Michaels Return Policy: Your Stress-Free Guide to Hassle-Free Exchanges

In the world of crafting and creativity, Michaels stands tall as a haven for all things artistic. But what happens when that sketchbook or that set of paints doesn’t quite meet your expectations? That’s where understanding Michaels return policy becomes your artistic insurance.

Let’s dive into this modern guide, simplifying the ins and outs of Michaels’ return policy in straightforward language, ensuring your crafting journey stays stress-free and enjoyable.

What’s the Deal With Michaels Return Policy?

At Michaels, when you buy something, you’ve got a good amount of time to return it—60 days, which is basically two months. But there’s a catch: to make sure your return goes smoothly without any trouble and according to Michaels return policy. Also, Michaels wants you to bring back the item in its original packaging and brand-new condition.

This means if you’re planning to return something to Michaels, make sure it looks just like it did when you first bought it, and don’t forget to bring the box or wrapping it came in!

Michaels Return Policy
Return Window
60 Days
Return Method
In-store & By Mail
Contact Number
Official Website

Does Michaels Allow Returns After 60 Days?

Absolutely! At Michaels, even if the 60-day window for returns slips your mind, you can still inquire about getting a refund. The deal here is that rather than receiving your money back, they’ll issue you a store credit. This credit works like a voucher, allowing you to buy anything available in their store for the same value as what you were owed.

Who Pays the Return Shipping Charges?

If the item you purchased turns out to be in good condition and not defective, you will need to cover the expenses for returning it by paying the shipping fees. However, to avoid this situation, you can return the item to your nearest Michaels store instead of shipping it back.

On the other hand, if the item is indeed defective or not working properly, Michaels will take care of the return shipping costs, so you won’t have to pay for sending it back.

Can Items Be Opened or Used?

In general, the rule is that items must be in their original, unused packaging for a return. However, there is an exception to this policy specifically for defective items. In the case of a defective product, Safeway allows returns even if the item has been opened or used.

Is There a Separate “Holiday” Return Policy?

The return policy at Michaels remains unchanged, holding steady and consistent without any adjustments or modifications during any time of the year, including the bustling holiday months of November and December.

Returning Process at Michaels

When you buy things on the internet from Michaels, you have two ways to give them back if you need to. You can either send back what you bought by using the mail, or you can go to a Michaels store close to you and return it there. But if you bought something at a Michaels store, you have to take it back to that exact store if you want to return it. You can’t take it to a different Michaels store or send it back by mail.

Return at Store

You can return stuff you bought from Michaels, whether online or in a store, to any nearby Michaels store within 60 days. It doesn’t matter if you have the receipt or not, but it’s better if you have it. Take the item along with the receipt to the closest Michaels store, which you can find using the Store Finder tool.

  • If you have the receipt, you can get your money back right away using the same way you paid for it initially. But remember, there might be some special cases where this rule doesn’t apply. To know more about how refunds work, check out the refund policy section in the article.
  • When returning something, make sure it’s in new condition and has its original packaging, unless it was already broken or damaged when you got it.

Return Through Mail

If you buy something online from michaels.com and want to return it, Michaels will take it back. But if you bought it in the store, you’ll have to take it back there. Here’s what you do to send things back:

  1. Give their customer service a call at 1-800-642-4235.
  2. The person you talk to will email you a label for shipping the item back.
  3. Print out the label and stick it on the package you’re returning.
  4. Then, just drop off the package at the closest UPS place.

Are There Exceptions to the 60 Days?

While Michaels return policy has a typical 60-day return period, there are certain exceptions exist. Understanding these exceptions is vital for customers looking to navigate returns beyond the standard timeframe. Exploring these exceptions sheds light on specific scenarios where Michaels might extend flexibility or alter their standard policy, offering valuable insights for smoother transactions and customer satisfaction.

  • If your Cricut product isn’t working, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer. Even if it’s new.
  • Gift cards and prepaid cards can’t be returned or exchanged.
  • If you return something without a receipt and it’s now in the clearance section, you can’t get any refund.
  • For custom framing, you have 14 days after picking it up to ask for changes. You have to go back to the same Michaels store where you got it done.
  • If you want a refund for a tutorial class, you can get it before the class starts. But you can only do it in the store.

Can I Return Items Without a Receipt?

If you want to bring something back to the store but can’t find the receipt, just take it along with your photo ID. The store will try to find your purchase in their system, either online or from their records. If they find your receipt, you’ll get your refund following the usual Michaels return policy guidelines. But if they can’t find it, you’ll receive a refund on a store card equal to the item’s lowest price from the last 90 days.

Other similar retailers also help their customers to make returns without a receipt. Check out the return policy of Forever 21 and Ross.

Michaels Exchange Policy

Regrettably, at Michaels, they don’t allow exchanges for any items you’ve purchased. The only option they offer is to return the item to get your money back. So, if you’re looking to swap it for something different, you’ll need to return the item first and then buy the new item you want.

However, if you’ve found a better deal on the same product elsewhere, it’s worth exploring Michaels’ price match policy. They might even offer you an additional 10% discount on top of matching the price.

Michaels Refund Policy

If you return something in the store, you’ll get your money back right away, but if you paid by check, you’ll have to wait 10 days.

  • If you return something you bought online, the money will go back to your original payment method in about 7-10 days, unless it was a gift.
  • If it was a gift, according to Michaels’ return policy, you’ll get refunded with a store return card or merchandise credit.
  • If you use a debit card or PayPal, you’ll get your refund in cash.

Michaels Refund Policy
Refund Period
With 7-10 Business Days
Refund Method
Original Mode of Payment (Debit Card and PayPal orders will be refunded in cash)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I mail to Michaels?

You can return through the mail at Legal Department, Michaels Stores, Inc., 8000 Bent Branch Drive, Irving, Texas 75063.

2. Do they provide exchange policy at store?

They do not provide any exchange policy. Neither at the store nor via mail or online.

3. Are there any restocking fees for returns?

Michaels generally does not charge restocking fees for returns.

4. Can I return an opened product at Michaels?

As per Michaels' return rules, you can't bring back things like used, broken, or opened items.

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As the final strokes are put on your crafting masterpiece, understanding Michaels return policy adds that extra layer of comfort. From art supplies to home decor, Michaels strives to make your shopping experience seamless. Remember, by knowing your options and the guidelines, you can shop confidently, knowing that if something doesn’t quite match your creative vision, Michaels has your back.

So, go ahead, unleash your creativity, and craft fearlessly knowing that returning or exchanging items at Michaels is as easy as pie!

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