Amazon Return Policy | Your Guide For Easy And Convenient Returns

Have you purchased a product from Amazon and you are not satisfied with your purchase? Don’t worry, we have got you covered about the return process with Amazon return policy. This policy is for customers who want to return their purchase with ease in case of any issues.

In this guide, we will help you to return an item with certainty or exchange or refund in cases. Find what return method is the most suitable for you. Let’s explore this guide further.

What is Amazon Return Policy?

There is a return window of 30 days for most of the eligible items in Amazon return policy. However, Amazon warehouse refurbished items, Amazon renewed products and baby products have a 90-day return period.

Whereas, mattresses can be returned within 100 days of shipment. All items have to be in their original packaging conditions.

Amazon Return Policy
Return Window
30 Days
Return Method
Online & In-Store
Contact Info.
1800 3000 9009
Official Website

How Can I Return My Amazon Products?

You can return your purchase online or in-store within 30 30-day time period under the return policy of Amazon. Here are the steps to return your items.

Amazon Return Policy Online

Follow the steps below to return your product as the online return procedure is very easy and simple:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Click on Returns and Orders, to see your purchase history.
  3. Select the product (you want to return)
  4. Click on the Return option.
  5. Give valid reasons for returning the product.
  6. Click on Continue and select a date for a pick-up.
  7. Select destination (The default address will be selected but you can also change it)
  8. Click the Submit button.

Once the product has been collected, a return slip will be given to you. Keep it safe once the entire refund or exchange process is completed. Additionally, you can also check the return status in the box.

Amazon Return Policy In-Store

Most items purchased through can be returned to their physical store within 30 days from the date of purchase. However,  the items should be eligible for return and should be in their original packaging condition. The return process can only be done at the selected participating store. You can also contact customer service for any queries at the time of return.

To return your product to a physical store the process is quite simple. According to Amazon, the receipt must be present, and the item should be in good condition and in its original packaging. In the store, you can either wish to drop off your product or request an item return.

Amazon Return Policy on Electronics

According to the return policy at Amazon for electronics, items purchased from Items that arrived in damaged condition, not yet started, or are still unopened can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase.

15% of the sales price would be deducted from the original payment if the returned item condition is misrepresented at the time of return during the testing by the company.

  • TV – TV Returns at Amazon are quite similar to its standard returns applicable to electronic products. If the product is unopened, undamaged and the receipt is present then it can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Video Games – In return policy at Amazon states that software and video games can be returned for a full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase. However, if the returned software or video games are activated then a 100% restocking fee would be applicable.

Return Policy For Prime Customers

Amazon values its prime customers. According to Amazon return policy, prime customers are eligible for a full refund up to 365 from the date of purchase. Thus if you are a prime customer enjoy your exclusive benefits for all items except those that fall under the return exceptions.

Extended Holiday Return Policy

The holiday seasons are the months of gifts. You can buy gifts without worrying about the return policy. So, we must know about the holiday return policy at Amazon. Purchases made between October 1 to December 31, can be returned through January 31.

Some retailers do provide extended returns during November and December. On Amazon, the return policy for items bought during holidays is different from its normal return policy.

You can also take a closer look at Target return policy if you’re dissatisfied with your purchase and wish to return it.

Amazon Return Policy Exceptions

Although the return policy gives you the guarantee to change every item bought within 30 days of purchase, some items have some exceptions due to which they are not returnable under the Amazon return policy. 

  • Health and hygiene products (once you open the packaging).
  • Protected software items once bought and used its pin to open the software are not able to be returned.
  • Customized items.
  • Alcoholic items (due to tremendous and uncontrollable fluctuations in prices).
  • Items whose expiry date is near.
  • Books, magazines, journals, etc. cannot be returned if their originality is disturbed.
  • You may only return Amazon Fresh items if the grocery is spilled or rotten.

What Other Gifts Can You Return to Amazon?

Amazon Renewed products may have a return policy extending up to 90 days, although those sold by Marketplace sellers carry the standard 30-day return policy.

  • Wedding Registry within 180 days.
  • Gifts purchased from a Baby registry enjoy a 365-day return policy.
  • Baby items, carry a 90-day return policy.

Is Returning an Item to Amazon Free?

Returning items to Amazon is not always free. Amazon has an explicit policy regarding restocking fees. Even standard Amazon return policy may be subject to a restocking fee if they fall outside of the return window.

  • In original condition from, past the return window is 20%
  • In original condition from a third-party seller, within the return window is up to 20%
  • Opened CDs, VHS tapes, vinyl records, DVDs, or cassette tapes are 50%
  • Damaged or used items are at least 50%
  • Open software or video games is 100%

Amazon Exchange Policy

An easy replacement can be done at Amazon if you have purchased any item and want to exchange it. Replacement can be done if:

  • The product must be in the same packaging, only slightly used, and should not be damaged and can be replaced.
  • No exchange for products bought at Amazon Global Store.
  • Only debit and credit card-purchased items can be replaced.

Before you wish for replacement remember these points. Maybe you don’t like the color or have a size issue for your Fashion wear. In that case, pay the delivery charges unless it is Amazon’s fault for sending you the wrong or damaged product.

Amazon Exchange Policy
Exchange Period
60 Days
Exchange Method
Online & Through Mail

Amazon Refund Policy

You can get a return once your return is successful as stated under Amazon return policy. After you put in your return request it may take up some time to complete your return process which may take up to 2 weeks sometimes.

So the average refund time can be about 14-15 days after you put in your return request. You will receive a refund in that many days, but it may take some time to show on your credit or debit card or your bank account.

Many factors may prevent you from getting a full refund,

  • If you have damaged or violated the product.
  • Improper packaging as compared to the original one.
  • Torn books, opened cassettes, CDs, and other media.
  • Used products.
  • Accessed software items, may be replaced with some charges.

The charges from your original payment will be deducted. How much refund you will get depends upon the condition of the product and a valid reason for return.

Amazon Refund Policy
Refund Period
10-15 Business Days
Refund Method
Original Mode of Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I return groceries at Amazon?

Amazon doesn’t want customers to return any grocery items. This also includes wine and Amazon Fresh items. Though you can claim a refund or exchange for damaged, spilled, or expired groceries.

2. Can I return something on Amazon after 30 days?

Yes, but not if the damage is due to some external factor or caused by your fault.

3. I have got a book as a gift, can I return them?

Yes, books received as gifts can also be returned for a gift card before they are accessed.

4. Can I return cloths purchased from Amazon?

Yes, Amazon return policy gives access to return clothing and accessories for up to 30 days from the date of purchase.

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Amazon has a lot of rules and can certainly be confusing if you are unaware of the procedure. However, you can almost always return an item, whether it was a gift or something you bought yourself. We hope that by rephrasing it here, we made it just a little easier for you to understand Amazon return policy so that you can get the refund you deserve.

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