Samsung Military Discount | Sign Up & Verify with Simple Steps [Updated]

More and more stores are showing appreciation towards the military in their own way. Samsung also is among those stores and they do provide the Samsung military discount to all eligible members. Our guide will help you understand this in detail.

Go through our guide and know how to check your eligibility and what kind of discount you can enjoy with Samsung. Let’s get started.

Samsung Military Discount Policy

Only eligible military members are allowed to avail of the Samsung military discount. There is no fixed rate of discount. Samsung allows up to 30% of discount on all their purchases. Although there is a restriction on the usage of this discount. You can only use it on two orders in a particular category or per email address or shipping address.

Samsung Store

Samsung Military Discount
Discount Rate
Upto 30%
Where to Claim?
Contact Page
1800 407 267 864
Official Website

Samsung Discount Program Eligibility

As such, there is no detailed list of who is eligible for the Samsung military discount. Although primarily, active military members, veterans, retired military, first respondents, government, teachers, and employees are eligible to apply for this program.

You will simply have to prove your status through documentation and you can then avail of this discount.

How To Sign Up For Samsung Military Discount?

You only have to follow a few steps and you can successfully sign up for your military discount. Keep your verification id ready during this process. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Select your store and start selecting the products
  2. Go till checkout
  3. Sign up using your “.mil” email address
  4. If you do not have “.mil” id, you can use your personal email id
  5. Verify your personal email id with
  6. Once your Samsung account is created, you will see the discount reflected on the checkout page.

How To Verify Your Military Status with

Remember, in the majority of the cases, the verification will be in real-time. Only in rare cases, will ask for additional documentation. Here is a list of documentation that is found valid during verification.

  • Passport photo with social security number
  • Photo of your Passport card with social security number
  • Driver’s license with social security number
  • Verify using your phone number as well

If you are having trouble verifying your documents, you can contact the support staff of

Samsung Military Discount Exceptions

As explained above, there are restrictions on exactly how many times you can use your Samsung military discount. On many purchases, you can only use the discount on two products per category or two times per email address or shipping address.

Samsung Customers

Although there are exceptions in a few categories. If you are shopping for home appliances or mobile accessories, you can apply your discount for 4 orders and if you shopping for SmartThing products then you have a limit of 6 orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I use the military discount up to the limit?

In such a case you will need to wait for the year to complete, as the limit is only for one year and it renews after a year.

2. Can I avail myself of the Samsung military discount if I am a veteran?

Yes, you are eligible for the Samsung military discount as a veteran as well. The only difference would be that you will have to use your personal e-mail id.

3. What is Samsung’s veterans advantage policy?

This is basically the program for military veterans who can enjoy exclusive discounts on their purchases.

4. Why can’t I see my discount on the checkout page?

This problem could arise if you are logged in through your personal email-id and have not verified your status.

5. Can I combine my military discount with other discounts?

Yes, Samsung allows eligible members to combine their military discounts with the trade-in programs to get amazing discounts.

Other Related Stores with Military Discounts

There are other stores that may also help you with a military discount. You can simply check out our guide and understand the eligibility and how you can register yourself to access the benefits.


We hope now the registration and verification process is clear for our readers. We would recommend you go through our guide once again in case of any queries. You can also contact Samsung directly for any uncertain issues availing of the Samsung military discount. You can also go through their help page.

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