Asos Return Policy | Quick and Effective Returns, Exchange, and Refund

You just can’t afford to be naive about the stiff corporate policies. Now, you can refrain from keeping a badly placed order with the help of Asos return policy. Asos has been at the forefront of the fashion market online since the last decade. However, nonoptimal deliveries can bridge a gap between the expectations and the reality of the product.

Therefore, it is the need of the hour to understand the game of returns and refunds. Through this guide, you will be able to ensure a 100% success rate for your returns and go away with a full refund. Let us piece together its different aspects.

What is the Asos Return Policy?

To begin with, Asos return policy observes that most of the products are eligible for a return within 28 days of the date of purchase. The article must be in its original condition and ready to be put up for sale. If they find any discrepancies, your return is most likely to fail.

Moreover, you can check if an item is returnable in its details corner whether you are purchasing from the website or the app. You will also need to add the tags that convey the product details in your return package. Store returns are not available.

Asos Return Policy
Return Window
28 Days
Return Method
Online & through Mail
Contact Info.
[email protected]
Official Website

Does Asos Charge for Return?


Yes and no. Asos appreciates if you are quick to return any unwanted items. If you manage to do so within only 14 days of the invoice date (when the shipment is made) you can go scot-free. But if your return exceeds this time limit then you have to pay a return fee of $3.00 per package.

Furthermore, failure to return your item within 28 days can land you in a difficult position. You can no longer make a return for that item. Unless you can give a valid excuse for the delay to their customer care, they might not even consider it.

What is the Method to Return at Asos?

All in all, there is only one way to return your items as per the Asos return policy. This involves securing a return label online and shipping your package through a mail service. The following steps make this process easy as a pie.

  1. Log in to your account at any of the Asos online platforms.
  2. Pick the items you want to return and state a reason for your return.
  3. Browse the nearby drop-off locations and choose one as per convenience.
  4. Select “Create Return”. Print the return label you receive in the e-mail.
  5. Carefully put all the items inside the package and stick the label onto it.
  6. Lastly, drop the parcel off at the decided-upon location. And you’re done!

You may opt for a pick-up service at your own cost. After your package arrives at their facility, it will be put under scrutiny. Your return is successful if they find no sign of wear on the wearables. Thereafter, they can choose whether to give you a refund or not.

What Happens if My Product Came Different?

It is within the realm of possibility, that your item came with faults or it was a totally different piece than the one you ordered. Asos allows returns for such cases and gives out full refunds to compensate for the mistake.

Give your reason for return, faulty or incorrect, during the return process and follow the rest of the instructions. You can keep in touch with their customer service to remain alert about your return throughout the process.

Asos Return Policy Exceptions

Asos is particular about the hygiene and safety of its customers. Thus, it rejects the returns of certain products. If you breach any of the return policy conditions, you will get into hot waters with Asos. Subsequently, they can deactivate your account indefinitely. Check the exceptions list below.

Excluded Items
Exclusion Conditions
Face & Body Porducts
Opened, used or protective seal is not intact
Underwear & Swimwear
Hygiene seal is not intact or labels are missing
Costly Jewelry & Face Coverings
Broken or tampered seal

Keep in mind, that they will cancel your request if their quality check proves that your item is not suitable for sale. As a result, they will send the package back to you leaving you with the delivery expenses. Inspect your item before taking any step.

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It is wise to know about what you can and cannot return at mainstream companies other than Asos. You might want to learn about Apple and Macy’s Return Policy.

What is the Asos Holiday Return Policy? 

It is common for top-rated companies to provide extensions and such during the holiday season. Asos continues this tradition by modifying its timeframe during Christmas. This benefit is subject to change every year. Exceptions still apply.

For the contemporary year, any orders placed between 13 November 2023 and 18 December 2023 are eligible for returns till 12 January 2024. So, you can have a blast during Christmas and return your item in the aftermath of the celebration. Get a full refund for gifts.

What Asos Return Policy for the UK?

UK returns are special because that is Asos’ base of operations. For one they are free and would not cost you a single extra pound. Secondly, they come with a tracking facility. So, you can always know how far along your return is in the whole process.

Just like regular policy, you have 28 whole days from the date of delivery or when your item was made available for collection to return it. However, you will get your refund within 10 business days only. Exchanges are unavailable.

Can I Return Items at Asos Without a Receipt?

Absolutely, Asos is purely an online trader. Because of this, every order information can be tracked quite easily through your account. But you need to print the return label and stick it on the return package without fail.

Asos Exchange Policy

Unlike its competitors, Asos return policy does not offer replacements for all items. However, they do give a full refund after inspecting your item for any faults. You can place a new order for the same item with a different color or texture using the refund. Customers have tried to replace items but to no avail.

It is in your best interests to know when does asos restock. That way you can always get the product you are looking for right on time.

Asos Refund Policy

Asos does issue a full refund for eligible returns. This happens only if it can confidently say that your return package complies with the Asos return policy. The refund is issued in the original payment method used during checkout. It takes 14 days for the refund to appear.

Your bank’s processing time can affect this time limit. Refunds in the form of gift vouchers only take a few days to appear on your account. If you face any issues or glitches, make use of the live chat service available on its website.

Asos Refund Policy
Refund Period
Within 14 Days
Return Method
Original Mode of Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I exchange an incorrct or already damaged item?

Yes but it needs to be available in their website at the time of your request. You need to inform them about this.

2. Can I return many orders in the same shipment?

Yes, countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, or Portugal have this facility.

3. Does Asos refund shipping costs?

No, Asos gives refunds on the original selling price of the product. However, faulty and incorrect items get a pass on this.

4. What if my product came incorrect?

In such cases, you need to give the proof of your order and payment to get it exchanged.

Return at a Quick Pace

To conclude, Asos return policy is very firm and values the quickness of your return. You can return your products within 28 days of the delivery date. If you do not want to incur any return payment, do it within 14 days. The product must be in its original condition. Make sure you do not wear your jeans to the point it gets noticeable.

Now, you can perfectly time your returns and get the refund you are entitled to. Students have it rough. They have to pay for so many services that it gets hard to manage finances. Asos Student Discount tackles this issue brilliantly.

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