Dell Military Discount | Do Not Miss Out on Exclusive Prices on your Purchases

Many stores appreciate U.S. military members for their service with some exclusive benefits. Dell is among those stores and avail of the program known as Dell military discount.

Although you might want to know, what is in it for you and how to make the most out of it. Here is our guide explaining exactly that and more.

Dell Military Discount Policy

The store offers a 10% Dell military discount on PCs and electronics. All military personnel has to obtain a coupon using a .mil email address to make a purchase of 3 items per order.

The coupon that you receive is valid with select other offers. If you face any issues in receiving the coupon then you contact customer services at Dell.

Dell coupon instore

Dell Military Discount
Discount Rate
Discount Limit
3 Products per Order
Where to Claim?
Online & In-store
Contact Dell
Dell Help Center
Official Website

Who is Eligible to use the Military Discount at Dell?

All military personnel who are either active, veteran, or retired are eligible to claim the discount. Military discounts can also be used by families of authorized service members in their absence. Get the Dell discount coupon in hand to easily present it at checkout.

How to Claim Discount Coupons at Dell?

Dell military discount is easy to use. Go through the following steps that will clear your question about how to claim the discount.

  • Visit Dell Military Page & click Get Now button
  • Enter the provided Mil email
  • Tick the “I’m not a robot” section & submit
  • They will provide a Dell coupon code once after checking the military status eligibility

Note: If you face any issues getting the coupon then you can mail it to [email protected] or contact the North American sales team at 1-866-871-9875 from 8 AM to 7 PM CST between Monday to Friday.

Reasons to Shop with Dell Military Discount

Using a Dell military discount on electronics and PCs is one reason you should start shopping at Dell. But, there are other reasons as well that will help you figure out why Dell is the best choice for the military.

1. Exclusive deals: Customers can get early access to special offers, special prices, and events. You can also process returns within 30 days of the purchase.

Dell military discount online

2. Dell Rewards: After joining the membership, you will get free expedited delivery with 3% back in rewards. These rewards can be used on thousands of top brands and Dell products.

3. Premium Support Plus: You will get priority support from customer services without any hassle.

4. Easy financing: After opening a Dell preferred account you will get a $50 reward with 3% back in rewards.

What are the Exclusions of Discount?

Dell can reject the discount if your products fall under any of the exceptions. Before you start using the discount, you must know there are some Dell military discount exclusions.

  • Dell discount is not valid for refurbished items & spare parts
  • Cannot be used for resellers or online auctions
  • Cancellation of orders can be done due to price or other errors
  • All doorbuster, Limited quantity, & limited-time offers are excluded

We recommend you visit Dell’s exclusive offers page to check more exclusions & offers validity before getting a Dell discount coupon code.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get job opportunities at Dell?

Yes, if you are a veteran looking for a job then Dell will recruit you.

2. Is there any military discount limit on Dell purchases?

Yes, the discount limit at Dell for the military is 3 products per order.

3. Do I have to provide email every time I use Dell military discount?

No, you only have to provide Mil email once to receive the Dell coupon code.

4. Is it compulsory to be a Dell member to get Dell military offers?

Yes, to unlock Dell military offers you will have to be a Dell member first.

Which Alternate Store offers Military Discount?

Contrary to Dell’s military discount, you can check other stores’ policies as well. There are multiple stores in the US that provide special offers to military members. Before using the discount check their policy in detail.


Dell offers this generous Dell military discount that grants access to exclusive products. Get premium support from customer services and additional member savings benefits. Start your electronic purchases now with the Dell discount coupon code.

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