Costco Return Policy | Step-By-Step Manual For Secure Returns [Updated]

Did you happen to buy a home theatre that is noisier than you thought? Learn how to effortlessly send it right back with Costco return policy. Generally, Costco figures high in the lists of supermarkets that offer valuable goods at low rates. It has built a reputation that showcases its ability to go out of its way to help any customers.

So, we seek to make you familiar with the many conditions that make the return process a bit trickier. With the help of this process, you can practically become an expert is giving back rotten groceries. Read further to know more.

Costco Return Policy

Costco aims to satisfy its customers more than anything. As a result, Costco return policy allows you to return most of the products at any point in time. It does not ask that the item remains in its original condition, simply that it retains most of its features.

Furthermore, nobody wants to store receipts for small-scale orders. Therefore, you can skip receipt confirmation for returns at Costco. But you do need your membership card at all times.

Costco Return Policy
Return Window
Return Method
Online & In-store
Contact Info.
Warehouse Queries : 1-800-774-2678
Online Queries : 1-800-955-2292
Official Website

*Note: However, it does give restrictions for returns of goods like electronics and jewelry. It is running a business after all.

How Should I Return At Costco?

Firstly, there are a number of ways to ship back items that did not live up to the expectations. As long as your request is within the bounds of reason, you can get a refund or a suitable exchange. The item should not deviate too much from its original condition.

You should shop with a Costco membership. Though not compulsory, it can make Costco return policy much easier to deal with. Also, It throws the need for a receipt out of the window. Let’s expand the ways to return any item.

Costco Warehouse Return Policy

If an item that you bought from a Costco warehouse lets you down, you can easily return it. You can do this at any of the Costco warehouses within the confines of the nation. Firstly, visit a nearby warehouse and make your way to the return counter. Provide order details to finish the process.

Costco closing its online photo center, opting for Shutterfly instead – Orange County Register

Costco Online Return Policy

Costco return policy requires you to follow certain steps in order to apply for online returns. The return ship is entirely free. Additionally, if accepted you can get a full refund along with the shipping charges. Large items require more assistance. So, follow the instructions they give you to the tee.

  1. Log in to your account from the website.
  2. Select the bar that reads “Orders & Returns”.
  3. Appropriately select the option return or replace items next to the order. Then follow the necessary guidelines.
  4. They will send a return label soon after. Use to schedule a pick at your convenience.
  5. Check for their e-mails to know what’s next.

In addition, if you wish to get refunds quickly, visit a warehouse to return an online order. Submit your order details to ask for a refund. They only give refunds in certain modes of payment. It can also be the card you paid with while ordering online.

How Do I Return Electronics?

Such items cost a lot making it hard to include them in the default Costco return policy. Thus, it gives a 90-day window for the return of electronic goods. This begins from the day of the purchase. It is for the best if you inquire about the warranty period beforehand.

Moreover, you will get free technical support for most of these items which will last till their lifetime. In this case, you do have to keep the original condition of the item intact. The store members will be happy to assist with your requests. Such items include

  • Televisions & Projectors
  • Major Appliances (refrigerators, freezers, ranges, cooktops, over-the-range microwaves, etc.)
  • Computers, Touchscreen & Tablets
  • Smart Watches and lastly
  • Cameras, Drones, Camcorders, and Cellular Phones

Is Costco Forgiving for Mattress Returns?

Yes, Costco is proud of its mattress quality. In fact, due to this confidence, it allows you to return mattresses at any point in time after the purchase. They also do not look for original packaging which is a sigh of relief. However, the mattress should be in its original condition and unused.

Costco Return Policy Striking Exceptions

As generous as Costco is about the returns, it takes exceptions to the return of certain items. Firstly, any custom products which were designed to suit the buyer’s needs are not eligible for returns. Although they do keep a warranty period in case they fail to meet expectations.

Other exceptions include shop cards, airlines, live performance events, and gold bars. Products with short-term use like tires also have a limited warranty period. If the law is against the use of cigarettes and alcohol, you cannot go to Costco for such items.

Diamond Returns Are Long But Possible

Highly valuable jewelry like diamonds and rubies over 1.00ct have a lengthy return process. You need to provide the original paperwork while filing for a refund. Following this, they will send a skilled associate to check if your product is authentic.

Costco Return Policy Without Receipt

Having a receipt will make your return process a lot easier. But you don’t need to keep it under lock and key. Costco lets you go ahead with the return even if you misplace it. This means you need to have a membership card to confirm your order.

Costco membership fee is refundable and more than worth it. Not only do you get cashbacks but the shopping process tends to be a lot merciful.

costco return policy

Apart from this, Costco gives out unreal discounts to build on its generous name. You might want to look at Costco Employee and Military Discounts.

Costco Exchange Policy

Costco lets you replace your product with a similar item online. You need to select “replace items” which appears next to your order. Follow the instructions and your product will be replaced free of cost. You can use this to replace items that are torn or battered.

However, they might not allow you to exchange your item at a warehouse. Still, they might make an exception for fruits and other groceries.

Costco Exchange Policy
Exchange Window
90 Days
Exchange Method
Online Only

Don’t you want to increase your chances of getting a desired exchange? You should know when does Costco Restock.

Costco Refund Policy

Most of the time, a refund is given if you meet all the requirements of a successful return. Once you affix the return barcode on your package and ship it, they will inspect it. If they deem it good your refund will appear in the original method of payment.

This process might take a week to finish. Warehouse refunds are a lot faster if you choose to go with that. Occasionally, if you do not have the receipt you might get store credit instead.

Costco Refund Policy
Refund Period
3-7 Days
Refund Method
Original Mode Of Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the time limit for Costco return policy?

You can return your product at any point of time unless it is an exception to the rule. For eg. electronics

2. Can you get a refund on live event tickets?

No, Costco does not give refunds on life performance event and airlines.

3. Can you get a refund on Shop cards and gold?

No, gold bars and shop cards are also non-refundable.

4. Can you return cigarettes at Costco?

No, alcohol and cigarettes do not get a return at Costco. They are generally final sales.

Exceptional Lifetime Returns

In conclusion, Costco return policy gears towards giving satisfaction to the customers. It accepts returns anytime after the date of the purchase unless it is one of the exceptions. You can get unending rewards with its membership plans. Now, you can safely return a defective product in place of the right one.

This is not nearly enough to satisfy a shopping hustler. You might want to read about the Target Return Policy.

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