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If you are employed under AT&T and haven’t heard about AT&T Employee Discount, you are missing out on a lot of incentives. AT&T is at the apex of telecommunication companies. It offer a variety of offers and data packs. But, the lucky few who work at AT&T can get a serious discount on these plans which will help strengthen their loyalty towards the company.

Further, we will give you the necessary information that you need to access your discounts with ease. Don’t just work for the salary and increase the savings on your monthly budget. Read along to start your discounts today.

What is AT&T Employee Discount?

AT&T has one goal of giving its employees useful concessions. This is to let them know that they matter to the company as a whole. AT&T Employee Discount contributes to cultivating a healthier work environment. The employee gets 

  • 50% off on a number of Voice, Text and Data Plans
  • Broadband Discount
  • Discounts on other goods and services as per the country.
  • Auto, home, and pet insurance discounts

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Discount Rate
Eligible Products/Service
Monthly Phone Bills

AT&T Active Employee Discount Program

As a part of this initiative, AT&T employees get a 50% discount on their monthly phone bills along with a reasonable cut-off on live events, movies, and theme park tickets.

AT&T uses your state email address as your employee ID. While you register, if your particular agency isn’t listed select VITA.

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How Can You Enroll for AT&T Employee Discounts?

There are two prominent ways to enroll for your discounts.


  • Visit the human resource department to begin with.
  • Carry out the procedure to enroll.
  • Enter your company account and confirm your details.


AT&T Employee Discount & Growth Program

There is always more room for growth at AT&T. Employees can reach new heights with available tutorship programs. They can enrich their talents and hone their skills while working.

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Industry-leading training for career growth at AT&T University
  • The opportunity Marketplace – teach a skill or join a mentorship.

AT&T Time Off – Balance Your Work Life

Employee incentives are not limited to price concessions. Employees are humans after all. They need some time to relax and save energy. AT&T Employee Discount considers and values this need. It offers the following opportunities to take a break.

  • Paid time off depending on the seniority of the employee
  • Holidays throughout the year
  • Community Day and Team Volunteer Opportunities

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AT&T Financial Aid – Secure Your Life Savings

Through this program, AT&T seeks to give a financial edge to its employees. This provides a huge help to secure their future and get on top of their financial woes. This includes:

  • 401(k) with Company Contribution
  • Pension & Basic  Life Insurance 
  • Financial & Legal help.
  • Identify Theft Coverage
  • Health Savings Account & Flexible Savings Account.

Health & Wellness at AT&T

When it comes to work efficiency, health trumps all. To prevent their employees from getting sick or burdened with mental pressure, AT&T employee discounts have implemented some precautionary measures.

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance 
  • Counseling options and personalized Healthcare Team
  • Stress Management Services
  • Childbirth Classes

AT&T International Employees Special Provisions

As countries and cultures vary significantly, additional benefits for a particular country are expected. AT&T takes into account this variable factor to better serve its employees on a regional basis. It expands its benefits for the same.

  • Family Friendly Leave for Guardians
  • Paid Community day of your choice
  • Meal Vouchers and Local Discounts 
  • Holidays and Paid Time-off for Cultural Holidays

Regarding any further query for AT&T employee discount, contact their benefits center at 877-377-9010

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Who can apply for AT&T Employee Discounts?

Solely corporate employees can avail the benefits of this program. No other person can get these benefits as a proxy.

2. What are AT&T Employee discounts for Wireless Services?

Employees get 8% off on the monthly service charge of qualified wireless plans. This includes an AT&T 4GB plan.

3. What are AT&T Employee Discounts for the Internet?

It offers unlimited data on internet services in lieu of this program. It will impose no fees for installation and activation.

4. What is the Mercedes-Benz Company Discount?

Despite the rank of the employee, Mercedes-Benz offers an exclusive deal on its cars to all AT&T team members.

To Conclude

AT&T Employee Discount provides liberal discounts to its employees with 50% off on most of their services and plans. This also extends to multi-purpose leaves, insurance benefits, exclusive deals, and much more. Overall, We hope you found this guide useful. Use this information to improve your quality of life as an AT&T employee.

AT&T discount programs doesn’t end here. They have taken the needs of every person into account and started their Military and Student discounts.

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