition.

There restocking shipment schedule also depends on the volume of demand in the particular store. Therefore, timings and stock amounts also changed according to the same.

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When Does Lululemon Restock its Digital Store?

Similarly, Lululemon has picked Tuesday to restock its online catalog with short on-hand products and exciting new arrivals. To be specific, 6:15 pm ET is when the change happens and you can refresh the website to make the first purchase.

Head straight to the “What’s new” section to check their newest products to date. We advise that you book your order before the weekend to not get left behind.

What if I Missed a Lululemon Product?

Due to many reasons, you might have missed a rare Lululemon product which is now nowhere to be seen. Simmer down, contact Lululemon support at +1-877-263-9300, and ask them when your desired item will make a return. Dive into Lululemon return policy if you find yourself dissatisfied with a purchase and wish to initiate a return.

Furthermore, you can keep your eyes locked on the restock days which are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, to immediately buy the product. You may contact your nearest local store to find out about the latest shipment schedule.

When Does Lululemon Restock Their Outlets?

Lululemon Outlets have clothes with much lower prices and you can even drive a hard bargain at these places. These cheap quality outlets are not opened throughout the country but only in popular cities (Toronto, Vancouver) where demand tends to be a lot.

Such outlet units are also restocked three times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Note that these stores are heavily dependent on the demand which might affect their restocking dates. You can also explore our guide for when does Ross and Nike restock their items.

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Does Lululemon Give Out Notifications for Restock?

Certainly, Lululemon social media handles are a good way to follow up on new arrivals and revisit old items. To make this process much easier, Sign up for their e-mail newsletter to receive a ping for product updates.

There is a way to get notified whenever your favorite product is up for sale. This might uplift your sour mood if the product is out of stock. Simply go to its product description on the Lululemon website, select Notify Me, and whether you would like to receive text or mail notifications.

When Does Lululemon Restock “Items for Sale”?

There is a special page on the Lululemon site that serves to give away unsold products with discounts. This page is fittingly called “We made too much“. New items are posted on this page every Thursday morning at around 11 am EST or 8 am PST.

Unfortunately, there is no information on In-store sale offers. Pay a visit to your nearby store to learn if certain items are up for sale.

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Shop Like a Hawk

To summarize, Lululemon restocks its retail store and online site inventory thrice a week and once a week respectively. Tuesday is the big day as the majority of the shipments arrive on this day. The Lululemon brand rides on the fact that its products are of unmatched quality and tend to sell out much faster. After understanding when does Lululemon restock, make your shopping a worthwhile experience by shopping at the right date and time.

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