Macy’s Return Policy | A Guide To Return Your Way

While you sit there and come to terms with living with a bad shopping outcome, many others have already washed their hands of such choices. Macy’s return policy can help you undo the effects of your whimsical shopping. Macy’s allows its customers a trying period to test out their goods. It is very much helpful because its shopping catalog is very diverse.

This guide will clear your suspicions on how the return process works. Other than that, you will be able to get a delightful exchange quite easily. Read further for more information.

What Does Macy’s Return Policy State?

Firstly, Macy’s return policy is willing to accept returns of unwanted items within 30 days of purchase. The catch is that your item must be in its original shape so that it can be put up for sale. Furthermore, all the original tags should be present.

Noteworthy exceptions to this rule are items that fall in the cosmetics and fragrance category. You may use them very gently to get a taste of it.

Macy's Return Policy
Return Window
30 Days
Return Method
Online & In-Store
Contact Info.
00 1 513-573-7912
Official Website

What are the Ways to Return Macy’s Items?

You must be eager to get on with your return process. At Macy’s, the return method is quite flexible in that you can return products online or by simple shipping. Let’s expand the steps of each method.

Macy’s Return Policy In-store

This is not as laborious as you might think. You need to take your merchandise to a nearby Macy’s store. Following this, you should head to their customer service corner. Make your issue clear and provide the item along with the receipt.

Keep in mind, that returns from the parking lot are not possible. Ensure that your items are in proper condition. They will process your returns then and there if it is minuscule in scale.

Macy's return policy

Online Returns & What Goes Into Them

On the contrary, you can efficiently return online items by mail at your convenience. The following steps should guide you through the entire Macy’s return policy Online.

  1. Sign In to your Macy’ account.
  2. Open the order details that contain the items you want to return.
  3. Request a return so you can receive a return label.
  4. Select a date and time for pick-up.
  5. Pack the items safely in a box with all the necessary tags.
  6. Affix the label onto your box. Let them do the rest.

There you go! Lastly, remember that every order requires a different return label so organize your returns accordingly. Would you rather return it as we speak? You can also return an online order to a store by providing the order details.

Is Macy’s Return Policy Expensive?

Well, In-store returns will not cost you even a single dollar aside from your gas usage. On the other hand, online returns almost always charge a $9.99 shipping fee. Your refund will have to bear this cost. Still, it depends on your location and accessibility.

Macy’s Holiday Return Policy

Macy’s updates its holiday return policy terms annually. Due to this, you cannot determine a certain period. However, for this year it gave a huge extension period. Any items bought from October 2, 2023, are eligible for returns till January 31, 2024.

This holds for online as well as in-store purchases. But the rest of the terms and conditions still work.

What if my Order Comes Defective?

Macy’s handles mistakes on their part very well. If any of your items come damaged or defective or are non-functional, you can return/replace them. You may use their online chat service to give your feedback and receive assistance. Give them a call at 00 1 513-573-7912.

Some items are sold directly from a different seller. Macy’s cannot do anything about these orders. But you can click on the “Contact the Seller” option on the order details page to resolve your issue.

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There are other prominent companies offering return policies that might pique your interest. You might want to check out Walmart and Best Buy Return Policy.

Return Exceptions That Stick Out

Macy’s has an intricate list of exceptions that might go over your head at first glance. We will try our best to present the various anomalies in a simplified fashion.

  1. Items With No Wiggle Room: You cannot return these items for any reason whatsoever. They include Macy’s Beauty Box, Live Plants, Food & Beverages, Pet Food/Products, and Customized Orders. Also, special orders that were adjusted for size do not qualify for returns or exchanges.
  2. Apple Products: Apply products can only be returned at stores that have their items in stock. Smartphones only have a 14-day return window whereas the rest are in line with Macy’s return policy.
  3. Furniture: Such goods enjoy a very short return period of 3 days from the delivery date. Think fast before you run out of time. If your return is solely due to a preference change, a refund will not include the delivery fee. In addition, they also charge a 15% restocking fee.
  4. Last Act Merchandise: Items that were discounted to their lowest price are also considered final sales.

Macy’s Star Rewards Program – VIP Returns

There is much to gain with this one. If you are willing to pay the membership fees, your returns can get a lot faster and cheaper. Not only will not have to pay the return shipping charge but your returns will take precedence over others. There are various types of memberships to choose from.

Macy’s Return Policy Without a Receipt

Is your receipt unavailable? Chill out, you can still make your return without much resistance. Macy’s policies have taken this possibility into account. So, you can use the following items to verify your order.

  • The credit/debit card used to make the purchase.
  • Order details or ship confirmation e-mail.
  • The shipping label or packing list.
  • The gift registry number.

Even if all hope is lost, they will still issue store credit based on the lowest selling price of the concerned item.

Macy’s Exchange Policy

You can effortlessly get a nice replacement for your item if your return is successful. This means you can get a replica of the item with a different color, size, or design. This is possible by going to the store or through the mail. Moreover, online goods are eligible for in-store exchanges.

You need to confirm your order with any proof of your payment and return it. Subsequently, you can browse for a new item. Exchanges are made at the current selling price.

Macy's Exchange Policy
Exchange Window
30 Days
Exchange Method
Online via mail & In-Store

Macy’s Refund Policy

Refunds are generally possible if you can give proof of payment. If the receipt is nowhere to be seen, you can use your original mode of payment or packing slip to verify the purchase. The refund takes about 10 business days to process.

Your bank’s processing time might affect this timeframe. If you are not able to verify your order, they will issue store credit for the item’s lowest selling price within the last 180 days. Note that Macy’s does not cover shipping costs while giving refunds. You will get an e-mail confirming your refund.

Macy's Refund Policy
Refund Period
Up to 10 Business Days
Refund Method
Online & In-Store

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you return BOGO items at Macy's?

Yes, there is no restriction on return of items from BOGO deals. The refund will be the original price of the item reduced by the appropriate discounted sum.

2. What does Macy's say about gift registry returns?

You can return such items using your gift receipt or any other proof of payment. The discount is given in the form of store credit.

3. Does Macy's accept perfume returns?

Yes, you will have to make your mind about returning a product within 180 days of purchase.

4. Can you return Gucci items at Macy's?

Yes, you can return any Gucci merchandise within 14 days to Macy's Herald Square store in NYC.

Unapologetic Returns are in Trend

To summarize, Macy’s return policy gives a 30-day ultimatum to return your product. There are significant exceptions to this rule which are important to know about. Visit a Macy’s store or hit up their online service to resolve any further doubts that you might have. Macy’s always comes to the aid of its customers and does its utmost to give them satisfaction.

Macy’s has put out some charming discounts to appeal to the different groups of people in society. You might want to learn about Macy’s Military and Student Discounts.

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