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As a student, books interest you more than anything, don’t they? Get informed about Barnes & Noble Student Discount to get reduced prices on quality books. Barnes & Noble have a wide catalogue of books that covers everything from popular graphic comic books to best-selling novels. This makes it a people’s favorite for shopping books.

You should be familiar with its discount policy so you can purchase books that quench your curiosity and do not empty your pocket. This guide will help you get the best discount, get past difficulties and resume your reading as quickly as possible. Read further for more information.

Barnes & Noble Student Discount – Does it exist?

The straightforward answer is no. Barnes & Noble has eliminated their Barnes & Noble student discount which is a bummer. Although, there is a way to earn credit rather than simply shopping at regular prices. This means using promo codes, coupons and cards to shop economically and within your capacity.

We also advise you keep a lookout for student discounts as they might reappear in their forum.

Barnes & Noble new CEO plans to revive bookstore chairn | Fortune

Barnes & Noble Membership Incentives

Cheer up, even though you are not entitled to any Barnes & Noble Student Discount, the membership can provide a meaningful opportunity to save some cash. If you are worried about the membership fee, there is a free membership that you can get for long-term payoff.

Lets learn about the two types of memberships.

Cost-free Rewards

If you cannot digest the membership fee, this option is perfectly suitable for you. There is no charge and with a little patience you can get valuable discounts that will prove worthy of your time. To access it, create a BN account.

If you apply for it, you will get stamps for your purchase, 1 stamp for a $10 transaction to be exact. If you can gather up tp 10 stamps, you will get a reward of $5. This includes e-books and audio books. You can collect as many stamps and rewards as you want in any period of time.

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Premium Membership – A VIP Deal

You can also become an elite member by signing up for the premium package. It has an annual cost of $39.99 which you can split with your peers to make it more affordable. The best part is that you get a bunch of Barnes & Noble student discount and privileges that seem too good to be true. Let’s go over these perks.

B&N | Membership

  • 10% off almost everything on and in Barnes & Noble stores.
  • 10% off almost everything in Paper Source stores
  • FREE shipping with no minimum purchase
  • A tote every Premium Membership year
    (up to $19.99)
  • 10% off the regular price of NOOK devices and accessories.
  • One free eBook per month
  • Free upgrade to next size beverage
  • Free B&N Café treat and Paper Source craft for your children’s birthdays
  • Special offer for your birthday
  • Exclusive early access to special editions and events

Need I say more? If this looks appetizing and you are eager to join this plan, then you can use the sign-up page to start your membership year.

Barnes & Noble Student Discount – Free Shipping

Shipping charges can be so high that it seems they are competing with the goods’ price. Everyone customer can reap the benefit of free shipping with adherence to certain terms and conditions.

If your purchase amount exceeds $40 (excluding taxes and discounts), you can escape the shipping cost. For this, you need to purchase items with the tag “eligible for free shipping”. Then you need to select the standard shipping option while making your purchase and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Barnes & Noble offer student discounts?

Sadly no, it does not have any policy for Barnes & Noble student discount or privileges. But this could change in the future.

2. Does Barnes & Noble offer new coupons?

Yes, coupons and codes appear with the season. Visit their official site to learn about the new arrivals.

3. Does Barnes $ Noble offer free pickup?

Yes, You can apply for pick-up using online means and you can go your nearby store for a costless pick-up.

4. What are the exceptions to free shipping?

Products that are heavy and troublesome to carry around along with magazines are not eligible for free shipping.

Education Trumps All

To ensure positive development of the youth, it is important that they get access to a variety of informative books and papers. Barnes & Noble Student Discount should be implemented by taking this dire need into consideration. Till then, you can enjoy the array of fresh deals and coupons from their official site.

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