AT&T Student Discount | Best Deals on Devices, Internet Services, Prepaid Plans, & Much More

Want to upgrade your network & devices with the best prices? Here is a guide on the AT&T student discount program. Let us find out how exactly can you use it effectively and make your shopping deficient. Here is how you can get started.

AT&T Student Discount Policy

AT&T certainly does not offer any AT&T student discount program. Although, you are eligible to shop under the back-to-school program with great deal prices. The brand helps students to ace assignments, presentations, and problem-solving through various devices and plan options.

AT&T student discount program

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What are Back-to-School Deals for Phones & Internet?

Any new student can find deals on phones, accessories, and tablets that are great to pair with a phone plan. We offer the plan to both new & existing customers. AT&T student discount might not be a part of the deal but different offers got you covered.

Check the following deals that you can claim as a student.

  • Unlimited high-speed 5G data plans with no extra cost
  • Pay $300 in advance online to claim the AT&T prepaid plan where you get 16GB of data at $25 per month with an availability of 12 months
  • Get customer satisfaction with the internet for students. Check availability before using AT&T internet services
  • For higher education savings AT&T sponsors AT&T Signature Program for universities & colleges

Note: The taxes & fees will be applied to the benefits if mentioned

Which are the Products with the Best Deals?

There are some eligible products with the best prices. Add eligible products to your cart with prices that have never been better before. Check the following list of items:

  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • Headphones
  • Accessories

Note: Once you visit the website for shopping the devices, you will directly be shown the discounted prices.

AT&T Fiber Benefits

You can get AT&T fiber online only. Redeem up to $250 in reward cards by using the promo code EXTRA100. Choose your desired plan online by visiting the fiber fast website at AT&T. All students are eligible for the benefits that are mentioned below after subscription.


  • Speed up to 5 GIG
  • Prices will not increase till 12 months
  • There is no annual contract
  • No data caps or equipment fees
  • Fast, reliable, and strengthens your connection

What is AT&T Signature Program?

AT&T’s signature program allows every student, faculty, and staff to enjoy a special discount on a wireless connection.

Fill out the qualification form online to see if you qualify for the program. If you are eligible you will need proof of registration to claim the following benefits.

  • Save up to $10 per month on AT&T unlimited premium
  • 5G access is included in the program
  • Additional benefits based on your employer with no extra cost

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can I merge different deals with other plans at AT&T?

Yes, you can merge any offer with student phone plans to get a bigger deal.

2. How much can I save on qualifying for signature program?

You can save $10 per month while qualifying for the signature program.

3. Can I get deals on every product & service AT&T offers?

No, there are limited services and devices like tablets, phones, headphones, & accessories where you can get the best deals.

4. How much do I have to pay to redeem prepaid plan?

Pay $300 in advance online to redeem the plan for 12 months.

Alternative Stores that Offer Student Discounts

When it comes to subscribing to internet plans & purchasing devices, AT&T student discount is not the only one that helps. There are multiple similar stores in the US that might have a student discount policy. Our guide here will help you find out about the same.

To Conclude

Now you can easily claim different deals & offers if you do not find any AT&T student discount. The network company surely helps you to save big on your plan subscriptions and much more. Make your shopping experience more accessible with AT&T by benefiting your light pocket.

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