Arizona Business Entity Search | Methods & Process To Conduct AZ Name Search

Looking up an existing name can help you search for a unique one for your LLC. Selecting a name while forming an LLC/corporation may end up as a challenging task. But, when you are starting a company in AZ, you should look up Arizona business entity search. The records of LLCs are in the hand of the Arizona corporation commission and not in the hand of the AZ secretary of state. Let’s get to the bottom of this and learn about how you can conduct a business entity search.

Why Do Arizona Business Entity Search?

The primary reason to conduct an Arizona business entity search is to avoid using existing names. It will help the business to register itself in the state. The Arizona SOS does not record the business entities in the state. Arizona corporation commission handles the matter of all LLCs/corporations. They have detailed information about all the working and non-working businesses of the state. The business entity search will help you decide whether or not the name you desire is available.

Arizona business entity search SOS

AZ LLC Naming Guide

Before you form an LLC in the state, you have to do the Arizona LLC search. Following are the points that you have to obey while doing a name search.

  • Use abbreviations like LLC or L.L.C or the phrase Limited Liability company at the end of the name
  • Avoid using any legal agency names
  • Necessarily you have to avoid using illegal entity names
  • The name should be distinguishable from the existing one

AZ Corporation Naming Guidelines

The Arizona corporation search is necessary to find an available business name in Arizona. The guidelines is quite similar to LLC too.

  • Must use the words like incorporation, corporation or corp at the end of the name
  • The slogans, logo and phrases should be unique
  • Avoid referring to your corporation as a government agency
  • Strictly avoid using offensive words in your corporation’s name

Arizona Business Entity Search Methods

While forming a business in the state of America, it is must to verify the name first. In Arizona, it is quite necessary to perform an AZ business entity search. Moreover, you should know that the records of existing entities are kept by the state corporation commission. search without entering any punctuation or adding LLC at the end. Let’s move further to know the methods through which you can check the availability of names in the state.

1. Search by name: You can enter the name of the business, and its partnership description or mark the name to check the availability of your desired name. It is the most common method used by everyone to search for the availability of names.

2. Search by file number: You can either the business file number or partnership number to know if the name you desire is available or not.

3. Owner or Agent name search: This method is used when you know the business owner’s name or the registered agent. A registered agent is a legal source who represents a business.

Arizona business entity search

Arizona Business Entity Search Process

Once you check the availability of your desired name, let’s move one step further. The Arizona business entity search helps in registering the firm with the state. It helps in achieving a legal place among many entities in the state. You might be thinking about what to do further. Let us inform you about the process to perform a business name search.

1. Name list: Make a name list of the names that you desire. It is a backup list that allows you to check for the availability of names. If one name is not available, you might have a list that makes your work simpler.

2. Conduct an AZ business entity search: As long as you are not sure about the name, you can carry out a business entity search. This will help you choose a remarkable name for your Arizona LLC/corporation.

3. Check results: Once you perform the entity search, it will show you all existing & non-existing entities. You can choose a unique name. You can definitely choose the name of the dissolved business but with the permission of Arizona SOS.

4. Reserve the name: If you are not sure about the name that you desire you can certainly reserve it. Reserve your desired name for 120 days by filling an online filing fee of $45 ($10 filing fee & $35 expedite fee). You even print the paper and mail it to the AZ secretary of state.

5. Business registration: To secure your business, you have to record it with the AZ corporation commission. All the entities have to compulsorily list their existence with the state. You must register the business name to show the legal existence of your business in the state.

Other Considerations While Choosing a Name

There are certainly other considerations as well when you perform an Arizona business entity search. Following are the other considerations that will help you secure the name of your Arizona LLC/corporation. It will legally help you achieve the authorisation of your business.


1. Trademark Search: To secure your name from future litigation, a trademark search is necessary. You have to check out the availability of the name and then register it for trademark.

2. Web Domain: Certainly a web domain is necessary to claim. Once you have a URL of the name of your business, it will avoid others from acquiring it. Try to take the same name of your business as a domain name.

3. Social Media Search: On every social media platform search for the availability of your business name. Social media plays a major role in driving traffic to your business. ensure the name you have chosen is available for all your social media accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you know if the business is licensed in AZ?

Perform a search on the SOS website of Arizona to know about business licenses.

2. How find about the business owner in Arizona?

Go to the Arizona corporation of commission website, then go to the corporation records and choose information on an active corporation to know about the business owners.

3. How much does it cost to reserve a name in Arizona?

It costs a $10 filing fee plus a $35 expedite fee to reserve a business name in Arizona.

4. How much does it cost for trademark registration in Arizona?

Trademark registration costs around $15 in Arizona.

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