Tennessee Business Entity Search | An Effortless Process To Form An LLC

Many owners face problems while choosing a name. If you are looking to form an LLC in Tennessee, you must know about the Tennessee business entity search. To help you, we have a proper guide with the process, methods, and other considerations before choosing your business name. It is just a few steps and you can move on to form your LLC.

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Why do Tennessee Business Entity Search?

To go through all the references in the registry Tennessee business entity search is important. Tennessee registry or the Tennessee SOS site record all data of entities in the state. The names which are already in use should not be used again. To avoid such circumstances, it is necessary to carry out a Tennessee name search. To perform an LLC name search, follow some important guidelines. There is no guarantee of the name searched to be available at the time of filing. The name selected is reviewed by SOS at the time of formation.

Tennessee LLC Name Search Guide

Go through the Tennesse LLC Search guide to learn important things.

  • Limited Liability Company should be included in the name
  • Add abbreviations like LLC or L.L.C
  • No illegal trade should be a part of the name
  • The business entity should not represent itself as a government agency

Tennessee Corporation Name Search Guide

There are some rules that business representatives have to follow. When you do the Tennessee corporation search

  • You have to use terms like corp, corporation or company at the end
  • Avoid using existing names
  • Ensure, no illegal activity is a part of the name
  • Avoid using words like causality or university.

Tennessee Business Entity Search Methods

Once you know the requirements of the state, you can carry out a Tennessee business entity search. There are different ways to check the availability of the names. You can also search different variations of the name on the Tennesse SOS site.

1. Search by entity name: Narrow down your search by searching for the active entities only. Enter the name in the box and check the availability.

2. Search through Control number: The number provided to every business can be used. Enter the number in the box to check the business name availability.

tenessee business entity search

How to do Tenessee Business Entity Name Search?

Let’s move ahead with how you can do the Tenessee business entity name search. Searching for a business name is easy once you know the process. Follow the steps and you will know all the possible information that you’re looking for.

1. List the names: Make a list of your desired names. It is the most important step to have backup names.

2. Do a Tennessee business name search: Go to Tennessee SOS business name search to check the availability of the names.

3. Check Results: If there are the same results, avoid using them. Pick and try searching for other names.

4. Reservation of name: Once you have met all the requirements of SOS, reserve the name. File your application online or by mail. You will have to pay $50 which will reserve your name for 120 days. File the name as soon as possible to avoid the risk of losing it.

5. Register your business: You can move on to registering your business, you can do so on the Tennesse secretary of state.

Other Considerations Before Choosing LLC Name 

Several other points should be considered while doing the Tenessee name search. They are:


1. Trademark search: Visit the preferred site to conduct a trademark search. it will help you authorise the name legally. No one will be able to take the name. make sure that there are no registered businesses in your name.

2. Domain Name: A rule of thumb, if you have a domain name, no one will be able to acquire your business name. To secure your name with state or worldwide, you must take a domain name. Try to take the same domain as the business name. It will help your customer classify your business easily.

3. Social media: Nowadays, social media have a great impact on small businesses. Maintain your social media presence to gain customers. Check on every social media platform if the name is available or not.

Classify your business name while taking the unique name. Try taking all the steps necessary when doing a Tennessee business entity search.  Anyone who has already filed a form for reservation of name can file again for a different name.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to start LLC in Tennessee?

It costs around $300 to $340 to start an LLC in Tennessee.

2. Does the Tennessee state requires operating agreement form?

No, the Tennesse state does not require a form of the operating agreement after forming an LLC.

3. How much cost does reserving a business name in Tennessee comply?

Tennessee cost $50 to reserve a business entity name.

4. How can we search to check the availability of name on Tennessee SOS?

In two ways you search for the availability of desired business name that is by entity name or by control number.

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