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If you are an employee at Kohl’s but seem unsatisfied with your job, Kohl’s Employee Discount might uplift your mood. Kohl’s draws a lot of people for a bunch of household products, be it compatible kitchenware, cheap electronics, or long-lasting shoes. Kohl’s ensures that you are looked after no matter which side of a sale you are on.

To begin with, Kohl’s associates are rewarded with many perks. This guide will help you discover your benefits as a Kohl’s worker or be the final straw to send a job application.

What is Kohl’s Employee Discount?

Through Kohl’s employee discounts, service members can get up to 15 % off on their purchases. This is valid for both online and In-store shopping. This can be done in the form of a coupon which can only be used on Mondays.

Besides this, there are shopping days and friends and family events to avail profitable deals.

Kohl's Employee Discount
Online & In-store
Discount Rate
Eligible Products/Service
All items

When can I apply for Kohl’s Employee Discounts?

Whether you are a new or an old employee at Kohl’s, you will NEED Kohl’s charge* to get the necessary discount. It may take 20 days for the system to identify your Kohl’s charge as an associate account.

*Kohl’s charge is a credit card that is only allowed to be used at Kohl’s stores and website. It gives various benefits to its users including 35% off on your first order.

Kohl's Employee Discount

How can I benefit from Kohl’s employee discount?

If you have opened your Kohl’s charge account you can buy discounted products both in-store and online.

Kohl’s Discount In-Store

As per the policy, there are no extra steps to avail of this offer. Make your way to the checkout section and your Kohl’s employee discount will show up in your order details. Following this, The system will verify your Kohl’s Charge account and show you a reduced price.

Alternatively, you can show your discount card. To achieve this

  1. Click on associate services at the bottom of Kohl’s.com to log in.
  2. Print your unique card and bring it.

Kohl’s Discount Online

Kohl’s Charge is a must for online discounts. So, take note of these points to understand the process more clearly.

  • After the product ships, it will take a few days for the change to appear in MyKohl’s account.
  • No confirmation email or page will be provided for the offer.
  • Lastly, Wayfair products are not a part of this scheme.

Can my close family avail the discounts?

Certainly, it allows close family members of associates to make use of the discounts. Kohl’s employee discount includes the associate’s spouse, children dependent on the associate, and any individual claimed on the associate’s federal income tax form.

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Kohl’s Associate Employee Days

Kohl’s team hosts events for their associate members. On such days, workers buy their favorite products at lower rates. Keep in touch with your store manager to learn about upcoming special days. Gain more than just the regular Kohl’s Employee Discount.

You can get a decrease in both store and online orders. Your offer can be combined with $-off and %-off coupons.

Kohl’s Family and Friends Shopping Events

Furthermore, to celebrate such events, you will be given an associate shopping pass along with passes for relatives and acquaintances. Also, there is a parity in in-store and online discounts for such events. Read the mentioned instructions on your pass to become aware of the allowances and Kohl’s employee discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Employee Discount Purchases Returnable?

Yes, after your return is processed you will see a “RETURN AT” line under your transaction history. Also, a separate line called “EMP DISC RTRN … ”will be visible as a charge back to your account for the original discount.

2. How can I get in contact with Kohl’s for doubts?

For Kohls.com or order questions, call 855-564-5705 and for Kohl's Card or payment questions, call 855-564-5748.

3. Can I avail a discount without using Kohl’s Charge?

Certainly, you can use your associate discount card from your account to process your discount.

4. Can I get Kohl’s associate discount for gift cards?

No, associate discounts are not on gift cards for online purchases.

To Reiterate

Therefore, Kohl’s employee policy gives its fellow workers a much-needed 15% off on all of its products. Now, you know the best way to get your favorite items at low prices. We hope this piece of information helped you make your way through Kohl’s employee discount.

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