Massachusetts Business Entity Search | Easy Methods Explained To Form An LLC

The demanding part of new business is searching for a new name. The name of your LLC describes your identity. It sets you apart from other entities in the state. So to find yourself a unique name, you must do the Massachusetts business entity search. We will guide you through the step by step process for easy understanding.

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Why do Massachusetts Business Entity Search?

To set up your business with its new identity, a Massachusetts business entity search is vital. Register the name of your business on the secretary of the state site. The Massachusetts name search ensures that the name chosen is not identical to an existing name. You can also search for reserved names on the website of SOS.  The online site of Massachusetts SOS allows you to run through various existing entities. The existing entities shown will already have their incorporation in the state. You can search through a medley of variations as well. Finalise a name by considering the guidelines given below.

Massachusetts LLC Name Search Guide

To know more, go through the Massachusetts LLC search guidelines given below.

  • The name should not suggest any unlawful purpose
  • It should contain the term Limited Liability Company or its abbreviations
  •  It should not refer to any illegal activities
  • The name has to be unique in the state

Massachusetts Corporation Name Search

To build a corporation in Massachusetts, you have to go through below given Massachusetts corporation search guidelines.

  • The desired name should contain terms like company, corporation or corp.
  • The name should not be identical to an existing one
  • No illegal things should be involved in the name
  • It should not register the business as a legal agency

Methods to do Massachusetts Business Entity Search?

Massachusetts business entity name search is an important step that has to be carried out. If you are trying to find any existing entity, visit the Massachusetts SOS site. The SOS site of the state includes all information. You can perform the search by any of the given credentials.

1. Search by Entity Name: Type in the name of the entity in the appropriation section to get the result. This is the most popular way to search for a business name.

2. Search by Individual Name: Enter the name of an individual registered with SOS.

3. Searching through identification numbers: Every business must have its ID number. Enter the number in a box and search by it.

4. Filing number: It is the number given to the file registered. If you know the number you will be able to check availability through it.

Massachusetts SOS entity search

How to do Massachutess Business Entity Search?

Here are the steps to find your legal business name and avoid any penalties in the future.

1. List out the names: If you haven’t made a list, go ahead and make one. List out as many names as you can.

2. Do a Massachusetts business entity search: Visit the SOS website and register your name. Secure the name so that others can not acquire it.

3. Check results: Now, if you get the exact search name as result that means the name is taken. If available, your search name would not be seen in the result.

4. Name reservations: Apply to reserve the name. Pay a filing fee of $30 to reserve the name for 60 days. the name could be filed online on the secretary of state’s website. You can also check whether your name is reserved or not on the SOS page.

5. Registration of name: Register the name that has been picked with SOS. It will secure the name. You will have full authority on the name after its registration.

Other Considerations Before Choosing Your LLC Name

After performing a Massachusetts business entity search reserve it for 60 days. Take your time to register your business to gain authority. In the context of performing a Massachusetts business name search, follow additional points too.

1. Trademark search: It is important to get a trademark to avoid future litigations. Check if the trademark for your name is available or not. Go through your preferred site to check. Trademark is a safety nest for your business name.


2. Domain name: We recommend you take a domain name to prevent others from acquiring it. Ensure you take the same domain name as your business name. It helps your client to search your business easily. check the availability of the domain name through the preferred domain registry.

3. Social Media: Check the availability of your business name online. Go through different platforms to check. Social media helps a lot in the growth of your business. It strengthens your positive points as well.

Try to keep the central points in your mind while forming an LLC in Massachusetts. In addition to the Massachusetts business entity search, try to develop your business online as well. It should have a successful social media presence to grow more.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Where to search for Massachusetts business entity name?

On the official website of the Massachusetts Secretary of State, you can search for the business entity name.

2. How much does Massachusetts cost for reservation of business name?

A filing fee of $30 is the cost for reserving the name in Massachusetts, a state in the U.S.

3. How to search for the availability of business name in Massachusetts?

You can search through entity name, individual name, identification number or filing number.

4. For how many days a business name can be reserved in Massachusetts?

After filing the fee, the name selected can be reserved for 60 days.

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